What should my database design look like if I want to implement an invoice preset?

I just finished creating the invoice part of my database and now I need to implement an invoice preset feature wherein it basically takes different products and services, both main and sub and puts them into an invoice with one click of a button through the client’s app.

enter image description here

I do have a couple of questions with this design:

  1. Is the current design enough?
  2. I had some trouble with figuring out how do I recreate an invoice exactly how it was made (wherein the items are listed in the proper order) so a db admin from another website suggested I use a timestamp on the invoice items so I could keep track. Was that correct?
  3. I’ve created some mockup designs of the invoice preset (yellow and blue) but couldn’t decide which one is correct or if both of them are wrong.

Does silent image require the caster to actually have visual contact with the area they want to place the effect on?

Or the 60ft radius is all that matters, even if it is behind a wall?

To be even more specific, what about if it is a 15ft area in a location in-range that you have seen before but is now out of sight? And what about when on your turn you have visual contact with an enemy in a certain area, then move behind some cover and then place the illusion -area around the enemy & within the 60ft range-? I am placing this question because I have seen other illusory spells’ descriptions that specify that you must see where you place your spell. Silent image doesn’t specify whether the sight component is or isn’t required.enter image description here