We recently migrated a large chunk of our databases to a new data center and on one of our clusters we are now seeing high amounts of waits for HADR_SYNCHRONIZING_THROTTLE. We didn’t see this in our previous data center.

The only thing I have noticed since the migration are errors related to Change Tracking that is enabled on two of the databases. These errors look like:

Error: 77735, Severity: 16, State: 1. Change Tracking cleanup job is running in DB1 for 1475 minutes more than the threshold(24hrs); DB2 for 3379 minutes more than the threshold(24hrs)

It looks like I’ll have to disable and re-enable CT to clear this message so possibly this might be what is causing the waits mentioned.

Has anyone seen HADR_SYNCHRONIZING_THROTTLE waits before and got to the bottom of why they are appearing?

In terms of our environment we are currently running SQL Server 2012 11.0.7462.6.

Thanks in advance.

Can’t connect to reverse shell – connection waits forever

I’ve setup a simple Kali Linux machine on AWS and added a security group where all ports are open, then I executed:

nc -vlp 4444 

Now, in my own personal computer I execute a simple Go program:

package main  import (     "fmt"     "net" )  const IP = "MY_PUBLIC_IP:4444"  func main() {     conn, _ := net.Dial("tcp", IP)     fmt.Println(conn) } 

Nothing really happens, the connection waits until it timeouts. Am I missing some configuration?

Thank you.