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Automated Cartoons and Anime Website – Easily Monetizable – Great Name – Well Designed

Why are you selling this site?
Started building this site last year, didn't have time to launch it because I'm busy working on other websites.

How is it monetized?
Not monetized right now. Has many slots available specifically for ads, can be monetized through native ads, banner ads, push ads, affiliate.
I'm experienced with this niche and advertising for it so I can tell you it's quite easy. (Can provide revenue numbers for similar website)

Does this site come with any…

Automated Cartoons and Anime Website – Easily Monetizable – Great Name – Well Designed

website transfer from folder in public_html to root domain

I just transferred my website from to by moving the folder where everything was stored (newsite) into my public_html to make it the root domain. Now I am receiving multiple issues on my error_log and the website is loading very very slowly. The error log is telling me things like:

PHP Warning: current() expects parameter 1 to be array, boolean given in /home3/example/public_html/newsite/wp-content/plugins/lezada-addons/includes/templates/lezada_brands_grid.php on line 79

I was thinking the urls containing should be rewritten via .htaccess

Will this resolve the problem? If so what would the rewrite code be? I tried:

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine On RewriteBase / RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^\newsite$   [NC] RewriteRule ^(.*)$   "$  1" [R=301,L] </IfModule> 

How did a website make an accurate assumption of my identity in incognito mode? [duplicate]

What piece of information can websites retrieve that would allow for later identification without cookies?

Intro Out of interest I jumped into the rabbit hole of online marketing scams. The site I visited* used a system called Proof** to show ‘conversions’ (cq. signups) to visitors and I was curious if this system could be fooled, since the traffic I witnessed seemed way too high.

Case The Proof homepage made an assumption about my identity even though I visited all these sites whilst in incognito mode. The assumption was pretty accurate: it assumed my identity was the company someone I share my WiFi with works for. Both on desktop as on mobile it printed:

Easily personalize Companyname website for every visitor. 

It even came up with the correct domain name,
It did however fail on Tor, and printed the generic message:

Easily personalize your website for every visitor. 

Question How could this site that I’ve never visited assume my identity almost correctly whilst without cookies?
1. I am aware of the possibility that this site gathers data through many other (junk) sites about things like browser use, screen size, device use, and location. However, this information alone is very generic (chrome, desktop) to make a prediction. In addition, I live in a densely populated area and this company does not the biggest employer of the area.
2. This prediction was just a lucky shot.

What piece of information can websites track that would allow for identification without cookies?

Thanks for reading!


EDIT: It was not my purpose to hide my identity, I am just curious on what data they could make this estimation. The incognito part is just interesting because it doesn’t allow for cookie-based predictions.

Everyone’s pointing at IP, so I believe my misconception (through sites like IP-lookup & rDNS that are 100 miles off) was that IP was not that specific.

help scrab a website number phone.

Hello everybody ,

 Can you help me? I would like to scrape the telephone numbers on an individual advertising site.

The problem is that each advertisement is followed by a link and this link leads to the individual’s advertisement which contains the telephone number etc …

So how do you get scrapebox to extract all these numbers from this site?

I am a beginner thank you.

Pets Niche Products Review Website

I want to sell my Pets Niche Products Review website.

The site:
PetLoversArena is a review products website on Pets Niche.
All the 34 articles are UNIQUE and wrote by professional writer include review each product from Amazon.
PetLoversArena have more then 12,000 Words.
The website created with WordPress CMS, so it's easy to maintain, edit and add content….

Pets Niche Products Review Website

Website redirects to strange corporate page? Any help identifying why? [closed]

There’s a strange website my friends and I keep track of. It’s hosted across neocities and 000webhost, two companies for website management. It has a password page, usually leading to something normal. Though someone I know entered a password and somehow made it to a government/bank domain that contains records for Chase bank in Manhattan. This website has nothing to do with any of those things, so we’re confused as to what any of this is.

This is the page it lead to:

Why would an unrelated website ever bring up a page like this?

Baseball Bats Review Website

I want to sell my baseball bats review website.

The site:

BatsGuide is a review baseball bats products website.
All the 5 articles are UNIQUE and wrote by professional writer include review each product from Amazon.
BatsGuide have almost 20,000 words (19,400).
Homepage have more then 5700 words.
The website created with WordPress CMS, so…

Baseball Bats Review Website