Adult Web More than 1000 Videos + Domain with Authority + Tools

Adult Web More than 1000 Videos + Domain with Authority + Tools

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  • Moz metrics: PA: 23 | DA: 7 | Links: +23.000
  • Semrush Metrics: Authority Score: 5 | Backlinks: +90,000
  • Domain on GoDaddy until March 2022
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  • + 1000 Videos


I have not done any SEO work on it…

Adult Web More than 1000 Videos + Domain with Authority + Tools

Is there a way to auto generate poster image for videos

I’m trying to have the poster auto generated for my videos so I don’t have to keep taking screen shots of the first frame and manually adding it myself. Is there a way to do this? Reason is because video shows the 1st frame for desktop but doesn’t show for mobile so I need to always manually add a poster image and its annoying!

Are any of you guys having issues getting your videos to rank on YouTube?

I have a YouTube channel with 5,000+ subscribers. In the past when I would upload a video it would take off almost immediately. Even the videos that didn't do so well would get at least 10 or 20 views per day right off the bat. That doesn't seem to be the case anymore. I recently uploaded four videos and not a single one has taken off. Has YouTube recently changed their algorithms making it much harder for videos in competitive niches to rank? I'm a little confused here.

Securly uploading videos in PHP [migrated]

This question is about letting a potentially malicious user upload videos to your site – specifically, handling the file itself.

With images, one one simple thing you do (after every other thing is validated) is

    if( $  uploaded_type == 'image/jpeg' ) {         $  img = imagecreatefromjpeg( $  uploaded_tmp );         imagejpeg( $  img, $  temp_file, $  imageQualityPercentage);     }     elseif( $  uploaded_type == 'image/png') {         $  img = imagecreatefrompng( $  uploaded_tmp );         imagesavealpha($  img, TRUE);         imagepng( $  img, $  temp_file, 9*(1-$  imageQualityPercentage/100));     } 

Which basically re-creates the image from user input.

Is there an equivalent in PHP for videos? I’d very much like if mp4/oog/webm ones existed (and supported most codecs), but anyone knows any open source libraries that do this for at least any format/codec?

Using posted videos to track location or find data

First off, please understand I am not asking for this to try to stalk or harass someone, nor do I think this falls under some kind of hacking issue (to my knowledge). I ask because there have been videos posted in my home town of someone, on Instagram, stealing and either abusing or killing animals. The police have been contacted as well, but are asking for tipe. Is it possible to somehow pull metadata from a person’s profile or posted video to track that IP address in a legal way?

I do want to help, but I also realize how this sounds and how much of a liability it opens up as privacy concerns. Just looking to see if it can be done.

Which tools do you use to create videos for social media?

Folks I am the founder of an online video editing tool.

I would love to learn what you guys do to create videos. Are you using any tools and do you have specific goals?

What I have built is to make it easy to generate subtitles and make cuts inside your video. Also, another thing I am solving is making motion graphics easier to implement in videos.

Ultimately I would love to learn how we can build a tool that is amazing and super accessible for all so that we can get more traffic and…

Which tools do you use to create videos for social media?

Display all videos on separate page from certain ACF field

I am using Elementor and ACF. Using ACF I created oEmbed field for adding videos for each post. Idea is to show all uploaded videos on separate page.

So on separate video page I want to display all videos related to this ACF oEmbed field from all posts.

I’ve tried with Elementor Custom Skin plugin, but two problems. Video UI is not like on Vimeo and another problem is display empty fields, so I have empty div elements, but I’ve add conditionals logic and still problem.

Why Can’t Embedded SharePoint Videos Be Viewed in Full Screen

I’m using Microsoft Edge w/ Windows 10 and I’m embedding videos on SharePoint pages from the the Office 365 Video Portal.

For some reason the allow full screen code is being stripped out after the code is saved to the page. Take a peek to see what happens graphically and the 2 different versions of code.

Is This a SharePoint Bug?