Can you voluntarily suppress the effect of a continuous magic item you are wearing?

I would like to ask my DM if it is possible to craft a Continuous Cloud of Knives (Player’s Handbook II) Ring, but it could be a little awkward in certain situations, a swarm of knives orbiting around you is unlikely to help in social interactions. Is it possible to voluntarily suppress the effect of the spell?

Should I just opt for the Use-Activated item?

Cloud of Knives


Level: Cleric 2, Sorcerer 2, Wizard 2,

Components: V, S, M,

Casting Time: 1 standard action

Range: Personal Target: You

Duration: 1 round/level

You conjure a cloud of sharp knives around you. The knives float in the air around your upper body, pointing in the direction you look.

Each round as a free action at the beginning of your turn, you can release one of these knives at any target within 30 feet that you can see. This is a ranged attack that uses an attack bonus equal to your caster level + your key ability modifier. Each successful hit deals 1d6 points of damage +1 per three caster levels (maximum +5) and threatens a critical hit on a roll of 19-20. Damage reduction applies to knife attacks from this spell. The knives are treated as magic for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction. Material Component: A knife.

Optional Material Component: Using a silvered dagger (22 gp) in the casting of this spell allows the knives to overcome damage reduction as if they were both magic and silver, but the knives deal 1 less point of damage.

Can a PC cursed with lycanthropy voluntarily shapeshift if they don’t embrace the curse?

Recently, I wrote an answer to this question: When does a character cursed with lycanthropy become aware that they are cursed?

At the end of the answer, I pointed out that the character’s alignment will only change if the character embraces the curse, as outlined in the sidebar in the Monster Manual, p. 207:

If the character embraces the curse, his or her alignment becomes the one defined for the lycanthrope.

However, on p. 206, it states:

By resisting the curse, a lycanthrope retains its normal alignment and personality while in humanoid form.

I interpreted this to mean that someone resisting the curse cannot voluntarily shapeshift. However, I could not point to anything to back this up, since it seems that, according to the sidebar, they simply gain the traits of a lycanthrope, which includes the Shapechanger trait.

Can a PC cursed with lycanthropy but who is choosing to resist the curse voluntarily shapeshift (i.e. use the Shapechanger trait)?

I say “voluntarily” just to exclude the “full moon” scenario; that’s not what I’m asking about here.

Can a surpised creature fall prone voluntarily on their turn?

In my answer to a related question I said that a surprised creature cannot be commanded (Command spell) to grovel as it requires using their move action to fall prone. L0neGamer pointed out that that isn’t actually what the rule says.

The relevant text from Being Prone under Movement and Position states:

You can drop prone without using any of your speed.

Clearly this means that any effect which drops your speed to 0 does not prevent you from dropping prone. This is not what the surprised condition does:

If you’re surprised, you can’t move

I don’t believe that move is the same thing as speed. If my speed is 0 I can still drop prone, draw a weapon or take other free object interactions as part of my move. If I can’t move I can’t do any of these things.

Can a surprised creature drop prone voluntarily on their turn?

After voluntarily left Uk , will I get visa to go back again? [on hold]

I had live Uk almost 8 and half years . I had overstayed there like 7 years . Firstly my visa was granted to uk and I went to uk as dependent visa from my country . And after that I just stayed illegally there without re applying again because I didn’t have any kind of way to apply . So I overstated there . And currently my husband now is French national .And we decided to go back to my own country with voluntarily departure . And I paid all my expenses all by my self . And went back to my country where me and my now husband got married there. And after 5 months I applied to France visa . And i got the visa again to go to France with my husband . And now I am in France and I have a resident permit here now . And my husband and I am planning to go to Uk to settle there together as I will be applying for EEA family permit visa . And I know it’s been 1 year that I have left Uk . So I am eligible to apply . But still I am nervous to apply . And I checked the form as well . In there I have give the information about my last 10 years travel history as well . As I will write what the truth is . But still i am getting nervous . Please could you reply me back ? Would you think I will get visa in my situation? Please reply me back thank you very much

Can creatures with Spell Resistance voluntarily fail saving throws?

Pathfinder’s magic rules say that a creature with “special resistance to magic” can voluntarily fail a saving throw against a spell.

Voluntarily Giving up a Saving Throw

A creature can voluntarily forego a saving throw and willingly accept a spell’s result. Even a character with a special resistance to magic can suppress this quality.

But the rules for spell resistance seem to imply the opposite, that a creature would need to drop its spell resistance before being affected by the spell.

A creature can voluntarily lower its spell resistance. Doing so is a standard action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity. Once a creature lowers its resistance, it remains down until the creature’s next turn. At the beginning of the creature’s next turn, the creature’s spell resistance automatically returns unless the creature intentionally keeps it down (also a standard action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity).

I’m confused how these rules interact. If a creature with SR hasn’t lowered their SR, can they voluntarily fail the save without a caster level check from the caster? Or does “special resistance to magic” refer to something other than SR?