Dentist Website USA Buy if you can handle dental appointments with medicaid

Why are you selling this site?
I have no idea how i can place the leads that i get from this website. Moreover, I am not used to of dental industry. I won this website in GoDaddy auctions and restored it.

How is it monetized?
It is not monetized at the moment but we get dental appointments from this site. Anyone who can make use of these appointments or have contacts with dentists can benefit from this website.

Does this site come with any social media accounts?

Dentist Website USA Buy if you can handle dental appointments with medicaid

Carousel or sliders in website banners and their usability

Currently, I am working on a university website redesign project. The complication is that they used a lot of image carousels or slidersĀ on their existing website. For example, in the banner, 10 events/programs images are running inside the carousel and some have a hyperlink to a dedicated page.

I am planning to remove the carousel with a hero image and move the other image to events and programs gallery since too many messages will miss the important thing. And the chances of conversation are below 1%. How could I convince the client diplomatically? Because they are crazy to see carousels to show different department images in the home page banner even after I tried to convince them that they are conversion killers.

Who would I need to hire for this? Website that supports upload feature & google docs integration?

I’m not sure if this is the appropriate place to ask these questions so feel free to remove this if it violates any guidelines. I’ve got no experience in web design/development or anything so I’m a bit lost here.

I want to build a website that has an upload feature where people can upload docs and those docs could be uploaded instantaneously into a platform like google docs that allows annotations. Of course, I want it to look pretty as well.

So for this, do I have to hire a separate web designer & developer and if not them who else could do something like this?

Thanks for any answers!

Minimum steps involved for an effective and efficient website redesign process?

I just started working for a web development agency, we work mainly with government so we want to align ourselves within that market with a professional, creative and functional website. We have a great blog and want to highlight our content and whitepapers, plus who we are, our vision and services.

We just started the Discovery phase of the project, and are in the process of doing personas and user journey mapping. I work there in project support and partly as a junior UX designer, alongside the contract designer, who is more of a UI designer than a UX designer, so it’s a bit of a learn as we go process. BUT we have a pretty strict deadline of Christmas where we’d like to have the final designs signed off, so we can start developing the site in January.

Our current plan/timeline is: – initial planning including pain points and wants for our existing website (done) – persona planning (done) – user journey mapping and doing value journey canvas for our 4 personas (in process) – content analysis – IA card sorting, treejacking, review and iteration – component mapping and content architecture – sketching session of new components – wireframing all vanilla pages – wireframing custom pages – prototyping key user journeys for customer testing – customer testing script – audience testing – prepare customer insights deck to present – presentation of customer insights – refine prototypes/wireframes – UI: Theme and Brand – UI Review

Which is quite a lot and definitely won’t get done by Christmas this year. So my question, is what is the absolute minimum process required for doing a website redesign?

A website to share.
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Google has more than 500k cached indexes of my ex website. How can I remove them?

My client’s ex website was full of copy-pasted news and the websites reputation was 0. Also he wanted to get rid of WordPress, so we re-developed his website and did not use old data.

But Google’s cache is full of old page indexes, more than 500k. More, new websites slugs are different that the old ones, so all the cached indexes redirects to 404 page.

I need to remove them but search console does not provide an option to handle this much indexes. What can I do?

How to make a posts comparison page on non woocommerce website?

How to make a posts comparison page on non woocommerce website?


I have a blog of tractors specifications and prices. I want to make a page where user can select two or three models from drop-down list and click on comparison. Is there any way to comapre tables having specs and price?

Example page:

I want to make a similar page on my wordpress site.

Please help. Shall be very thankful to you.