MariaDB views: I want to replace repeated multi-table joins in my queries with a view – are there any issues to watch out for?

Rather than

SELECT,,,  FROM a JOIN b on = JOIN c on = JOIN d on = 

I can do

SELECT a_pk, b_pk, c_pk, d_name  FROM view_a_b_c_d 

I have a lot of this sort of thing through my code.

I’ve done a performance test, and the differences seem to be negligible, and I feel it would greatly tidy my codebase up and remove a lot of repetition.

But before I commit to that (as it’d be a big change with a lot of work and testing), I want to check that this IS a good thing to do. I didn’t study computer science and have no formal DBA training. I’m also a sole dev working on my own closed-source product. So I don’t get much input from the outside world, unless I strike out and ask for it.

Thank you – any opinions/experience appreciated.

SQL Server Nested views, how deep is too much?

I stumbled on a problem using views. The content management system my program interfaces with, defines a view which calls another view on the system. That is 2 levels to begin with. Before I stumble on views, I thought nested views were casual, but after my code blew up and i googled around, i begin to pick up words like "sin" and "vulgar" and "bad" which are associated with nested views.

Well I have two-level nested views to begin with. In my application level, I define my 3rd level and that’s when it gives me time out error. Is 3 level too much? The tables are not terribly big — between 5,000 and 100,000 records, while my view itself only produces 2,000 record. Is this suppose to break the camel’s back?

Materialized views with fast refresh in Oracle 11g SE

I am kinda lost in available features of Standard Edition Oracle Database 11g. I want to know if I am able to use materialized views with fast refresh in SE without violating any kind of licenses. I’m aware of list if features on Oracle site but I don’t know which feature MV fast refresh is a part of. Could anyone please explain?

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MariaDB Replication – Replicate only specific tables and views

Note: A backend developer here with little to no experience in setting up database servers and replication.

What needs to be done

Setup DB replication of an existing database with the following constraints:

  1. Replicate only a specific list of tables/views with different names in the replicated database.
  2. Change the name of the tables/views in the replicated database (during the replication process)
  3. Setup a user on the replicated DB with further restrictions with which only a set of table/view can be viewed/updated/deleted

Progress so far

I have already read the document here, however, I did not find anything concrete to help me move forward with all the use-cases I wish to support!

Use Case

Show only essential data to the external vendor.

PS: If there are any other approaches other than replication, would be happy to consider and implement that as well.


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Share segments to all collaborators in views from all properties

I have 20+ properties and I need to share the same set of 10+ segments to all the properties in a way any collaborator can see it in any view from any property.

From the “Segment availability”:

enter image description here

I know that I can see the same segment in any view (1st option), but can’t the collaborators won’t see it. It is also possible to make it available for all Collaborators in “this” View (3rd option), but it won’t accessible in other views.

It seems to me it is missing a 4th option “Collaborators and I can apply Segment in any View”. As far as I can see, the only way to achieve it is to copy the segments via “asset sharing” in each view and make it available for all collaborators one by one, which is a tedious task and bad for future changes.

Is there any other way to share multiple segments to all collaborators in multiple/all views?

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