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Why do web browsers provide websites with plain text passwords?

Suppose I sign up for with username “John” and password “Secret”.

Currently the webbrowser supplies with my real plain text password, and we must trust them to salt and hash it properly so that if they are hacked, damage to users is minimized.

Why don’t web browsers hash and salt your password for you? What would the downsides be if instead, it communicated:

username: John password: Sha256("|john|Secret") =>  "655cd29ded358433da16867b682c21621664d26b9ca493ab224488dffce17050" 

Maybe it’s not the best scheme in the world, but is it worse than nothing at all?

With this scheme websites would have to keep track of which domain you signed up under, and you would probably want to modify the username to be all lowercase in the hash function so that the web browser communicates the same password no matter how you case your username.

The reason I suggest including domain or some other company id in the hash is so that rainbow tables can’t be used for more than one site at a time.

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Is there any actual data about websites using parallax scrolling?

There are a LOT of opinions and personal anecdotes about parallax scrolling websites, but there seems to be very little actual data. So can anyone share the results of user testing a parallax website? Or A/B testing a parallax version of a site against a non-parallax version for conversion? Or any other form of evidence not based on your personal experience and preferences?

The only thing I’ve been able to find so far is this graduate thesis from Purdue University. It showed that the parallax version was superior in “fun” but otherwise equal to the non-parallax version, which somehow has been interpreted as a point against parallax scrolling websites.

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Magento 2.3.1 Cloud EE configure multiple websites on one installation

I’m following the official Magento wiki regarding the configuration of multiple websites in Magento 2.3.1 EE cloud but I really cannot understand what I’m doing wrong in my local configuration.

What I want to achieve is something like:



So multiple websites with one store each and each store has two store views. As you can see I need the same storecode for both the websites but creating both from the admin gives an error because the variable is unique.

So I created the store views with codes like: domain1_it, domain2_it. I then specified on the admin panel both the urls I specified above for the storeviews. I even unset the Auto-redirect to Base URL value because it kept redirecting me while I browsed my second domain.

my hosts file is the following right now: domain1 domain2

I can access the domain2 right now but when I switch to my store domain2/it I get an error 404. Do I need even more configuration?

For now I am pretty unsure about this configuration and I’m worried about what I’ll have to do for my integration deployment too..

Thanks in advance!