What is the SharePoint “Restricted View” Permission level in SharePoint?

When I check the permission level’s for my site collection at …/_layouts/15/role.aspx I do not see the “Restricted View” Permission Level (see below). .../_layouts/15/role.aspx Permission Levels

However, when I go to a specific library on the root site and select a listed user (or group), click Edit User Permissions I’m brought to …/sites/mysite/_layouts/15/editprms.aspx. From here I do see the “Restricted View” Permission Level. (see below). enter image description here

I’m trying to copy the library’s configurations over to another library in a different site collection and I need to use the “Restricted View” permission level in this other library, but it isn’t showing up in this other site collection’s settings nor this other library’s settings.

Where did it come from? Can I recreate it manually? What permissions does it grant?

The end goal for me is that I want to create a library and permission it so that some users can only view documents in the application (using a combination of IRM and these native library permission settings)- I don’t want them to be able to download it offline or take screenshots or open in the browser. I’m happy to use some other combination of configurations to accomplish this goal. Thanks for any help!

Need help to make and optimize a dense forest in Unity with bird view camera

I’m currently developing a RTS game that has a bird view camera operating while playing the game. One of the core aspects of my game are trees.

So in the previous days i was playing with trees in Unity.

  • First i played with Unity Tree Creator however later i realized it is broken since 2018.3, and devs said it wont be fixed because it will be a community developed package in the future
  • Then i downloaded assets from the store that are said to be highly optimized trees, however they are mostly for “3rd person camera projects” thus having around 7-14k triangles.

After these experiences, i decided to export a tree prefab to fbx, then manually decrease the triangle count to around 2.5k in 3ds max, then reimport it to Unity. With this technique i was able to produce quite good results, but still not very satisfied with it.

My camera view, and my “dense forest” 180-300fps… and only like 3-4 shadows enter image description here For the above picture i used a Tree with 2 LOD and one billboard(BB).

After playing with this i realized i can sure do better especially with playing LOD numbers, material optimization, and with the default tree trinagle optimization.

However the problem is i can’t model pine trees that satisfy my needs in 3ds max. So i started looking into SpeedTree documentation, however it seems a bit too professional for my needs(All the tutorials also make trees with like 20k poly/tri).

So regarding this story. I would like to ask the following question + a bonus one about LOD:

  • Can you model quality trees with SpeedTree for Unity that have like around 1k-2k triangles, or SpeedTree is for high quality/high poly trees, they algorythms won’t work with lower polygon count etc? (I heared they have a simplify modifier is it good? like make a 7k triangle tree then cut it to 1k-2k)
  • I’m thinking about using 4-5 LOD and a BB for smooth transition. In my picture i use 2 LOD and a BB and sometimes when moving the camera fast, transitions are not as smooth as i want it to be. So i would like to rather have more lower detailed meshes before trasitioning to BB. So does having a 4-5 LOD-s a common practice or any better ides for this?

Current View – which one

I have a list with a few views. There are web parts used that links to the List and one of it’s views. However, I am trying to determine which one is the Current View. I looked at the view ID Googles Dev Tool’s Inspect option and see if I can find it the “Edit The Current View” link. However, the view ID in the Edit page is not the same as any of the view ID’s in the List. So is there a way to find the exact view that the web part is referencing?

SPFX List View Command Set Extension Issue

I have couple of issues in my SPFX Command Sets Extension.

  1. Actions Buttons are keep adding in toolbar on list item selection.
  2. I have added two different Custom Action(with same command Extension, but only one action showing)

enter image description here

I have followed this link to create the Command set extension. I have added two User Custom Action in Web, below is schema for the Custom Actions

<d:ClientSideComponentId m:type="Edm.Guid">f9df87d8-7734-44bf-9c3d-c8aaa96b7ac0</d:ClientSideComponentId> <d:ClientSideComponentProperties>{"Title": "List Print","URL": "[[Action Page URL]]","AllowMultipleItems": false,"ImageURL": "[[png image url]]","DialogTitle": "Print Manager","DialogWidth": "1040","UseSelectedItem": false,"UseDialog": true,"IsMenu": false,"AllowListTypes": "0"}</d:ClientSideComponentProperties> <d:Location>ClientSideExtension.ListViewCommandSet.CommandBar</d:Location> <d:Name>ListPrintListSPFx</d:Name> <d:RegistrationId m:null="true" /> <d:RegistrationType m:type="Edm.Int32">1</d:RegistrationType> <d:Title>ListPrintListSPFx</d:Title>  //============  <d:ClientSideComponentId m:type="Edm.Guid">f9df87d8-7734-44bf-9c3d-c8aaa96b7ac0</d:ClientSideComponentId> <d:ClientSideComponentProperties>{"Title": "Item Print","URL": "[[Action Page URL]]","AllowMultipleItems": false,"ImageURL": "[[png image url]]","DialogTitle": "Print Manager","DialogWidth": "1040","UseSelectedItem": true,"UseDialog": true,"IsMenu": false,"AllowListTypes": "0"}</d:ClientSideComponentProperties> <d:Location>ClientSideExtension.ListViewCommandSet.CommandBar</d:Location> <d:Name>ItemPrintListSPFx</d:Name> <d:RegistrationId m:null="true" /> <d:RegistrationType m:type="Edm.Int32">1</d:RegistrationType> <d:Title>ItemPrintListSPFx</d:Title> 

Please help, Thanks

Set permissions to view but not edit on search

I’ve built a an Employee Directory following this guide but the permissions are giving me grief. If I add a user to the “Vistors” group, they can see the search box and the refiners but the People Search Core Results webpart just displays an error. If I add them to the “Members” group everything works fine except they gain editing permissions to everything under xxx.sharepoint.com/search and could wreak havoc if they became disgruntled or pressed the wrong button. I’ve also tried the “Restricted Readers” and “Excel Services Viewers” groups just for kicks but to no avail. I’ve even tried creating a custom Sharepoint group, but the “read” permission is apparently worthless and there doesn’t seem to be a step between no access and full editing for this thing. Am I missing something or are these just the options I’m stuck with?

