I want to know where to share posts after published

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Happy New Year!

I want to know where to share the link of your blog post or say post, so a little bit of traffic can be obtained on the post, especially when you suck at having bad networking skills.

Please also tell if there is any area on DigitalPoint, where I just can post my blog posts and don't get banned like on Reddit etc.

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We Want Nothing Less Than Your Absolute Satisfaction

It’s been a busy few weeks for London-based Foot Patrol. After opening their newest retail location in Paris, they’ve now teamed up with asics clothing outlet for a special take on a well-known sneaker: the ASICS GEL-Saga. The legendary running silhouette—first released in 1991—originally drew its design inspiration from the mech characters featured in the classic anime series Gundam Wing.This heratage-inspired collaboration is drawing from that original vision even further, dressing the shoe in a combination of white, grey, blue, and just a touch of pink-just like a Gundam mobile suit’s color scheme. The shoe utilizes white mesh underlays and light grey suede overlays as a base, while the main accents arrive via pearlecent blue and silver patent leather detailing on the iconic tiger stripe. Co-branded accents arrive on the medial heel counter and throat, a medium grey tongue and heel collar add a pinch of dark contrast, and the shoe is completed with pink lace tips boasting a mech-style model number.
Above you will get another look at the latest collab release between Patta and asics appatel stores, the Patta x Asics Gel Lyte. The collab has the Gel Lyte dressed in a Grey, Honey Ginger and Dark Purple color scheme. The shoe is constructed out of premium nubuck, suede and mesh combination while also coming with features such as the co-branded tongue and graphic detailing on the insole, perforation hits on the toe, a total of three different tonal lace options, and the Patta lace dubrae done in Rose Gold. In addition, every pair comes with a custom Asics x Patta hangtag to complete the collaborative look and feel of the shoe. 
Rocking autumn vibes from head to toe, today we provide you with new images and release info on the upcoming asics men’s clearance.This latest collab between the two comes dressed in a Grey, Honey Ginger and Dark Purple color scheme. Constructed out of nubuck, suede and mesh, the shoe comes with features such as the co-branded tongue and graphic detailing on the insole, perforation hits on the toe, and the  Patta lace dubrae in Rose Gold. Every pair comes with a custom Asics x Patta hangtag and additional sets of Pink and Ginger Honey laces.
Having dropped overseas just last month, the asics womens clearance has now made its way stateside.Inspired by the Yokosuka jacket, a popular souvenir among American military in Japan, the BEAMS x mita sneakers x Asics Gel Lyte 3 Souvenir Jacket is made of navy pigskin nubuck and velour on the upper, while the heel features an embroidered dragon patch and ‘Japan’ is embroidered on the side in original script. The outer sole is also inspired by the dragon and features an original graphic.

Are NPCs who want to gain class levels considered multi-classed?

Consider an Apprentice Wizard from Volo’s Guide to Monsters: its spellcasting is the same as a 1st-level wizard, its skills are from the wizard list, and it’s proficient in a weapon from the wizard list. Its stat block doesn’t have arcane recovery, but that could just be because it’s not relevant to combat. Other than obviously having 2d8 instead of the full value from 1d6 for its hit points, and the lack of saving throws, it’s basically like a 1st-level wizard.

So if you had one join your party, and had it gain a level, would it gain a spell slot and an arcane tradition as a 2nd-level wizard, or would it gain two more skills and two saving throws as a 1st-level wizard?

By the same token, if you wanted to give it some martial ability by giving it a level in fighter, would it be looking at getting proficiency in all weapons/armor, two skills, and two saving throws, or would it only be looking at weapons and light/medium armor and shields (but in actuality not be able to gain fighter levels because it doesn’t meet the strength/dexterity requirement)?

What if you wanted to do both of the above, giving it a level in wizard and one in fighter? (or possibly the other way around: fighter first then wizard after, if ability score requirements only let you do that order)

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I want to have a bond with a baby dragon. Can I?

I just started playing D&D 5e. I am playing an Ethereal Dwarf, Paladin level 2, and my background is Haunted One. With my background, I received a broken silver dragon pendant. My harrowing event is also “A monster slaughtered hundreds of my people but spared my life.”

Now I have to still make my background which I was hoping would be related to my harrowing event and the rest like my Personality traits, Ideals, Bonds, and Flaws. I was hoping for my background to be like:

I grew up in the clan of Ungart where one day I stumbled across a dragon egg. I picked it up and brought it back to my village where me and my brother, who was 78 at the time, would take care of it. Months past and the egg hatched. We decided to name it (Not decided yet). Years passed and the dragon grew little by little each year, we were so happy, until that one day. Roaring in the distance we realized that a silver dragon had found our town. We fought it but failed. Hundreds died. Me and my brother survived but what still gets me is that the dragon looked at us in anger and turned away like it didn’t want to hurt us. I still do not know why to this day. Now I am off on my journey to bring justice to monsters who terrorize other people.

Can someone tell me if I can have a certain bond with the dragon or does this story really not work in game play?

I want give Helmets AC in DnD 5e, would this work?

Basically I was thinking about giving helmets a +1 AC to players. Now I know its’ basically allowing players to get plus 1 AC for like 10-20 gp so here are some draw backs that I think would make the player really think twice. A guaranteed one is basically anyone who wears one gains a point of exhaustion for every 3 hours of continued use without taking it off for at least a few minutes. This doesn’t apply when the character is sleeping during short or long rests.

1: -3 to -5 on Perception rolls of any kind. (can be modified for type of helmet)

2: -3 to investigation of any kind

3: and finally, very susceptible to flanking maneuvers in combat

I was thinking of applying 1 or 2 appropriately to the type of helmet they wear. Only way all 3 would apply is if I decide the helmet gives +2.

Main reason is because my players like to look cool wearing the helmets but wanted some function to them as well. Is this a viable option?

I want to publish my new sorting algorithm

I have made a new sorting algorithm that is working in O(N log N) in every case. I want to publish this sort under the supervision of a professor as I am a newbie on the research side and also a professor can look to the algorithm from every perspective. I have contacted some professors worldwide but none of them reply to me yet and I have compared my runtime analysis with other sorting algorithms it is efficient than other divide and conquer based algorithms the time complexity is the same like merge sort but my algorithm is taking fewer operations when the size of the input increases. If anyone knows someone’s who can review my work or want to know more about my work then please let me know. LinkedIn

I want to create an unsigned 8-bit adder/substractor and implement it in a logic circuit

I am having a hard time trying to implement an adder for 8-bits signed numbers with 1’s complement but without using VHDL since I am new to this kind of stuff. But I know that I should use 8 full adders and link them together but the problem is that I don’t know how to do it.

It is an assignment and I know you can’t give me the full solution of the problem. So I started designing my circuit on an application called “logic circuit”.

And this is the interior of a full adder.
enter image description here

What should my database design look like if I want to implement an invoice preset?

I just finished creating the invoice part of my database and now I need to implement an invoice preset feature wherein it basically takes different products and services, both main and sub and puts them into an invoice with one click of a button through the client’s app.

enter image description here

I do have a couple of questions with this design:

  1. Is the current design enough?
  2. I had some trouble with figuring out how do I recreate an invoice exactly how it was made (wherein the items are listed in the proper order) so a db admin from another website suggested I use a timestamp on the invoice items so I could keep track. Was that correct?
  3. I’ve created some mockup designs of the invoice preset (yellow and blue) but couldn’t decide which one is correct or if both of them are wrong.