Travel to and from Canada with temporary resident visa

i’m on a work permit in Canada and my temporary resident visa (TRV) is valid until 2019 April 20. I’m applying for a work permit extension and also a TRV extension. It might take a while for it to get approved. I will be on implied status until then and won’t be able to travel to and from Canada.

So I’m thinking of taking a week’s vacation in mid-March while I still have valid TRV and work permit. Will it be a problem while entering Canada with the TRV expiring in one month? Is there any rule that I should have six months validity on my TRV when entering Canada?

Hiring a solicitor for uk visit visa

As my visitor visa was refused twice, I decided to use a solicitor who is accredited by the society of law to assist me.

I asked him what he will do. He said he will review my refusals and prepare my application so that it meets the requirements and then he will apply on my behalf. He also added that I might get refusal again and in this situation he will go for juicidial review.

My question is: is it safe to let him apply on my behalf?

Shouldn’t I see the application before he applies so that I can be sure he is not missing anything which may negatively affect me? Should I ask him to offer a legal representation letter?

As it’s my first time to do such a thing, can anyone tell me how the process will go on? What are things that I should take care about?

The visa is very important for me because I am going to take an exam which will allow me to be a doctor in UK, so I want to proceed with extreme caution.

China transit visa: Fly from DPS (Indonesia) to Shanghai with a layover (2hrs) in Beijing

I fly from DPS to Shanghai with a 2-hour layover in Beijing. Do I have to pass through immigration in Beijing or can I do it in Shanghai where I would like to stay for 5 days with a transit visa?

I just don’t want any problems when I land in Beijing. I will not leave the airport during my 2-hour stay.

Should I fill up the US TOURIST VISA FORM separately?

my mom and I are planning to apply for a US TOURIST VISA (B1/B2) and my mom is going to pay for our trip. my question is: do I need to fill up the DS160 form separately? she filled up the form and she put my name in accompanying person. now I am just confused if I should fill up the form separately or not. thanks for the help in advance! God speed!

Uk visa application rejected

I applied for a standard visitors visa in august 2018 to enable me sit for Plab part 2 exams however my application was rejected on grounds of funds parking,having a bloated account and lack of evidence of proper ties to home country. A year later I have taken steps to correct this error however the hospital I work for pays without payslips and I have to deposit my salary directly into my bank account which now shows regular deposits for the past 6 months. If I apply for a standard visitors visa again with a bank statement showing regular cash deposits but not stating where the cash comes from as I have to pay it in myself,do I stand a good chance of being successful? I had previously provided a letter of introduction from my employer stating terms of my employment which I intend to submit again.

Can I apply for a longer Schengen visa to overwrite my shorter one? [on hold]

I have been recently approved for a Schengen visa to France for 15 days. I’ve found means and desire to stay in France for closer to 30 days, but the visa only allows 15 days. The difficulty is that the period of validity is 30 days, but the length of stay is only 15 days. This makes it impossible to apply for a Schengen visa from the second country during the duration of my stay there, after the first one’s 15 days are up. My question: I have heard that it is possible to request another Schengen visa and have them cancel the first. Can I request one that overlaps with the previous and have any reasonable expectation of it going through?

Does a ‘pending’ US visa application constitute a denial?

I recently applied for a US visa and had the interview, where I was told the application wasn’t approved pending a medical examination. I have since found out that I could have travelled on an ESTA after all, so tried to withdraw the visa application. However, I have now had an email back from the embassy saying they will hold my visa application ‘pending’ for 12 months in case I change my mind and decide to go ahead with it (so that I don’t have to pay again). The ESTA application asks if I have ever been denied a visa. Can I say no to this, as I wasn’t actually denied a visa, it just wasn’t approved until my medical examination was completed, and I subsequently withdrew? Does this mean I now cannot apply for an ESTA for those 12 months while I still have a visa pending?