Scrapebox + Automator : How to Grab links froms hundreds of websites ?

I have Scrapebox and the premium plugin : Automator.
I have a text file with 800 domains (one domain per line).
I would like to Grab Links (function that is in Automator) of each domain one by one, with a level crawl of 4.
Now I manually create the task “Grab Link” several times.
So for 800 domains, I need to create this task in Automator 800 times with a different domain each time.
Does someone know how can I do in Automator to Grab links from 800 domains more quickly please ? Smile
Thank you very much Smile

referral websites

we have two clients. in client A’s Google Analytics, in the channel section, I’ve found that client B referred to A. I’ve gone to each page of B website that GA recognized, inspect on each page. but I can not find any ahref link to the client A. where is the problem?

Is it in GA setting? or is in the client’s side. It’s too vital for me to discover.please help me in thi sisuue

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How to identify why two-factor code SMS messages are never received from certain websites

I have accounts with three financial websites which only offer two-factor authentication codes to be sent via text message or phone call, but when I request codes via text message, the messages are never received. When I choose the phone call option, however, I do receive the call.

Some notes:

  • Requesting codes multiple times does not solve the issue – I never receive any texts.

  • I’ve verified that I have not blocked any phone numbers, either on my phone’s local settings or within my account with my cellular carrier.

  • I can receive codes from all other websites on which I use two-factor authentication and receive codes via text message. This only happens with these three websites. Also, there is no relation between these three sites – they are all for completely separate financial institutions.

  • Reaching out to the customer service/technical support departments of these three websites has not produced any helpful information or solutions.

  • I’ve had this phone number for over 15 years so I’m wondering if at some point my number has inadvertently ended up on an SMS blocked list that these three websites subscribe to.

I want to be able to figure out why this happens and make it so I can receive texts, so that in the event that the phone call option is removed or temporarily unavailable for any of these sites, or I start using a new site which also has this issue but does not offer the phone call option, I won’t lose access to my accounts.

Are there SMS block lists that text messaging services subscribe to? If so, is there a way for someone to find out if their number is blocked? If not, would there be any way to troubleshoot this problem?

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3 websites in a package – no illegal content only links are on our website

SEO for websites with similar content

We have 3 businesses, located in different areas, with different names. They have different domains, and do not cross reference each other.

The business is the same function (medical), and branded differently, however to make things easy we triplicated the main website. Google now ommits the 2nd and 3rd business (the least busy) when googling. I have checked and the pages are on Google, however it omits them from search results.

Is it sufficient to change the meta tags and some content for them to be seen as separate sites and not duplicates?

We have gone through and setup separate my business pages etc.

Should I be concerned about websites emailing me my plaintext password after signing up? [duplicate]

In multiple instances lately, I have received the plaintext passwords I entered(not given to me) emailed to me after signing up. The sites in question have been legitimate small businesses, so I suspected it was a default setting. Is this something I as a user should be worried about? In other words, are they not only storing my password in plaintext but sharing it with my mail provider? Here is a link to one example screenshot, too large to fit in the post.

DDoS using websites instead of bots?

What if a ddos attacker hits public websites (google, amazon etc) with some requests but spoofed the souce ip to the victim’s ip. Now the responses will be sent to the victim’s ip.

Attacker can rotate between the millions of public websites so that the site wont find anything suspicious.

This seems like an easier way than having a malware botnet to do it. The attacker is just using the websites as botnet. Anyone can just do it with the personal computer (or faster and high bandwidth aws/azure VM) and with just 10-20 lines of code.

Why ddos attackers are not doing this instead of buying botnets?