bet365 website connection failed [on hold]

If you start a new instance and connect to bet365 with a Chrome browser, you will be able to access it for the first time.

However, from the second, you can access the site, but you can not check the score.

chrome error log: “failed to load resource: net :: ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED” “The resource,sports,gen5base/261/|WebLib/393/S|SiteSearchLib/30/S | WebConsoleModule / 300 / SL | HeaderModule / 267 / SL | PodLoaderModule / 132 / S was preloaded using link preload but not used within a few seconds. preloaded intentionally. “

Setting the instance to a different region will cause the same symptoms.

Other betting sites are connected but not bet365.

Please tell us how you can bet normally on bet365.

Thank you.

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how to tell what control panel / file manager my website is using?

I have made a new version of a website for a client, the old version is up on the web, and i want to make changes.

How to tell what control panel is used for this website? i tried my . page . com / c panel , or c panel . my page . com, but that doesn’t seem to work.

Hosting detector tells me that, the website is hosted by Digital Ocean.

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Why recently an icnreasing number of website isn’t supporting “request desktop site” anymore?

Recently I more and more often, access websites via my mobile, just to realize a certain feature ha no (more) support on the mobile version of that site. So I request the desktop site. But even then, as soon I click on any link, the URL changes to something like m.URL.TD or having somewhere in the URL a .TD/XXX/mobile/.... So my impression is, the sites providers actively want to deny desktop site access from mobile devices. Why is that so? Especially since most of the time, I am getting denied access to specific features I intend to sue this way. And that way I feel often very dissapointed in regards of user experience not to say sometimes I get even mad about this logic, as I can’t see, why a site wouldn’t allow a user desktop access, where the user actively presses a button representing “Hey, I know my experience using this site as desktop version despite being on a mobile device might give me a bad experience.” So the experience of being denied getting that explicit requested desktop site is (at least for me) even worse.

Ideas I have come up with, why this could be done:

  • The site has an App, and wants to enforce the user to use the App instead.

    • But not all sites I noticed this recently have even an App.
    • Also, I wonder, is it that important, that their App is being used that they risk users stop using their service at all?
  • I.e. my bank denies it. But as soon you request a desktop site you get an information that continuing in desktop mode from mobile device is not supported by them, due to security risks. But you can just ignore that info and you remain on the desktop site. I am fine with that.

So given the above bullet points, I don’t really can see that this justify taking away the users agency.

So what am I missing? Or what other reasons are there that I notice this behavior recently more and more often?

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The website program is installed under the local wampserver, but the access path still jumps to the domain name

I downloaded the magento 2 website program and database for local debugging of the local computer wampserver. I have installed the website program and database, but I now enter the path: localhost/supwatch/

The website can be opened, but jumping to the domain name of my website is not a local path! How to solve it? enter image description here

enter image description here