Get Page View Count for SharePoint 2013 in JavaScript

I’m new to SharePoint and am trying to figure out how to get a SharePoint page’s view count. I am following this guide:


Here is my code so far:

var context; var web; var list; var currentItem; function getPageViewCount() {     context = new SP.ClientContext.get_current();     web = context.get_web();     list = web.get_lists().getById(_spPageContextInfo.pageListId);     currentItem = list.getItemById(_spPageContextInfo.pageItemId);     context.load(currentItem);     context.executeQueryAsync(         Function.createDelegate(this, this.onQuerySucceededView),         Function.createDelegate(this, this.onQueryFailedView)     ); } function onQuerySucceededView() {     var keywordQuery = new Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Search.Query.KeywordQuery(context);     keywordQuery.set_queryText('PageGuid:"{' + currentItem.get_fieldValues('UniqueId').UniqueId.toString() + '}"');     var searchExecutor = new Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Search.Query.SearchExecutor(context);     results = searchExecutor.executeQuery(keywordQuery);     context.executeQueryAsync(SearchDone, SearchFailed); }  function onQueryFailedView(sender, args) {     //Error Logging } 

This is my error:

Uncaught ReferenceError: Microsoft is not defined     at onQuerySucceededView (data.js:349)     at Array.<anonymous> (ScriptResource.axd?d=VGnZ4IhGxDE3UL4BqAqm13Vs3hX7c15EyW3dFkx7WWEUXlD2hObd8zO-jiNQJcph_PRJcHvm7ho6jIpak67gAH06xRIDA91t-U_UwaghtLFMJPQJI5m_9C8oun1rCclNUnx9wxY0i9JCTyX_TfjlHN6LyKFr3ZSZO19TmUqAkqqaENXhdgGoVfUXuqHXa-tL0&t=10c151ff:5)     at ScriptResource.axd?d=VGnZ4IhGxDE3UL4BqAqm13Vs3hX7c15EyW3dFkx7WWEUXlD2hObd8zO-jiNQJcph_PRJcHvm7ho6jIpak67gAH06xRIDA91t-U_UwaghtLFMJPQJI5m_9C8oun1rCclNUnx9wxY0i9JCTyX_TfjlHN6LyKFr3ZSZO19TmUqAkqqaENXhdgGoVfUXuqHXa-tL0&t=10c151ff:5     at SP.ClientRequest.$  32_0 (sp.runtime.js?rev=5f2WkYJoaxlIRdwUeg4WEg%3D%3D:2)     at Array.<anonymous> (ScriptResource.axd?d=VGnZ4IhGxDE3UL4BqAqm13Vs3hX7c15EyW3dFkx7WWEUXlD2hObd8zO-jiNQJcph_PRJcHvm7ho6jIpak67gAH06xRIDA91t-U_UwaghtLFMJPQJI5m_9C8oun1rCclNUnx9wxY0i9JCTyX_TfjlHN6LyKFr3ZSZO19TmUqAkqqaENXhdgGoVfUXuqHXa-tL0&t=10c151ff:5)     at ScriptResource.axd?d=VGnZ4IhGxDE3UL4BqAqm13Vs3hX7c15EyW3dFkx7WWEUXlD2hObd8zO-jiNQJcph_PRJcHvm7ho6jIpak67gAH06xRIDA91t-U_UwaghtLFMJPQJI5m_9C8oun1rCclNUnx9wxY0i9JCTyX_TfjlHN6LyKFr3ZSZO19TmUqAkqqaENXhdgGoVfUXuqHXa-tL0&t=10c151ff:5     at Sys.Net.WebRequest.completed (ScriptResource.axd?d=VGnZ4IhGxDE3UL4BqAqm13Vs3hX7c15EyW3dFkx7WWEUXlD2hObd8zO-jiNQJcph_PRJcHvm7ho6jIpak67gAH06xRIDA91t-U_UwaghtLFMJPQJI5m_9C8oun1rCclNUnx9wxY0i9JCTyX_TfjlHN6LyKFr3ZSZO19TmUqAkqqaENXhdgGoVfUXuqHXa-tL0&t=10c151ff:5)     at XMLHttpRequest._onReadyStateChange (ScriptResource.axd?d=VGnZ4IhGxDE3UL4BqAqm13Vs3hX7c15EyW3dFkx7WWEUXlD2hObd8zO-jiNQJcph_PRJcHvm7ho6jIpak67gAH06xRIDA91t-U_UwaghtLFMJPQJI5m_9C8oun1rCclNUnx9wxY0i9JCTyX_TfjlHN6LyKFr3ZSZO19TmUqAkqqaENXhdgGoVfUXuqHXa-tL0&t=10c151ff:5) 

display custom plugin view on front end inside template body

I searched on google but nothing. I’m creating custom plugin. Admin area is displayed without any problems. The problem is on front end i don’t know which action or filter i have to call. when i use add_filter(‘template_include’, ‘myPublicFunction’) the view is displayed without inside a template body.

add_filter("template_include", "publicViewCall"); 

enter image description here

I need to include the view inside the template body. thank you any help is appreciated