Audio and video solution with “whisper” support that is not roll20

For our online gaming sessions we use Fantasy Grounds as our virtual table top. We’ve also tried a number of other solutions that work o a certain extent but without fully support all our needs which are as follow:

  1. Voice and video.
  2. Ability to stream my own music from iTunes
  3. Ability to speak (whisper) only to one of the players.
  4. Good audio quality.

So far, we’ve tried:

  1. Discord + Voicemeeter: no whisper, bad music quality. Excellent video and voice.
  2. Ts + Voicemeeter. No whisper, no video. Excellent music and voice quality.
  3. Roll20. Bad experience, only preuploaded music. Normal video and audio and whisper support.
  4. Roll20 + Ts + Voicemeeter. Complicated setup, normal audio and video quality. Meets all requirements.

So far option 4 works but it is far from ideal and I was wondering if there was a better solution.

Environmental/Economical benefits of not transmitting parts of a video?

Are there any potential environmental och economical benefits (in terms of infrastructure) derived from not transmitting video packets unless absolutely necessary or requested by the client for Media-Streaming services?

Skipping parts of the video: Lets say video quality isn´t an issue, and video packets are sent just in time. Segments that could remain unsent include: commercials, intro, outro, etc.

I´m thinking most of the energy consumption used is passive, that is, used to just keep the lights on. But some part must be active, when the individual video packets are transmitted.

How to add custom video link?

Got some advice from sven on how to get embeds across properties that accept html and he said to “it should be added as a custom video link with full <iframe…> format per line.”

How do I add the ‘custom video link’?
Is this the main add url section at the top of the main project section?

update i think i may have figured it out…article manager, insert up to x number of random videos, edit to own urls and add embed there. preview looks good. testing a live run now

Accessing Video on a Page

I have paid membership to some program. But they are not allowing to watch all videos at once. They allow us to watch 1 video per week. To watch 60 videos, i have to wait for 60 weeks. So i need help to access that content which is blocked on a web page. The page displays a message ‘You can view this content only after 1 week from your date of Registration’. I need help whether i can access such videos with some cookies or any other scripts.

Why can’t OS’s keep audio and video recording in sync?

It seems every program that purports to record webcams fails to keep audio and video in sync. Moreover, there are probably man millenia being spent by people trying to correct for this during editing.

While it is understandable that OS’s may have to buffer incoming raw audio and video prior to compression, if necessary taking gigabytes of RAM, it is less understandable that they can’t keep the two in sync during recording.

This points to an architectural flaw in common with the major OSs. What is the problem?

Do 4k IP security cameras with uncompressed 4k video output exist? [closed]

Are there any companies selling IP security cameras that produce uncompressed 4k RAW video output (to NVR, or even to cal sd-card)? Almost all popular brands compress using H.265 (HEVC) which works great for many reasons (network bandwidth, storage, playback, remote streaming, on and on)

However, my local network resources are not limited by bandwidth, storage, processing power and I’d really love to find a camera that, at the least, saves a lossless 4k version of the video output, maybe to internal sd-card in case of later investigation requiring higher resolution/quality version. I’ve been searching around for about a week now, in various subs here and other places like Security on StackExchange, Discord, forums, etc.

For those that are more list-oriented, I’m looking for something with the following traits:


  • 4k video output, minimum 8 MP uncompressed @ ~32Mbps bitrate (at least to internal sd-card)


  • Wired RJ45/Ethernet connection, with POE.
  • Compatibility with Home Assistant / Blue Iris software
  • Supports ONVIF protocol.
  • Decent viewing angle, but definitely not wide (e.g. not > 180 deg, etc).

I really haven’t found anything out there that meets this criteria, so any suggestions appreciated.