Best strategy for UK visa for a school trip (travelling alone or accomanpied child)?

I’m a teacher from a school in mainland Europe trying to arrange a trip to the UK with a Russian student who already has an accompanied child visa for the uk. I recognise you have have up to 2 endorsements – both of these are his parents. As his teacher they have signed power of attorney to the school but I don’t think that will cover it if I were to show up with this.

This leaves me with the following suggestions to the parents:

  • apply for accompanied child visa again with me as the named adult BUT will that invialidate the existing endoresments meaning that the existing visa gets binned and they’d not only have to apply for THIS visa for me but then ANOTHER visa as soon as they wish to travel to the UK with him again?

  • apply for travelling alone .. but the information on the adult being stayed with will be me

    • the name and date of birth of the person that you will be staying with (me)
    • an address where you will be living (the hotel)
    • details of your relationship to the person who’ll be looking after you (his teacher)
    • consent in writing so they can look after you during your stay in the UK (written consent from me)

<– but this latter option seems a little weird as I would actually be accompanying him on the flight.

.. or some other solution I’m not thinking of?

How much does a Ghana Visa on Arrival cost?

I’m in a bit of an unfortunate situation and I’m expecting to visit Ghana and arriving entering Ghana with a Visa on Arrival or Emergency Entry Visa as it is called by the Ghanaian government website.

The website isn’t clear on exactly what I’ll need to provide – my nervousness extends specifically to the amount of money that the Visa on Arrival will cost and if it must be in cash local currency, USD or would paying with a debit card be an option?

2 year multiple entry family visit visa – new visa application form issue – cannot choose long term visa line

I cannot use old website for a 2 year uk family visit visa. New application at the end gives fee of $ 128 which is most likely for a 6 months visa. I did not see any option in new visa application form to choose a 2 year visa. Please share your experience.

Travel Schengen tourist Visa

I believe tax deducted from my salary by my employer is not accurate and am applying for a French visa that require me to present my payslip indicating how much deducted with payment certificate.

Hope that won’t be a basis for denial. My account balance is well funded to about €8,000 for my 7days vacation with my 2 children.

Transit visa of Dubai [duplicate]

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  • Process and eligibility for transit visa in Dubai for Pakistanis (21 hour layover) 1 answer

I am travelling from Helsinki to dubai and then to Multan.I have 22 hours layover.I am travelling with flydubai.Will airline provide me transit visa and hotel if not then whats the transit visa requirements.

Medical attendant visa for Sweden

My sister is suffering for a medical condition which requires immense moral and physical support. She got ill while she was in Pakistan whereas her home is in Sweden. Now she has been declared fit to travel back to Sweden. I want to apply for Swedish visa, so I can visit her and assist her going back to normal tasks with her kids and job? What exactly should be my supporting documents for this matter? Also, if I attach a doctors letter stating her illness, what more information should the doctor provide to support my visa document? I’m happily married with a kid and am a Pakistan resident.

Can Schengen visa from France be used later on for other countries as well with a break? [duplicate]

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  • Does a multiple-entry Schengen visa allow visiting other Schengen countries later, without going via the issuing country? 2 answers

I want to apply for a Schengen short stay Visa for France to travel in August 2019. The duration of the stay will be for 3 days and then I will return back to London. Later on, can I use the same visa to travel for a longer duration to other Schengen countries and return?

Also, as far as I understand from this forum, once I get the visa issued from France this month, I cannot use it to travel to another country for two days and return to London before going to France in August.

Correct me if I am wrong.

Vigenette transfer Uk visit visa [duplicate]

This question is an exact duplicate of:

  • How is biometric for vigenette transfer visit visa done

I lost my Pakistani passport in Italy which had a 10 year UK Visit I am applying for a vignette transfer from Pakistan but for biometrics it is giving the address of post office in London and not Pakistan. Can anyone guide me what should be done.

Transit visa for Indian National through Singapore

I am an Indian national living in the United States of America under a non-immigrant (F1) visa. I am travelling to India later this year. My round trip to India has Singapore layovers on both the outbound and inbound legs. I was wondering if I could use the 96-hour VFTF for both the legs. I am aware that earlier Indians were allowed the VFTF on only one leg of a round trip. But checking the ICA’s website I find that there is no such requirement (at least not immediately evident to me).

Layovers are 9 hours and 45 minutes while going to India and 4 hours and 35 minutes while returning. I am flying with Singapore Airlines.