Are there ways to let a sufficiently high Acrobatics(Jump) roll exceed ones Max movement?

I’m building a L9 Tier 3 mythic character in a Pathfinder game (with a DM who accepts a lot of 3pp, including Drop Dead Games / Spheres of Power & Might, which I’m using heavily).

Between abilities and items, I could easily have a 200+ foot jump…except that jump is limited to my max walking speed.

Do you know of any items / feats / abilities (1st or 3rd party) that allow one to jump further than their speed, in a single Move action? (Spheres of Might has the absurd Dragoon leap, but it’s only as a Full Round action.)

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Number of ways to decompose a graph into two trees

Is there an efficient algorithm to count how many ways there are to decompose a given finite simple undirected connected graph $ G = (V, E)$ into the union of two trees $ T_1 = (V_1, E_1)$ and $ T_2 = (V_2, E_2)$ that are not necessarily edge-disjoint? By union I mean $ V = V_1 \cup V_2$ and $ E = E_1 \cup E_2$ . My initial thoughts:

  1. $ V_1$ and $ V_2$ cannot be disjoint, so each $ |V_i| > |V|/2$ .
  2. $ |V_1| + |V_2| \geq |E| + 2$ because $ E_1 \cup E_2 = E$ and $ |E_i| = |V_i| – 1$ .
  3. If $ G$ is a tree then we are counting the number of ways to write $ V = V_1\cup V_2$ where $ V_1$ and $ V_2$ are not disjoint. This can be presumably calculated analytically.

Are there ways other than Kensei Weapons or Hex Warrior to use an ability other than STR for non-finesse melee weapons?

Usually melee weapons (without the finesse property) use the character’s STR modifier exclusively for attack rolls and damage.

I am aware of two exceptions: The Monk (Path of the Kensei) gains the Kensei Weapons ability at Level 3 –

Kensei Weapons. Choose two types of weapons to be your kensei weapons: one melee weapon and one ranged weapon. Each of these weapons can be any simple or martial weapon that lacks the heavy and special properties. The longbow is also a valid choice. You gain proficiency with these weapons if you don’t already have it. Weapons of the chosen types are monk weapons for you.

XGtE pg.34

You gain the following benefits while you are unarmed or wielding only monk weapons and you aren’t wearing armor or wielding a shield:

  • You can use Dexterity instead of Strength for the attack and damage rolls of your unarmed strikes and monk weapons.

PHB pg.78

And the Hexblade (Warlock) has Hex Warrior:

…you can touch one weapon that you are proficient with and that lacks the two-handed property. When you attack with that weapon, you can use your Charisma modifier, instead of Strength or Dexterity, for the attack and damage rolls.

XGtE pg.55

Are there any other ways to dump strength without limiting your melee character to finesse weapons? I’m interested in any and all solutions that use the actual weapon’s stats.

For clarity Any solutions must fit the following attack structure
To hit: (d20 + STR??? Modifier + any bonuses [incl. Proficiency])
Damage: (Weapon dice + STR??? Modifier + any bonuses)

Comments/answer have highlighted to me that I was especially interested in knowing if there was a way to use an ability other than STR for weapons with damage dice of d8 and over. Extra points if you can find a published way of doing this, especially if you can hit the d10s and d12s!

Ways to heal after casting a spell as an action in the same round


Following this question, I am looking for ways to heal in the same round after casting Beacon of Hope from a Ring of Spell Storing.

I was looking for an abilty like a Divine Channel or an item I could use to heal but didn’t find anything. (and I don’t really know where to search besides Google and the Stackexchange)

Sidenote: I am a level 5 cleric of Qotal but I’m also interested to know how other classes could do.

Overcoming flour or other nonmagical ways to defeat invisibility

I am looking for ideas on how to defeat a flour trap. As a rogue, I rely on sneak attack to really damage my foes. The plan for taking on the BBEG is the party will make me invisible with our wand of Greater Invisibility. However, I know the enemy has set up several flour traps and uses telekinesis to disperse the flour into the air, making invisible creatures immediately visible.

However, flour is tricky. If you get it wet, it does not clean it off. Instead, it only makes it sticky. How could I overcome a flour trap and resume my invisibility? I think my DM is doing this because we have used flour against invisible creatures he’s sent after us, and I think he is hoping we come up with a clever way of defeating it so he can use that same thing in the future. So, I’m not entirely sure I want an answer, lol.

To make this question more specific, we have at our disposal a cleric, a wizard, and a fighter. The cleric can prepare Create Water, but that will not help. Prestidigitation only clears one cubic foot per round, so the greater invisibility will wear off before the flour is entirely cleared. Is there anything that can clean an entire five foot square in a single round?

In what ways can a druid’s Wild Shape be detected?

I’m a relative newcomer to D&D 5th Ed. and am playing a druid fond of Wild Shape. I’d like to know in what ways it can be detected by NPCs (or even fellow PCs). It appears that this is a sort of debated subject, as to how and whether Detect Magic works on it or not.

I read through the question, Detecting Wild Shape with a Mythal, but I’ve no idea what a Mythal is. In portions of the question and its answers, there seems to be various interpretations of how Detect Magic might work (or not). It seems to me that the ability is a sort of innate or supernatural ability, and whether it is "magical" or not is somewhat ambiguous.

My reason for asking is that Detect Magic seems to be a relatively low-level spell and thus makes Wild Shape (for espionage, surveillance, scouting, etc.) somewhat less dependable.

In another answer by Neil Slater, this excerpt seems applicable:

…the consensus in groups I have played in … is that Detect Magic is equivalent to "Detect Spells, Spell-like Effects and Enchantments". That is, it will detect spells in progress, spell-like powers of monsters, and permanent enchantments on scrolls, and standard magic weapons. Under that interpretation, will not detect supernatural powers, such as a druid’s Wild Shape…

Is there a more recent consensus on how this mechanic might work?

Finally, Detect Magic aside, in what other ways can a druid’s Wild Shape be detected or nullified?

Are there ways to make a Pokémon evolve prematurely?

I know that in the canon of both the original games and the anime, it is possible to force Pokémon to evolve before they reach the right level (Such as the Gyarados at the Lake of Rage). Is it possible in PTU as well to make a Pokémon Evolve without providing the conditions that are normally needed? Such as the right level, evolution stone, or others?

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