What are the ways for a Wizard to get cure spells?

Inspired by this question; I was intrigued to know ways at any level that a Wizard could cast cure spells, without using Use Magic Device.

Solutions should not use multiclassing and only use official pazio pathfinder books (No third party)

Ideally this should be “Cure” spells, but I’ll take any way of curing hits that doesn’t involve base Wizard spells such as “Infernal healing” (Due to the “evil” component), sorry.

Are there any ways to make an object count as a creature, even briefly?

Objects are not creatures.

(We will ignore the undefined question of corpses….)

The object needs to remain an object, if possible. Polymorph is not an option, regardless. The idea is to make it a valid target without actually changing it into a creature.

Are there any methods which can cause an object to temporarily count as a creature for the purpose of targeting it with an effect that targets creatures?

How many possible ways are there to track the location of a mobile phone?

I really need to know the nearest location (and if possible exact) of a mobile phone (Android or iPhone).

Yes, the simplest answer will be with a Google Maps API, but the mobile GPS must be activated and in addition to this the browser must have permissions. I wonder if today it is possible to obtain the location of a phone without the slightest contact with the user.

I understand that the IP address gives a nearby but not exact location, is this true? Is it possible to use OSINT in this situation?

Different ways to rotate an object. Which is best?

I’m a developer on the long way to learn design so please forgive me if I’m not into design jargon 🙏.

I have to design an interface to rotate a 2D object. The rotation is discrete by fixed step: the object can be rotated by 0°, 45°, 90°, …, 180° degrees (in this example the step is 45° but it can be parametrised by configuration).

I have few ideas, and I’d like to discuss which could be the best one.

Standard slider:

enter image description here

Standard slider are everywhere, easy to implement, easy to use. There a slider over the object and my moving it the user can control the rotation of the object.

Circular arc slider handle

enter image description here

There is the object surrounded by a circular arc slider with an handle that the user can drag to rotate.

I think that the circular shape of the slider can be functional to advice the purpose of the slider (a rotation), but I think that moving by fixed step can be not so intuitive both in the implementation and the use.

What can be the best one? Any considerations/ideas/advice? Is there some other ways to do it? Maybe simpler ways?

What are the ways my non-monk character can improve their unarmed damage?

My Goliath Barbarian / Fighter / Rogue hybrid killed somebody accidentally in a rage in their past, and has sworn an oath to never again wield a weapon to prevent accidentally killing somebody again if they fly of the rails.

Problem is, this is still D&D, and punching people for 1+strength mod+2 while raging is hardly going to impress anybody. He’ll primarily be a grappler, so it’s not that big a deal, but I’d still like to find some ways to improve his damage.

There’s a caveat however, I can’t take any feats, considering my classes are spread all over the place and I need the few attribute increases I can get.

These are the requirements:

  • Increases can come from magic items. I’ve found the Insignia of Claws in Hoard of the Dragon Queen, but that’s the only one I’ve found so far.
  • Can’t change my race into something else. I know Tabaxi, for example, have improved unarmed damage, but that doesn’t help my Goliath.
  • Can’t multiclass into monk or any other class. I just don’t have the levels left to start multiclassing into a 4th class, nor would I meet the wisdom requirement.
  • No feats. I know tavern brawler will increase my damage to 1d4, but I don’t have room for feats in this build because of its multiclass nature.

Ways to cure a body part that was turned to stone?

During the very first session of my current campaign, my character’s fist was turned to stone.

Quite a few sessions later, I’m getting a bit irritated with only having one functioning hand. What ways are there to restore my hand?

We’re level 8, playing 5th edition, set in the Forgotten Realms. My fist was turned to stone by a dragon. We’re playing Storm King’s Thunder. What happened to my character was one of the characters provided by the module. At least I assume that. Haven’t actually checked that to avoid spoilers for it.

Allow the user to toggle between 2 ways to display content on mobile?

So I have some page for a mobile app that I want to display a list of products. I have two options and I don’t know what to choose:

  1. Show items in a grid with a large picture and a small description (Assuming the phone is portrait, you can fit 2 items side by side, 2-3 rows, so there may be 4-6 items shown in the screen)
  2. Show items in a list, with a small picture and a medium-sized description (Kind of like a playlist in Apple Music)

Seeing as how both options can be good, as the casual users may prefer form over function (preferring option 1) and that the more detail oriented users may prefer function over form (preferring option 2), I feel like I should offer an option for users to toggle between the two. That seems to be the most natural solution, given that I find it hard to pick between the two.

However, that would mean I would have some sort of toggle button on the page, which may take away from the experience itself, ruining the aesthetics of the page, and making it more complicated.

So what should I do?

  1. Show a grid of items, thus focusing on aesthetics and potentially ruining the small minority of users who prefer more information
  2. Show a list of items, thus focusing on practicality, benefiting the small amount of people that do want the information, but potentially making the app more uglier for everyone else

  3. Add a button to toggle between the two views (on the same page), focusing on practicality for everyone, but ruining aesthetics for everyone (extra unneccessary UI elements and cognitive overload)

  4. Add a button to toggle between the two views, but in the settings. This doesn’t ruin the page with an unnecessary additional toggle button, and gives users who wish to see more details, the option to do so, hidden in the settings, and gives the ordinary casual user the aesthetics that they prefer. However I feel as though this may confuse users even more, especially if there are situations where a user may look at/use another user’s device and have some sort of unfamiliar UI. But maybe I’m just overthinking.

What are some unique ways to run critical hits? [on hold]

Who doesn’t love rolling a critical in combat? There are plenty of ways to run them, but I hate the way my DM does so. To me, a critical hit should be an incredible shot, an arrow to the knee, a rapier to the eye, etc. My DM does a 2x multiplier (Simple and homebrew) to your regular hit. Ex. Longbow- 1d8. Rolls 3, damage after multiplier = 6. I feel like this is extremely cheap. if you roll a 1 your damage = 2. This to me does not seem ‘critical’.

My preferred crit method is max + your die roll. Ex. Longbow- 1d8. Rolls 3, plus the max die roll of 8 = 11. Guaranteed to be critical.

My DM does not like this and refuses to incorporate it into gameplay.

I want to compromise with him. What are the other crit rules people use besides these two?

What are all the ways that a PC can become immune to the frightened condition?

I’m interested in becoming immune to the frightened condition. I hope this is considered a bounded list question and therefore on-topic.

I’ve so far only considered race- or class-features, feats, or magic items; if there’s something else I’ve overlooked, ask me in the comments. I’m not interested in spells that are temporary or anything that involves polymorphing into something else. UA is acceptable, but homebrew is not.

These are the ways that I’m already aware of after looking into it myself:

  • Aura of Courage (level 10 Paladin, any archetype);
  • Mindless Rage (level 6 Barbarian, Berserker archetype, while raging only);
  • Raven’s Shield (level 10 Warlock, Raven Queen archetype from this UA);
  • Touch of Sess’inek (Lizardfolk-specific feat from XGtE Expanded Feats);
  • These magic items (at time of writing, this D&DBeyond search lists 4 items);

Are there any I’ve missed?