In 5E World of Warcraft, does the Monk’s Superior Martial Arts allow one attack vs every enemy in the area of effect?

The Windwalker Monk’s ‘Superior Martial Arts’ states:

“As an action, you may spend 2 Ki and deal your unarmed damage as an area of effect (expending any number of attacks). You may choose to make it a 5-foot-burst around you (Hurricane Kick), a 10-foot cone (Fists of Fury), or a 15-foot line (Flying Serpent Kick).”

Does this mean the Monk makes a separate attack roll vs every target in the area of effect?

It also goes on to say:

“This action counts as if you made an unarmed attack strike for the purposes of your Martial Arts feature and Flurry of Blows ability.”

Does that mean no matter how many attack rolls you make during the Superior Martial Arts attack, it still counts as having made one attack (out of however many you might be entitled to as part of an Attack action) and you still get to make an Extra Attack (if you have it) plus the bonus unarmed strike from Martial Arts?