The wallet that gets things done!!

We are living in the 21st century. Future is on the hand of techs. Approximately 1 year ago Volterman group introduced a smart wallet that has a lot of features (GPS, wifi router, etc.). The main feature is a power bank. But if we calculate the capacity we can understand that if all features are working we will have very low space of battery.

Yesterday on IndieGoGo I see prelaunch of wallet campaign. The name of that campaign is Baraddy. Baraddy doesn't have lots of features like Volterman…

The wallet that gets things done!!

How to access to your Bitcoin Rush wallet and earned coins?

The best option is to get a Bitcoin Rush. I hadn't believed that I would not talk less about this. In the long run, what I have is an attraction about Bitcoin. What's more, I started to realize that there were some disadvantages to Bitcoin. You need a Bitcoin. I'm going to save the biggest one for last. How can one be allowed to phrase that idea in such as way that details Bitcoin so well? Bitcoin could come out on top. In spite…

How to access to your Bitcoin Rush wallet and earned coins?

How to make a card from Apple Wallet show up based on location?

I have my YMCA card in my Apple Wallet. My watch only suggests my YMCA card at certain locations. The YMCA I go to the most does not trigger an automatic suggestion of my membership card. Is there any way to force this suggestion to happen? My devices are a Series 3 Apple Watch and an iPhone X both on the most recent, public iOS and watchOS releases. I have Allow Notifications and Suggest on Lock Screen selected in the settings tab in Apple Wallet.

KDE wallet asks for password

I’m a complete Linux b/f sadly passed away almost 4 years ago and he did all my techy stuff. I decided to update my version a couple of days ago to Ubuntu 16.04.6LTS and when I log in, 3 separate windows from KDE wallet asks for a password..I use my log in password but really is annoying, can you tell me in steps how to alter this or am I stuck with it? I have read others have this problem but am really apprehensive about altering anything without assistance. Would someone please take me through step by step what to do.

How to implement wallet management for android APP using magento2 rest api

I need to implement wallet system in mobile app using magento2. There are 2 functionalities I need to implement which are given below.

1- Get customer wallet money.  2- Use of wallet money while doing the order. 

I searched a lot but did not find any end point available in magento-2 for wallet. I also confused which table should be used for it if any end point is not there. I need to apply this functionality for Mobile app using magento-2.

Multi-Boot & BIOS Attack Vector Risks For Bitcoin Wallet Storage

I’m trying to emulate a cold storage computer for crypto assets with a multi-boot computer.

If I have multi-OS boots & the ‘cold storage’ boot is never connected to the internet when it is booted, is it possible for a compromised BIOS to store information when booted to the cold storage OS & then leak it once booted to a OS connected to the internet?

How to communicate with encrypted bitcoin wallet using bitcoin-core in NodeJS

I have a full node running in my local system and I am using this library named bitcoin-core to communicate with the bitcoind server. Now I have encrypted my wallet with a passphrase so I understand that for making transactions I need to have a passphrase. I am not sure what changes do I need to do for that in the library?

Can someone help me with this please?

Is it possible to separate blockchain and wallet functions?

I’m looking for a way to use bitcoin-core in monero-way (It uses separate blockchain daemon and wallet daemon).

I’d like to run bitcoin-qt interface on my laptop and connect to external node with full blockchain. In this way I can share my full node with other people and my wallet will be safe.

Is it possible to use bitcoin-core in this way?

P.S.: I listen about electrum-server, but I don’t want to use another software.

Restoring an HD wallet tree

I saw this question: How does restoring an HD wallet work? I think the answer fits to a chain wallet (Seed) and the process is different while it’s on a tree.

I still don’t understand how the restoring of an “HD Wallet” works.

How does the wallet app know where to start or finish checking.