Insert Videos in presentation

I do presentations for educational courses (university, college, schools). With many slides, lots of videos and pictures.I had been using WPS presentation software (kingsoft) on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS; since it allowed me to insert videos. As of now whenever I insert a video or a picture it hangs. I need to reboot the software. This issue persists despite updating the software or reinstalling the software with the latest update

Is there any other software which can

Be installed on the Linux laptop (free version or open source) Has inbuilt slide transitions Can insert videos (2 min - 7 min) Can handle large pictures Has some learning tools or videos for initial hang of the software. 

[I have tried using Latex Beamer but I am not sure if videos can be inserted and slide transitions are available.] TIA

How can I store videos in cookies or local storage? [on hold]

I am building a website where a user can upload videos for getting transcript of the video at some price. The problem is that, suppose a user uploaded a video and decided to make payment later. I can store all the details in local storage or cookies, but where can I store the video. Should I store in database, but that user is not logged in, maybe after uploading the video, he deleted it from his hard disk, then how could I get this without request him to re upload. I am not getting idea, is there any better way to implement it.

Is it safe to upload videos in cloud tools like video editors?

What i have is a video file(with delicate pieces of frames in it) that i want to be edited using cloud apps, without looking further in site maps and thats not always possible too, if you have to share that file instantly, i’m not sure that general assurance of discreteness will be applied by the site owners and even will be deleted if i ask for that. that must make sure it may not fall in things where its not intended to be used by someone, so i can share personal data. can owner rights be lost, or will high valuable information in upload files be lost, and security people are not often faced to upload their files to random sites to edit their work?

many tools are availible to give personal data away, ..

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Videos won’t play on any browser after resuming from sleep (MacBook Pro)

Videos don’t play after resuming from sleep. The video loads, I can go to different parts of the video, but it just won’t play and give me the loading loop. This applies to almost all video sites. The only way I can get it working again is if I reboot.

It pretty much the errors below:

Windows 10:

Various troubles playing Web videos across different browsers

YouTube/Facebook videos fast-forwarding in Safari, not playing at all in Chrome, out of sync with sound in Firefox

For the past few weeks or so I found that on both my Macs (an iMac Late 2013 running macOS High Sierra 10.13.16 and a MacBook Air 2012 running macOS Mojave 10.14.5), Safari is often unable to play YouTube videos except in fast-forward. Sometimes reloading the video a few times helps, sometimes a reboot is needed. Just relaunching Safari never helps.

To verify whether this is YouTube, Safari or macOS, I tried on the iMac to access YouTube with current version of Google Chrome and Firefox 57.0.4. Google Chrome plays the audio but shows black for the video. Firefox plays the videos with sound but out of sync (and, it seems, with frames missing).

The same issue affects Facebook videos too.

I have ClamXAV and while it did scan a few times during that time period, it never found anything.

Any ideas as to what could be going wrong and how to troubleshoot?

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