Change ‘new item’ fields in accordance to different views Sharepoint Online

I was wondering if there is a way to change the fields that appear when a user clicks ‘new item’ in a Sharepoint list depending on what Sharepoint view they are in.

For example, in ‘end user view’ only select fields will be shown in the item form, and in another view ‘backend view’ different fields will be shown when they click ‘new item’


Modern Site Page – Hiding total page Views and Like option in Office 365 SP Online

I have noticed this new feature in SharePoint Modern Site pages in my O365 SP Online site. Can someone tell me on what basis this page-view is calculated (e.g – weekly, monthly or it shows the total page views since the inception/creation of this modern site page.? Also, I want to hide these from other site users. How can I do so.?

  1. I do not prefer choosing SPFX Application customizer and using CSS to do this. (tried and working)
  2. Though, I am able to remove the “Comment” option by disabling it at edit/publish page level

Refer SS:

Modern Page views

“Your Story” views??

I have a sneaky feeling my Facebook is being watched by a couple of people who aren't friends. So, to try and prove this, I've started adding pics and vids to "my story" and make it public to see if I can catch them by seeing their names pop up on my views. As of yet, I get my Facebook friends pop up and then anything from "1 other" to "6 others". Who are these? Why aren't any names showing? I have three other fake accounts which I made for gaming purposes and I've logged onto them and…

"Your Story" views??

Is there a way, we can hide/remove “group by field name text” in group by filter view in both modern/classic views SPOnline?

In SPOnline site, One of my document library’s field name called “Category”. On the view , it is showing as “Category:Finance(2)”. Here, my client don’t want this text(“Cateory:”) .It seems an OOB behaviour in SPOnline. But is there a way i can hide/remove this text in Both Modern/Classic Views..?

Thanks in advance.

How to measure phone number views without annoying the user?

I’m working on a website where we have customer pages on which we measure user interactions such as opening a booking form or posting a review.

One of the interactions we want to measure is when the users view phone numbers. Currently we do it like this:

Phone 123 – XXX XXX
show number

Show number is a button-link which shows the full number on click and allows us to track the user interaction.

We’ve recently had some feedback regarding the Xs in the phone number. Our users and customers find it confusing.

The customer information is displayed on one single page and tabs are not an option.

One alternative would be to only have the “show phone number button” without displaying the XXX-version of it.

Any other suggestions?

I’m also looking for good arguments to show the number directly (since, of course, that’s best for the user).

Our “Popularity Trends” always show 0 views inside sharepoint 2013

We have a SharePoint 2013 on-premises server. and the users have reported that the “Popularity Trends” report will always be empty:-

enter image description here

so i read this link @ and when i run the proposed script:-

> $  aud = Get-SPUsageDefinition | where {$  _.Name -like "Analytics*"}  > $  aud | fl     > $  prud = Get-SPUsageDefinition | where {$  _.Name -like "Page Requests"} > $  prud | fl 

I got False for the “EnableReceivers”, as follow:- enter image description here

also when i checked Central admin > Application management > Manage Service Application > “Usage and Health Data Collection Service Application”, i found that it is started as follow:- enter image description here

so not sure what is going on? the problem that the fix on this link is not an official fix, and i am afraid of running it… so can anyone advice why our “Popularity Trends” always show 0 views..

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