[ Football (American) ] Open Question : I feel terrible for Aaron Rodgers I couldn’t watch the NFC Championship game anymore. How could Packers lose so bad?

I’m an Ex Giants fan (bad management) and currently have no favorite teams, but I feel bad for Aaron Rodgers because he’s a nice guy and waited so long to return to the Superbowl. Packers played so well this year, how could 49ers beat them so badly?

Four Auto Trends To Watch In 2018

2017 was a very interesting year for the automobile industry and everything that went on both in the public light and behind the scenes. From seeing rideshare companies continue to grow, car sales decline and self-driving vehicles hit the road, it was surely historical.
2018 is lined up to be no different. Here are four Phone Number List automobile trends to keep an eye on during the coming months and 2018 as a whole.
1. Electric Vehicles – 2018 is going to be a very exciting year for electric vehicles as they finally have gained ground in the industry. New options will be available along with models which offer longer driving ranges and will be cheaper in price. Charging times will continue to decrease and charging stations will begin to pop up more and more around major highways and cities. As the world continues to push more toward a healthier environment, the rise of electric vehicles will continue to grow. Outside of the United States, other countries have already begun to implement this change and are making electric vehicles their number one priority and number one transportation option.
2. Car Sales – For the first time in seven years, car sales in the United States have gone down. While this shouldn’t come as a huge red flag, it does have some people questioning what will the future hold. As rideshare services become more readily available and cars are still expensive, more and more people are deciding not to own a vehicle. Experts predict that sales will do fine in 2018, yet it will be interesting to see how major automakers do in the new year.
3. Rideshare Companies – Rideshare companies have taken the transportation industry by storm and have really [Image: Indian-B2B-Phone-List.jpg]made an impact on how people get around. They offer such an easy way to request a ride and an easy way to pay, making trips quicker and cheaper overall. The two rideshare giants, Uber and Lyft, have also introduced extended programs such as how to deal with those with visual impairments and even taking patients to their medical appointments. If these efforts continue, rideshare companies will be around for a long time. It will be interesting to see what they have in store for 2018.
4. Driverless Vehicles – Along with electric vehicles, driverless vehicles are poised to become the next big thing. Once thought of as only a dream, they are now becoming a reality. 2017 saw driverless vehicles getting physical miles covered on the roads and newer and better technologies. Major companies all over have been pouring money into these new autonomous safety features, hoping to perfect it. So far, we have seen driverless vehicles on the roads in California and Michigan and they don’t seem to be stopping any time soon. It is believed that driverless vehicles will make the roads nearly 95% safer than what they currently are.

During a long rest if someone is fully rested, can they keep watch longer than 2 hours?

So I am currently running a game with 3 PCs, 2 of which are Elves and 1 a Human. I am just trying to calculate the most efficient way to run watch shifts during long rests since both of the elves only need 4 hour meditation to be considered fully rested.

In the PHB pg 168 in the section about long rests it states that (emphasis mine):

A long rest is a period of extended downtime, at least 8 hours long, during which a character sleeps or performs light activity: reading, talking, eating, or standing watch for no more than 2 hours.

Now my question is, once a character is considered fully rested and no longer needs the “long rest” are they able to keep effective watch for longer than a period of 2 hours? So say that the elves both finish their 4 hours, can they now keep a vigilant watch for the other 4 hours the human PC needs to rest?

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Vuejs – Recorer array en en watch

Estoy intendo verificar la información que se esta actualizando mediante watch el problema, es que necesito verificar la información antes de procesarla a la vista. Actualmente lo tengo así

watch:{         notificationsList: {             deep: true,             handler: function(val, notify){                 console.log('notifications ::' ,val)             }         } }... 

Donde notificationsList es un array de objetos. Para verificar esto intente poner un $ .each dentro del handler para verificar su información:

$  .each(val, function(key, value) {      console.log(value) })  

Lamentablemente no me deja utilizar each tirando el siguiente error:

Error in callback for watcher "notificationsList": "ReferenceError: $   is not defined" 

Alguien sabe como deberia verificar la información de manera correcta antes de procesarla a un modelo utilizando vuejs.

Watch your health

Hello friends greetings to all, my name is Ricardo and I am very happy to be in this forum, I will comment on this opportunity how important is personal care for a happy life, here are some tips:

1) Exercising is an excellent way to be in good physical and mental condition.
2) Having a good eating habit is essential to avoid illnesses by not having a eating disorder.

3) Sleeping well restores our strength and helps us to have a good mood in the…

Watch your health

American Factory – how to watch on Netflix

So I've been constantly seeing this trailer of a new Netflix documentary – American Factory and I would like to watch it, but unfortunately it's not on my Netflix, which means I have to switch libraries, does anyone know which library it is? Also, my friend said Surfshark works fine with Netflix, but that was like 4 months ago, maybe some of you have tried it recently? I'm considering buying their subscription so would be good to be sure before I commit. I know ExpressVPN and NordVPN…

American Factory – how to watch on Netflix