Hiring a solicitor for uk visit visa

As my visitor visa was refused twice, I decided to use a solicitor who is accredited by the society of law to assist me.

I asked him what he will do. He said he will review my refusals and prepare my application so that it meets the requirements and then he will apply on my behalf. He also added that I might get refusal again and in this situation he will go for juicidial review.

My question is: is it safe to let him apply on my behalf?

Shouldn’t I see the application before he applies so that I can be sure he is not missing anything which may negatively affect me? Should I ask him to offer a legal representation letter?

As it’s my first time to do such a thing, can anyone tell me how the process will go on? What are things that I should take care about?

The visa is very important for me because I am going to take an exam which will allow me to be a doctor in UK, so I want to proceed with extreme caution.

I want to visit italy switzerland and spain so which visa is required and can we land in italy and take our flight from spain?

I’m from India.So my question is we are going Europe for 15 days and we want to land in italy and then we will go to switzerland andour last destination is Spain so which type so schengen visa is required and can we take our flight from Spain. But we are landing in italy first?

Visa for dual Australian citizen child to visit Australia

I would like to visit Australia with my daughter. I am not an Australian citizen, but my daughter is a dual citizen, Australian and Ecuadorian. However, she has never had an Australian passport. Her father lives in Australia. Last time we went to Australia she was not an Australian citizen yet so she was included in my visa. Can I do the same this time? Or what kind of visa does she need?

Weird URL address pops up after each visit

I’m using Wordfence to track the visits I get to my website. After a recent WordPress update, I started seeing
unusual URL links after each visit to my site.

It’s something like this one: guition.com/wp-json/pum/v1/analytics/?event=open&pid=903&_cache=1553072681271

It clearly has something to do with cache, but even after I clear cache using Autoptimize and WP Fastest Cache plugins, nothing happens.
I’m also suspecting Google Analytics judging by the link, but I’m not sure how to go about fixing this.
The link doesn’t lead anywhere; only a blank page appears. Does someone know how to fix this?
All plugins and themes are up to date.
my website: guition.com

Geon – Visit locations. Get rewards.

Hello everyone.
I wanted to introduce you to the application we are currently building. The application is in the initial phase of development, so feedback is welcome. :oops:

What is Geon?
It is an application for Android and iOS systems that rewards users with Geon Coins for presence in a specific location. Collected coins can be exchanged at the Geon in-app store for various prizes. Geons can contain not only coins but also discount coupons or other digital products….

Geon – Visit locations. Get rewards.

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