Why Google Cache Showing 404 on my React Base Webpages?

My web page is client-side rendered with React. On hitting the cache, it is showing 404 instead of a rendered page.

Example Screenshot enter image description here

When I inspect the Page URL on Search Console, Its parsing and rendering my page properly on Google Index as well as on Live Test.

Example Screenshots enter image description here enter image description here

Why cache page is showing 404? Is the Client-side react is responsible? If not then what is the issue? Or will it be resolved automatically in a few days?

Note It’s my new site which recently goes live in last week.

What type of web-pages are their

can you tell me what type of webpages are thier and what are the differences in between all of them.

what I know and heard of is html, htm ,css and so on… But, I really don't know the differences in between them and how and in what times they came..

what is the latest trend and format which is going on now a days. Can someone even explain me more about this as well.

Slow performance of embedding Mathematica Demonstrations in webpages

When I embed a Mathematica Demonstration in my webpage, the performance is very slow and laggy.

For instance, if I follow the instruction video and embed the Radial Engine Demonstration in an HTML page, it takes about 5 seconds to load (that’s ok) and when I drag a slider, it takes about 2 seconds for the image to update (that’s a big problem). This is the case even for simpler demonstrations, such as this magnetic field demonstration.

Is there any way to improve performance?

What’s the best way to execute Javascript and scrape webpages in C#?

I’m trying to create a web-scraper, which runs few javascript pieces to show some elements on a webpage and then scrape data from HTML source. I’m looking for a simple and efficient library to do it. I’ve tried CefSharp and Awesomium, but both aren’t good enough (Awesomium doesn’t work at all, and CefSharp hangs a lot). Could you recommend me any easy to use libs?

Find specific link on webpages

We have a few pages that are referencing a very old URL (https://www.example.com/some-url), but have no way of finding what page that link is on.

Is there a way to do this in Drupal 8?

I could try to search for the value in all the fields, but that there doesn’t appear to be a way to do easily without manually search through all the tables. We are particularly looking for a programmatic way to do this without manually search. The link can be in a link field, menu link, or within the body field.

Are there any ways to modify the URL of web requests in webpages?

I’m viewing a third-party website. The webpage loads some images like https://heatmap-external-c.strava.com/tiles/both/bluered/12/1505/2306.png via JavaScript. However, the URLs no longer work and should be replaced by https://heatmap-external-c.strava.com/tiles-auth/both/bluered/12/1505/2306.png. (this is viewable if login)

Are there any ways to view the webpage correctly? (probably via a browser plugin)

How can I save the urls of the opened webpages in https://www.google.com/bookmarks/?

I have opened a number of web pages in Google Chrome browser in both my android phone and my laptop. Is it possible to conveniently save the urls of the opened webpages in https://www.google.com/bookmarks/?

This is especially helpful on android phone, since google chrome browser there doesn’t provide bookmarking all open webpages into the browser at once.