Virus from a printer kiosk?

I encountered a puzzling situation the other day when I plugged in a USB flash drive. Windows defender displayed an alert saying that a threat had been quarantined, specifically the Jenxcus VBS virus. This is especially alarming given the preceding events. This flash drive is one I have had for a while but was empty. I then put some PDFs onto it, and succeeded in running down to my local Staples and printing at one of their printing kiosks, which you use by plugging in a USB drive. As far as I can remember, since then and until now, the drive has not been plugged into another machine. Now, all of a sudden, it has been infected by a virus. So, my question is, could the flash drive possibly have been infected by being plugged into the Staples printer?

My reasoning so far is that the drive couldn’t have been infected before going to print, because this virus seems to overwrite every file on the infected drive with a shortcut pointing to the VBS malware. I was able to print my files just fine, which I wouldn’t have been able to do if that were the case, presumably. Also, the only compromised files the Defender report listed were those on the flash drive themselves. I have since run a virus scan (Malwarebytes) which detected nothing. I also checked the registry values which the Microsoft page claims are changed by this virus, and they don’t seem to have been manipulated at all. I have since disposed of the drive. So again, should I be worried at all that I have a virus somewhere? Or is possible that the virus came from the printer? I’ve always thought that was pretty impossible, but I’m puzzled.

Can a virus be spread to AI systems via looking at image/ Video?

Scenario: AI advanced until we use it on spaceships to see what is outside. Then the AI system would have to process whatever image they see from the stars, or videos if we add in time.

In our PC, a jpeg file can contain virus, but we need to click on it for the virus to act. For the AI, the clicking seems to be default yes, or else it is basically blind.

If there are Hyper advanced AI out there who wishes to spread virus to other possible AI to either destroy or assimilate them, might they be sending light signals which can become a virus if processed by our image processing AI?

How to remove a very stealthy virus? [duplicate]

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I have a virus on my laptop preventing me from installing antivirus, or updating windows or even opening task manager.

i tried running a virus scanner from a portable scanners, the virus disappears and the task manager opens normally and i can install the antivirus when the scanner is running. but after that the virus removes the antivirus and removes all my security tools or scanning tools and for some antiviruses it disable all of its functions.

can anyone help in removing this virus? noting that i already used kaspersky bootable disk, and many other tools and virus and malware removals.

Files.bat virus problem in usb

My pendrive had a Files.bat virus and all my files been shortcut folder. When I opened my files all my images and some videos still can be opened. Then I copied to my desktop and format my pendrive. When I plug my other pendrive to the laptop, the pendrive infected with the files.bat virus…now my 4 pendrives had the files.bat virus.. Am I copied the virus too to the desktop?

Folders with .js files that I didnt create are in my pictures directory windows 10, virus?

About a month ago, two folders appeared in my /pictures directory named:

Ready To Glare 🔪 (@ReadytoglareYT) _ Twitter_files and Lawrence’s stream mom _ funhaus_files . Inside the folders are files, html files, .jpg files, and .png files, _api files(whatever that means), etc.

I didnt create them and never witnessed this type of behavior before. I tried a virus scan with Comodo Antivirus, Kasperski antivirus, and malwarebytes. They didnt find anything.

I cant find anything that would explain this on Google.

Anyone have any idea how this could have happened?

enter image description here enter image description here

logic behind virus detection, malware detection,broken registry detection or corrupted file detection in c# windows application

i am just going to create a window based antivirus application in c# which will work just similar to any antivirus program like avast or any. I have designed the UI of form and other stuffs i just wnat to logic behind the scene how to detect malware,croupted file,broken registry and viruses. thats it any help will appreciated guys.

Can I get a virus from Instagram direct messages?

I got a suspicious dm. I have opened it but didn’t touch anything else and it didn’t download anything but I got a black screen for a second. It was a late night so I am not sure if it was real virus downloading(without any touch on message) or I got hallucination. Note: I am sure that message had link to a infected site. I didn’t touch anything beside the notification from Instagram.