Google Drive Activity viewing trend history

I am interested in recording who/when users view particular Google Drive Document files. I know tiny urls might work but as its an internal issue would prefer to stay within Google API’s. I can see them via the Google Trend option in Activity but would like them in a summary form for reporting purposes. Are there fields somewhere that show this? I am able to output a list of the files via the answer Get a list of Drive files into a spreadsheet Its the users/frequency of file access I am interested in.

Approve SharePoint Online document while viewing in Word Online?

When using desktop versions of Microsoft Office (i.e. Word and Excel) alongside SharePoint 2010 workflows in SharePoint Online, we have the option to open approval tasks while viewing the document or the approval email – there is an “Open this task” button at the top saying “Open this task”.

Is there anything similar to this in Office Web Apps (i.e. Word/Excel Online) while using Microsoft Flows?

We have been showing our customer some Microsoft Flow based approvals for SharePoint Online documents, but they are concerned most of their management will not like switching back and forth between Word/Excel, SharePoint Online and approval emails, etc, just to approve a document.

Thanks for any advice.

Storing files in database through encryption and Viewing them only on providing key for the file

I have this use case:

  1. User1 uploads his file into the database which should be encrypted.
  2. Any other users who request that file, user1 will be notified for approval, on approving other users should be able to view the file but can’t download the file.
  3. The file should be encrypted in the database so that it cannot be viewed if the database is hacked.

nginx – Google Analytics not showing what video .mp4 our users are viewing

Right now I am doing the following with nginx to implement a global rule set for Google Analytics to load on pages.


sub_filter '</head>' '<script type="text/javascript">var _gaq = _gaq || [];_gaq.push(["_setAccount", "UA-99999999-9"]);_gaq.push(["_trackPageview"]);(function() {var ga = document.createElement("script"); ga.type = "text/javascript"; ga.async = true;ga.src = ("https:" == document.location.protocol ? "https://ssl" : "http://www") + "";var s = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga, s);})();</script></head>'; 

Replacing UA-99999999-9 with my UA ID

However in Google analytics this does not show what video people are watching. Just the page they are on. We are hosting video files in a subfolder with no index file just like this 

Analytics just shows the user browsing

How are we able to see what the .mp4 file each user is viewing?

Viewing VPN configuration details on iOS

I’m using the Charles Proxy iOS app and am curious to learn more about how it is configured.

When I go to General > VPN in my settings, and click on “Charles Proxy”, I see

enter image description here

But from the NetworkExtension framework (using NETunnelProviderProtocol), I can manually configure quite a few additional fields, including providerBundleIdentifier, server address, etc.

My efforts so far

I found here that there is a file residing at /var/preferneces/ that might be useful to look at. Is this some sort of global configuration file containing all of my network extension configurations? If this would indeed be useful, I’m still not clear on how I’d view it without jailbreaking my phone.

Google Sheets Cells don’t calculate when printed or viewing as PDF

Workbook: Very large workbook with multiple tabs of data and multiple tabs of reports using sumproduct, query and filter formulas. Tabs

Payroll tab is a reflection of our master database so i’m not dead in the water; however, here’s my issue:

Query pulls data from multiple tabs (temple log, killeen log) using conditions to pull specific data. Here’s a look: Query Example

There are some hidden columns of data, but Mid, End, Wash, % Bonuses are all calculated fields off of the query data to the left columns. Everything in the screenshot above is showing and calculating correctly. When I print the sheet, that’s when things change. Formatting stays the same but some of my cells do not calculate.

Using Google Chrome with built-in PDF viewer. Also tried disabling built in PDF viewer. Chrome: Version 35.0.1916.114

The highlighted field (CPS Bonus) shows a 0 when viewing PDF and sometimes the % Bonuses have not calculated either.


enter image description here

As you see a stark difference.

My opinion is the sheet is calculating but because it takes a moment to pull all the data then calculate, Sheets generates the image for the sheet before the calculates have occurred.

Example query formula pulling data – this works flawlessly:

=if(Q1="","",query(vmerge('Temple Log'!A:Z,'Killeen Log'!A:Z),"select Col3,Col4,Col2,Col8,Col26,Col14,Col6,Col10,Col21,Col22,Col24,Col23 where (Col3='" & Q1 & "' or Col4='" & Q1 & "') and (Col11 is not null) and (upper(Col24)='M' or upper(Col24)='W' or upper(Col24)='E') ",0)) 

Example formula in CPS Bonus (does not show when PDF is generated):

=if(isblank(Q1),"",   IF(countif('Temple Log'!$  X$  2:$  X,"=W")>0, sum(iferror(filter(CPS!B4:B32*40,CPS!A4:A32=Q1)) - iferror(filter(CPS!D4:D32*40,CPS!A4:A32=Q1),"")))) 

Example formula in % Bonuses (sometimes these do not show when PDF is generated):

=        if(AND($  P$  30>0,I3>0),if($  E$  30 >= $  U$  7,if(I3*$  V$  7*E3 >M3,I3*$  V$  7*E3-M3,"")if($  E$  30 >= $  U$  6,if(I3*$  V$  6*E3 >M3,I3*$  V$  6*E3-M3,""),"")), "") 

Anybody have any ideas for work-arounds?

Mail viewing custom headers doesn’t work

My mail forwarding service has recently started adding a “Resent-From” header to all the messages, and I’m trying to filter this out in

I go into Preferences -> Viewing and select “Show message headers: Custom…”. The list is initially empty, so I add “From”, “To”, and “Subject”.

When I then view messages, I still see other headers like “Resent-From” and “Reply-to”. And if I go back into Preferences and click on that dropdown again, the list of headers is empty again.

How do I get this to work properly?

HTML not Encode properly when Viewing Received Email via Roundcube WebClient

I’ve been installing Roundcube for webmail client on ubuntu 18.0.4 LTS, i have no problem using it as a client for my account in

However, roundcube seems like not encode html properly on some email i received, it shows weird characters as seen on the picture below:

Sreenshoot picture click here

I hope some master gurus here could help me to solve this.

Thank you.