Can creatures that are larger than Medium use two-handed weapons with one hand?

Do ogres and other Large creatures need to use weapons with the two-handed property with two hands?

As far as I can tell, the rule is for player characters, and as there is no playable race that is Large (that I’m aware of), the subject wasn’t brought up, but this has been bothering me for a while. On a side note, if they do ignore the property, would a half-ogre have this same ability by this ruling?

Can the Dual-Balanced weapon modification be applied to double weapons?

The Dual-Balanced weapon mod description says,

Price +2,000 gp; Weight —

Dual-balanced weapons are balanced to be wielded in tandem.

Only melee weapons can be dual-balanced. When wielding two weapons with the dual-balanced modification, reduce any two-weapon fighting penalties by 1 for both weapons. The weapons do not need to be the same type, but both must have the dual-balanced modification.

Can I apply this mod to double weapons, such as a staff? I suspect there may be a problem with it RAW—if so, would it cause problems to allow it?

Do the gauntlets of flaming fury add 1d6 of fire damage to magical weapons?

The item’s description reads

While you wear both of these steel gauntlets, any non- magical weapon you grasp with either gauntlet is treated as a magic weapon. As a bonus action, you can use the gauntlets to cause magical flames to envelop one or two melee weapons in your grasp. Each flaming weapon deals an extra 1d6 fire damage on a hit. The flames last until you sheath or let go of either weapon. Once used, this property can’t be used again until the next dawn. Source: BGDIA, page 223

Now the first part is clear that it makes non-magic weapons magic, but does the second part using a bonus action to add 1d6 fire damage apply only if the weapons are non-magic to start? I.E. If I wield a +1 short sword would I roll 1d6 slashing +1d6 fire +1 for damage or just 1d6 slashing +1?

Magic weapons and Rods of Metamagic

If a magic weapon (+1 or more) leaves the hand free, it’s still possible for an enchanter to use in that hand a rod of metamagic? The case is this one: the character it’s equipped with a Claw bracer and wants a metamagic rod in that hand, the doubt it’s: it’s not possible to have two magic items in the same slot (weapon, in this case), but the typology of items are different

Thank you in advance and sorry for my bad english

Does proficiency in both simple and martial weapons mean my character is proficient in all weapons?

So I am building my first D&D character, it’s a Barbarian Mountain Dwarf, and I’m trying to figure out what weapons he is proficient with, but in the Barbarian section it says that he his proficient with Simple and Martial weapons. Does that mean he is proficient with all weapons? And if not, then what weapons does it mean?

How can we make combat with slow weapons more satisfactory?

I have been in the following situation as a player in the past and now as a GM I have a player facing the same problem:

The Character in question is using a weapon with a relatively high WGS of 12. The other characters (4-6) go up to 9, most around 8. Enemies go up to 10 at most.

Because of that each attack costs them more Ticks than the other players, so compared to other Characters this player gets to act less often the longer the fight goes. Between each attack the Character has to occasionally defend themself consuming even more ticks before they can act.

When the are finally able to attack (given they score a hit), even small enemies (think ratlings) survive by a few HP. One-Hit-KOs are rare.

Now the player is bugged out because their actions do not feel satisfying. They get to act after long waiting times and the result does not feel appropriately rewarding. Missing a hit is extremely frustrating. Enemies surviving the hit by just a bit require another attack with long waiting time or an allay, who gets to take the glory.

Seeing everyone acting about twice, before you can do anything (other than defending), kills any feeling of meaningful participation for them.

What can we (the player or me the GM) do, to make combat for this Character feel more rewarding?

Further problems we see/feel:

  • Calling maneuvers ist even more risky: Handicapping your rare chance to strike increases the number of turns “wasted” by missing the enemy. Maneuvers halving damage impact large slow weapons even more than other wepaons.
  • Performing opportunity attacks: Due to the high WGS you will be ahead 30 Ticks very fast, taking away the ability for any reaction, rendering the Character vulnerable.

Options we tried or thought about:

  • Using magic in combat: The Character in question does not use a lot of magic and has not invested much in this direction so far.
  • Using even more Ticks to seek a gap: It’s 6 Ticks for +3 on their attack roll. It seems to be better for enemies with exceptionally high defence. Goes for all characters anyway.
  • Doing other things in combat: The player wants to actively participate not be “just suppoorting”. Making a character not use his mighty twohanded weapon and instead distracting enemies also feels really bad.
  • Letting the player help the GM in managing: Works sometimes, but if the player gets to act, the GM or another player has to pick up that managing job again, distracting the flow.
  • Lowering the weapons WGS by magic or crafting: It is expensive and other player can do the same, shifting the problem but not solving it.
  • Speeding up combat: As a GM I already try to take the enemies turns as fast as possible because combat is just time consuming. Making the other players rush their turns does not go down well with anyone.

Answers should be based on experience with Splittermond.

Solutions using the the rules (did we miss something?) or altering handling at the table (other than just letting them help manage; we tried) are equally welcome.

Changing Character/used Weapon is not a preferred solution.

Exchanging Weapons from an Armory

My character exchanged a crossbow for a longbow from a Weapons Workshop he came across.

By replacing the crossbow, would the attack bonus stay the same ?

The crossbow had a damage roll of 1d6 + 6 piercing damage.

Would the Longbow’s damage be just 1d8 or 1d8 + 6?

The fighter’s dexterity is +4 and has proficiency with Simple and Martial Weapons, with a Dueling fighting style.