How a website knows if a video has been watched or downloaded?

there’s a video lecture streaming in a university platform that runs javascript, Can the owner detect if i’m downloading the video (via IDM) rather than just watching it ? In other words, How a website knows if a video has been watched or downloaded?

After much trouble such as quality fluctuations, unexpected changes in playback speed and frozen screens (also experienced by other users), I’ve decided to download the videos using (Internet Download Manager). That, however, violates the terms of the university, even though I obviously don’t intend to make any commercial use of the videos and I’m going to be the only one watching them. I’d like to know if the content provider can notice, that I’m not streaming the videos but downloading them.

How did YouTube know I watched a locally stored file on my computer?

I ripped a few videos from YouTube (using y2mate) about a week ago of guitar lessons from a player named John Redbourne in case they disappear. I saved them on my local hard drive in a folder called “Redbourne Guitar” and the files are named after after the songs, like “Salisbury.mp4” etc.

Anyway, I just watched one of the videos off my hard drive, and lo and behold, when I logged into YouTube, my recommended feed was full of John Redbourne videos. I haven’t searched or done anything online related to John Redbourne since I downloaded the videos. How did YouTube know I watched it?

Using Windows 10, Firefox, and played video with default “Movies and TV” app that comes with Win 10.

How to determine if user watched / “completed” the video?

I’m building a course website. It’s relatively simple and I need to track overall project progress only by tracking watched videos amount, e.g.

Course 1 5/12 watched 

The question is how do you understand that user watched the video?

Some options are: – user opened the video, e.g. clicked ”play” – user watched some % of the video (what would be the correct percent there?) – user watched the whole video

The point here that if user opened the video, watched for e.g. 10 seconds and jumped to next one, would that count as ”completed”?

For some users probably yes, because he explicitly skipped it or found not relevant. Other may return to it though so they might assume it’s not “completed” yet.

Cinnamon panel disappears after unlock if I have watched a video

I use cinnamon desctop in ubuntu, and have some trouble for a long time, and I found nothing in internet to solve that. So, if i open some video in any player (vlc or smplayer), and no matter even i closed the video, and if the screen locked, after unlock the panel disappear. The only thing i do is to relog to the system. But is there really no solution of the problrm? I’ll be very grateful for any help! But just please, don’t say me to change environment, i like to work in it, in spite of some bugs.)) Maybe there is a solution with configure some files, or install cinnamon from the “right repository”? Thanks to everyone for any help!

Why does Instagram show the stories I already watched?

Prior to the 2 weeks or so, when I watched a story on Instagram and when I come back later to the app or web, those watched stories were pushed back to the end of the queue. So I wasn’t seeing the stories that I already watched.

But I guess now something has changed. Now to see the new stories, I have to watch/skip the old ones again.

Was there really a change about this?

(I tried with different browser/app/account/cleared cache etc. and result is the same)