I want to visit italy switzerland and spain so which visa is required and can we land in italy and take our flight from spain?

I’m from India.So my question is we are going Europe for 15 days and we want to land in italy and then we will go to switzerland andour last destination is Spain so which type so schengen visa is required and can we take our flight from Spain. But we are landing in italy first?

I want to do some data entry for sir for $20

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I have implemented graph using adjacency list in JAVA.I want to know that my code is any efficient

This is the main code,here I’m joining vertices by edges.

node[] gra=new node[5]; {     for (int i = 0; i < 5; i++)         gra[i] = new node(i);  //I'm allocating memory for all the vertices. } void add_edge(int to,int from)  //to represent the vertice the edge is going and from is now self explanatory {     node new_vert=new node(to);      node temp=gra[from];     while(temp.next!=null)         temp=temp.next;     temp.next=new_vert; } 

Now to do these operation I’m using this loop in main method.

for(int i=0;i<5;i++)  //For simplicity I have taken 5 vertices     {         int n=sc.nextInt();                     //N is Number of edges from the vertices, for example in figure for vertex 0 the number of edges are 2.         for(int j=0;j<n;j++)         {             int to=sc.nextInt();             obj.add_edge(to,i);         }     } 

enter image description here

Is my implementation is correct or efficient enough so that I can use this code for further use. Feel free to ask if you don’t understand the code , I will try to explain.I know I’m bad at explaining.And please forgive my English.

I simply want to reformat a 2TB Seagate for use in Ubuntu with full permissions

I have completely backed up all data from said drive and physically disconnected the backup drive so I don’t screw it up. I’ve searched high and low for the basic command line syntax and proper format to no avail. Can somebody give me the proper format and the Terminal command to perform this operation (and how to make sure I’m not formatting my C: drive)?

I want to add a blank space character neither by copy pasting from Arabic fonts nor by doing what a spacebar does

I have read many answers containing copy-pasting from a [ ] or by doing ALT+255 which just do a spacebar thing. The reason I want it by some other means being viz.

  1. The copy paste characters are taken from Arabic fonts and hence it reverses my text accompanying the blank character.
  2. WhatsApp discards a space.

The reason is now clear, it’s related to WhatsApp. Not status, but the Profile Name.

In a group chat if someone who doesn’t have my contact name saved, they see my message with my number above +61 92956 21761 ~My Name.

I want to add a hidden character blank space between ~ and My Name.

Also, earlier when Android phones did not support all fonts, those texts were represented with a rectangle with a cross inside. And I guess, some phones later just had a blank space. So that will do.