No internet connection on the VPSs created using Virtualizor (KVM)

I installed Virtualizor and KVM virtualization to be able to host multiple VPS servers on my dedicated server.

My server provider said that my IP information are:

  • Netmask:
  • Gateway:

Before completing.. my dedicated server have Ubuntu 16.04 x64 installed.

So, after I knew my IP information, I added them in /etc/network/interfaces then restarted the networking service.

I also restarted the virtnetwork service which was installed by Virtualizor.

So after doing that, I can see that there’s still internet access on the dedicated server.

But now, I assigned another IPv4 address to my dedicated server and my provider said that the new IP address information are the same as the dedicated server’s main IP address information.

So now, I created a VPS server on my Virtualizor panel, assigned the new IP address to it, and it booted well!

But (the problem).. I can’t SSH into the VPS server from my PC, and also when I accessed the VNC console of the VPS server I noticed that there’s no internet connection on the VPS server :/

I think that the problem is that the gateway is in a local (internal) format.. but I searched everywhere about a way to calculate the Gateway address but I can’t find any.

The VPS server IP is:, and the dedicated server IP is