On the App Store of my Macbook Pro, the top buttons are no longer visible

I have a notification that there are updates to install, so as usual, I would like to review them beforehand.

However, when I open the App Store app, I only see the following: App Store with top buttons missing

Normally it would say something like “Featured”, “Installed”, “Updates” and the such. However, now it’s all gone! How can I re-enable the display of the buttons?

SharePoint 2010 Foundation Site Action Ribbon not visible for Site Collection Administrator

In SharePoint 2010 foundation, suddenly users can not see Site Action menu, new item, edit item etc. ribbon button are disabled. In list ribbon, only export to excel button is visible.

I am also not able to open site in SharePoint designer, it gives you don’t have permissions error. I am site collection administrator group.

This issue is single web application. Other web application in same server working perfect.

Can’t install Ubuntu 18 – only usb partitions visible

I’m new with linux and I have been struggling during 2 days to install in my HP Elitebook 8540w until I get to this point.

  1. Booting

    When booting usb with ubuntu .iso it goes to grub4dos and after I choose the iso from usb to goes directly to “Try Ubuntu”. Note that the grub doesn’t give other option than ubuntu from usb. It might be because previously I had selected nomodest. After choosing it, it doesn’t even giving anymore options to install, try, options … It open directly the trial version of ubuntu.

  2. Installing

    When I proceed with installation within ubuntu it doesn’t give the option to install along the Windows 8.1 which I have installed.

  3. Partition

    I select “Something Else” option and it goes to “Installation Type” window with only the USB partitions. Thou the /sda (my hard drive) is shown below I can’t bring it up to select the partitions. But the gparted sees the partitionsfrom the hard drive.

    My guess it that the iso is not seen my HD as grub can’t see it too. And before grub started to come I was able to go through the installation but the windows with “Installation Type” options LVM, something else… weren’t showing and it went directly to installation partition with the same results of gparted and no HD available to select. I would be grateful if I get some help as I been researching a lot and Can’t find a answer. My final goal is dual boot but at this point it not really.

  4. Details

    • HP Elitebook 8540W
    • Windows 8.1
    • Legacy Bios
    • MBR

Make section in infopath that is visible to only user present in other shairpoint list

I am stuck with a scenario on Shairpoint.

i have a infopath form in which there is a section which i want to make visible to only people whose email id is present in another shairpoint list any person not present in that list if access the form he will not be able to see that section.

Kindly guide me with what condition and rules i can achieve this

Thanks in advance.

Why windows socket error #10060 is visible for one application only?

I have client-server application that uses TCP Windows sockets and nonstandard (8080 or 8089 or 4xxx) port. The connections among those applications (client-server) sometimes result in #10060 error. I can exactly repeat the #10060 error if I provide incorrect port for my client-server connection. But in production use there is always correct port provided and the server is listening to that port, but anyway – clients are sometimes receiving #10060 error. Troubleshooting https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/191143/10060-connection-timed-out-error-with-proxy-server-or-isa-server-on-sl says that #10060 can be caused by the congested traffic. But I wonder about such explanation, because only our application reports #10060 error, but no other applications (e.g. no email clients, no web browsers) although the traffic congestion should make impact on these applications as well. So, maybe it is standard practice for application development not to report #10060 errors but try reconnecting again and again silently?

I guess there is no much I can do about #10060? Todays networks are top performing and it is impossible to see the traffic congestion in them (especially within the limits of one city). Anyway – is there something I can do about this error specifically?

invoke a URL Perl script silently, without changing URL visible to client

I’ve been fighting the Google canonical page algorithm bug for 2+ months. Following various forum advice and suggestions haven’t solved it yet, although for sure they’ve made our website better. One advice I’ve been given is to hide, or make silent, our use of a page generation Perl script (example here), and give Google indexing only “plain URLs” with no script, no page parameters, no file extensions, etc. I don’t know if that fixes it but anything is worth a try when Google indexing goes into lock mode and refuses to index your pages.

My question is: how to start with a URL and end up with the same URL, with Perl script processing in between? I thought about doing it with an .htaccess rewrite, which we already use, for example:

https://www.example.com/abc –> https://www.example.com/gen.pl?p=abc

but then I would need to rewrite back, and that would be an .htaccess loop. Plus if the gen.pl URL were given in the first place I would not want the first rewrite.

Any and all suggestions on how to solve this welcome.