Wait Command so Unrar will finish the first .rar then move to next

Below is the command user3140225 helped me out with and it works fine:

find /home/username/source/directory/ -type f -name "*.rar" -exec unrar e -o- {} /home/username/copy/extracted/to \; -delete && rm -r /home/username/source/directory 

Except I noticed it is uraring the .rar files from the separate folders (Folder1, 2) all at one time.

My structure is

  • SourceDirectory


    File .rar


    File .rar

I would like the one unrar to finish first before it goes on to the next one.

I am using cronjobs to run these commands. So if there is another way I would be grateful.

During reboot my screen goes black, how long should I wait before hard reset?

For whatever reasons I need to reboot my laptop every 5 days now. Normally it is suspended/resumed a couple/few times a day. Sometimes during reboot my screen goes black for a long period. How long should I wait before performing a hard reset (holding power button down for 10 seconds)?

Start a task process wait for first response

I’m needing help on the following issue:

The workflow (SP Designer 2013) contains an action ‘Start a task process’ with parallel assignment. The completion criteria is set to ‘Wait for first response’.

In my example the tasks is assigned to 6 people (dynamically), so generating 6 different tasks in the task list. If one of these approves or declines, the workflow continues as intended. But the other 5 task are still open.

Is it possible to close/delete these tasks that are no longer relevant?

If the user still reply, his answer is not used in the flow. The task list is going over 5000 items in no time because these tasks keep in the list.

If we could catch an ID, we could create a flow to delete these non-relevant items in the task list.

How to send messages in the order they were queued, while ensuring that client B does not have to wait until client A has received his message?

I have a simplified producer/consumer pattern implemented below. The code outputs:


1 second delay


1 second delay


1 second delay


What approach can I take here to get rid of the 1-second delay between different letters?

What I’m looking for is something like



1 second delay



It’s important, that clients A and B receive the messages in the order the messages were queued in, but I do not want other clients to be blocked while processing for one client takes a really long time. Using two BlockingCollections and two consumer threads is not an option, because the user count is dynamic.

using System; using System.Collections.Concurrent; using System.Threading.Tasks;  namespace ConsumerProducer {     public enum ClientId     {         A,         B     }      class WebSocketMessage     {         public ClientId ClientId { get; }          public WebSocketMessage(ClientId clientId)         {             ClientId = clientId;         }          public async Task LongRunningSend()         {             Console.WriteLine(ClientId);             await Task.Delay(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(1));         }     }      class Program     {         public static BlockingCollection<WebSocketMessage> Messages = new BlockingCollection<WebSocketMessage>();          static async Task Main(string[] args)         {             var consumer = Task.Run(async () =>             {                 foreach (var message in Messages.GetConsumingEnumerable())                 {                     await message.LongRunningSend();                 }             });              ClientId clientId = ClientId.B;             while (true)             {                 // Flip between A and B                 clientId = clientId == ClientId.A ? ClientId.B : ClientId.A;                  Messages.Add(new WebSocketMessage(clientId));                  await Task.Delay(TimeSpan.FromMilliseconds(100));             }         }     } } 

How long should the user wait before providing reassurance?

I have an application with user login. When a user logs in for the first time, I show them a screen similar to this while the login process completes:

Loading animation with "Loading" text

The user’s access must be validated before they can access any part of the app so it makes sense to block their access while we wait.

The problem is that, due to reasons out of my control, authentication can take anywhere between 3 seconds and 1 minute, because of the backend identity provider. So this icon is on the screen for a long time.

During testing, I’ve noticed that users start to feel like something is broken and want to reload/leave the page after a bit of waiting when authentication is slow.

I want to supplement the “Logging you in…” text after the user has been waiting for a while by adding in “…this can take a while. Please do not navigate away or reload the page.”

How long should I wait to present this additional “reassurance” to the user? Also, is there a better way to comfort the user that everything is working, just taking a while?

Note: I did see this question, which answers a related question of “how long should I wait to show the initial loading indicator to a user?” – not “how long should I wait to supplement the initial loading indicator?” – Loading time and page loader display (when to show)

when to use “wait” and when “busy” mouse cursor

I am developing a desktop application with Qt framework. When there is a task running which causes the UI to be blocked for a while, I would like to use a mouse cursor indicating that the user should wait until the task is finished. There are two cursors available – “wait” cursor and “busy” cursor. What is the difference from the UX perspective. What are the rules when to use one or the other?

enter image description here

Best practice on Web Chat “please wait” messaging

We are currently integrating a web chat functionality on a utilities website, where customers can query their bill, or changing plans etc. with their electricity bills. (this will be available to all customers whether they are logged in or not).

The web chat will sit top right on all paged, and when clicked, will initiate a web chat sessions. In the event of a bottleneck of chats starting, we need to design a pre-screen before the chat initiates with an agent. I cannot find any best practice information our there, so my thought was to provide the following while the user waits:

  • An apology message saying that chat agents are busy.
  • Current wait time: XX minutes.

Would this be considered an overshare of information to the customer? or is the visibility and transparency appreciated and considered good Ux? Any hats thrown into the ring on this one are much appreciated! A brief mockup is something I put together below as a first pass:

enter image description here