Changing ‘#view_mode’ in content type’s render array

I have a content type in Drupal 8 project that has image, name, info and body field as a default display, and image,name and information as a teaser display. I am able to display this content type with teaser view at the page, but right under that i would like to get the default display along with body field so i can create a bootstrap modal with that.

I am using hook_node_view in the module level to change the #view_mode of that render array to ‘full’ instead of ‘teaser’.

function team_bio_node_view(array &$  build, \Drupal\Core\Entity\EntityInterface $  entity, \Drupal\Core\Entity\Display\EntityViewDisplayInterface $  display, $  view_mode) {  if($  entity->bundle() == 'about_us'){  if($  view_mode == 'full'){   if($  display->getComponent('field_team_bio')){     $  build['full_view'] =  $  build['field_team_bio'];      $  build['full_view'][] = array(        'full_view' =>array(          '0'=>array(             '#view_mode'=>'full'          ),          '#weight'=>'103'        )     );     kint($  build);    }  } } } 

i can display the content type right under teaser views, but i can’t change the view_mode to full. This is what i see when i kint($ build):

enter image description here

Current contents have name like ‘0’,’1′,’2′,’3′,’4′, and they have the view mode that are ‘teaser’ but i dont how to pass ‘view_mode’ to ‘full’in render array, I am not sure if there is specific name for that or not. Trying this:

     $  build['full_view'][] = array(        'full_view' =>array(          '0'=>array(             '#view_mode'=>'full'          ) 

didnt change the view_mode neither. So my question: What is the best way to change these view modes to full for the contents? Should I search these numeric keys in the array and pass them to another array then change view_mode like that? Or is there an easier way to approach the problem?