Family visit visa refused!

My in-laws who are both retired have been refused a visa. Both have been to the UK collectively 5 times in the last 7 years.

Refusal notices indicate no administrative review or appeal. Any ideas or thoughts will be appreciated. Refusal notice states that father in law cannot prove his income. As his wife was intending to travel with him, she has been refused as a result.

Does anyone think a speculative humble letter to the Home Office might work detailing the fact that they have visited before with no issues and we will be fully supporting their stay?enter image description here

UK Visitor Visa Denied

So, this is a little bit of a long story but to cut it short. I am American and I applied for a UK Visitor Visa, because at the time while I was looking through and there was a section that led you to a “Check if you need a Uk visa” path. Originally I could have sworn it led me to the Standard Visitor Visa, which led me to believe I did in fact need one. However, it was not until AFTER I sent out my documents that I started hearing otherwise from people that I infact did NOT need one. As long as I did not make my trip over 6 months, and i was just going to spend some time with my boyfriend and ideally I did want to be with him for 5 months.

Anyways I checked again and saw that it did infact say I do NOT need visa but I may want to apply to one if I have a criminal record, which I do not, OR I have been previously rejected entry to the UK.

Now, I heard back on the status of my visa application because remember as I was figuring out that I didn’t need a visa I had already sent out my papers to be looked at and considered and they my application for the visa was refused. They stated I was refused because they did not feel i would leave at the end of the 5 months, they did not think i was in an ongoing relationship because the last time i saw my boyfriend was in 2014 or 2015, I converted the money i said i was making and had to pounds but i did the conversion wrong so they said it was inconsistent, and while I provided bank statements and payslips the bank statements I included were of my savings and checkings, but im not sure if they got confused because they said you state you have xxxx amount of money in your savings but we see you actually only have xxx amount of money in your statement (basically they were looking at my checkings and not my savings so they refused me on under paragraphs V 4.2 (a) (c) and (e) of Appendix V: Immigration Rules for visitors AND under paragraphs V4.3 (a), (b) and (c) of Appendix V: Immigration Rules for visitors

I honestly just made a mess I felt but now because I have been refused the visa my question is does this count as being “previously rejected entry to the UK” or can I still go to the UK to visit my boyfriend like i wanted just now that i know without a visa? Or do I NOW need to have a visa because I was refused? Is being refused a visa the same as being rejected entry to the UK?

Thailand visa problems

I spent 6 months in Thailand on TR x2 left for a month back to home country (Uk) and returned and spent 2 xTR = 6 months… I’ve been gone for 2 months and I’m now returning with an Ed visa. I’m 22 – I’m not working, I’m a student.. the last entry I got told to stop using TR’s and to use non imm Ed if I came back… if they ask questions I can prove everything money, outside income etc. It may or may not be relevant that I have a new passport therefore the Ed visa is the only one present although I know they have a database of course. Is it likely I’ll encounter problems flying to krabi?

how to re apply for a Uk vistors visa

I was wondering if someone can assist me if it is worth re applying and if I can do it on my own or if I need an advisor? was anyone successful when re applying?

reasons for refusal

you have applied for a visa to visit the UK in deciding whether you meet the requirements of appendix of the immigration rules for visitors I have considered. your application and any additional relevant information you have provided with it

  • your immigration history
  • an interview with you
  • an interview with your sponsor

the Decision

i have refused your application for a visit visa because i am not satisfied that you meet the requirement of paragraphs v4.2 of the appendix rules for visitors because:

you have applied for entry clearance to the UK for a period of 13 days, Under UK immigration rules, you must show that you qualify for a visa by explaining your own circumstances and the plans you have for the visit.

you state that you are employed by burnard international and earn $ 3760NZD (Euro 1965.53 Oanda exchange rate 10/01/2019 and in support of your application you have provided a bank statement account number ending 371 whilst i am able to reconcile some payments i am unable to reconcile to total amount that you have declared in your application form. you state that during your 13 day trip you will personally spend $ 4000.00 Euro 2112.27, however your balance as of the 20 decemver 2018 was $ 3897.70 Euro 2058.25, but based on the information you have provided i am not satisfied that you have the funds available to cover the cost of your trip. In addition to this i note that you will be spending all of the funds in your account on a 13 day trip to the UK, which i do not find to proportionate to your economic circumstances.

You have also stated that the main purpose of your trip to the UK is to attend the memorial service of your close friend however i am not satisfied that you have been able to demonstrate that a service is due to take place. in light of the information provided in support of your application.I am not satisfied that your circumstances in New Zealand coupled with your reasons for wishing to travel to the United Kingdom are such that you intend a genuine visit or that you would seek to leave the UK at the end of the limited period stated by you. furthermore i am not satisfied that the documents provided represent a true reflection of your financial. Your application is therefore refused under paragraph V4.2 (a) (c) and (e)

Do I have to stay the entire duration in Germany with a German Job Seeker Visa?

I am residing out of Germany at the time being and working a full-time job. However, I am planning to find a job in Germany and thus I am considering applying for Germany Job Seeker Visa.

As I am already working full-time, I cannot stay 6 months in Germany, thus I am planning to fly in and out intermittently to apply for jobs and attend interviews (if any). Is that acceptable on a Job Seeker Visa? And does it mean I only have to submit accommodation booking for the first period I am staying?

Do I need a visa to intern/study in Austria?

I have an American passport and I know that I can enter Austria visa-free for 90 days. I want to do an internship/apprenticeship at an Austrian company. It will be unpaid work. Will I need a visa or a work permit or something of that sort? Also, if I instead decide to do a summer school at a local college, would I still need a visa? My dad lives in Austria and works there and can support me, and I am legally eligible for the Red White Red card Plus which entitles me to live there and work there, but due to the amount of time that it takes to apply for one, I would like to avoid this option.