sharepoint 2013,RSS viewer web part error

In SharePoint 2013,i added the web part for RSS viewer in my homepage in my development server and gave the link encountered an error “An unexpected error occurred processing your request, check the logs and correct the problem.

I checked the logs at C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft shared\Web Server Extensions\LOGS with the ULS viewer. didnot understood the advise me how to resolve.

Command Key combinations not working with VNC viewer

So I followed the advice of this answer to attempt to remote into my Mac mini. Everything is working fine except for command key combos.

In attempting to troubleshoot, I opened the keyboard viewer, which is showing me that command keys are being detected when pressed alone, but when pressed in combination with other keys, the last key pressed overrides it. According to the keyboard viewer, other key combinations do work as well.

photo viewer with exif rotation and comment editor

We have about one gigabyte sized collection of family photos. For each photo we would like to specify rotation angle (90 DEGREES or -90 DEGREES) and a one-line comment.

There are individual image viewers like Viewnior and Eye of Gnome but I think they do not have a field for comments. There is KPhotoViewer, KODI (xmbc) but I haven’t seen a field for comments there, either. For either of them I do not know how they implement rotation, via metadata or by modifying the bytes within the image area.

Checking similar questions at this site,

  • photo/image database with EXIF, tags and comments/description – has some solutions but I am looking for a free software (libre, not necessarily gratis) solution that works on Debian GNU/Linux

Please advise where to find such information or a viewer that does the job well.


Character viewer missing Unicode blocks

I just switched from OS 10.9 to OS 10.14, and the character viewer (aka “Show Emoji & Symbols”) looks like this:

enter image description here

Where have all the other Unicode blocks (e.g. Greek and Coptic, Cyrillic, Georgian, Phonetic Symbols) gone? How do I get them back?

(Also, what do I tag this as? keyboard and character are the only two suggestions, they don’t seem appropriate, but I’m out of ideas…)

In Capture One, how to Color-tag one image at a time when multiple selected in viewer?

In Capture One, I can select multiple images at the same time and use the viewer to cycle through them.

I’d like to use this so that I can cycle through variations on the same image and pick the best one by either assigning green to the one I like or red to the ones I don’t like.

However, the - and + hotkeys for assigning color assigns the same color to all photos in the viewer, not just the currently selected. I can manually click to do it one at the time, but that is incredibly time consuming.

Is there a way to get the color tag hotkeys to work on one photo at a time?