Getting the date by week using dimension ga:week

Im confused how to get the date in my weekly report chart. How can I get the range since its filtered by week, I want my dates to be per week like: Aug 01, 2019 to Aug 04, 2019 and so on…

Here’s Im trying to get:

data = [   {    date: "Aug 01, 2019 to Aug 03, 2019",    data: {      bounces: "123",      views: "123",      sessions: "123,    }  },  {    date: "Aug 04, 2019 to Aug 10, 2019",    data: {      bounces: "123",      views: "123",      sessions: "123,    }  },  up to end date ...  ] 

Any suggestion, advice? no to hate please Im just new to google analytics.

CRON job to update wp_usermeta value each day or week based on server time

My WordPress site has a registration field that asks members how many weeks pregnant they are.

If a member insert 5 then 7 days later that integer needs to increase to 6.

Pseudo code for what I want is:

If mysite_user_weekspregnant > 0    get current_day++     case current_day => 1 and <= 7       set week 1    case current_day > 7 and <= 14       set week 2    ...    ...    case current_day > 273 and <= 270       set week 40 

mysite_user_weekspregnant is stored within table: wp_usermeta.

How do I turn this into a CRON job?

Contract / Consulting Programming Minimum Hours Per Week

I recently entered into a consulting/contracting deal with a local company to do ASP.NET development work and also consult with their local developers with questions they may have about development. I have a full time job so its basically a side-gig. The contract specified around 10 – 15 hours average per week. It was originally a 4 month contract contract with an option to extend. We’re now approaching the end of the 4 months. The company would like to extend and are now drafting a new contract.

However I do have a few concerns. First off, for the first 3 months I had a healthy amount of work, averaging 11 hours per week. However recently it has slowed to as little as 4 hours per week. I’m fine with the lower hours however if it continues to slow or possibly go to 0 hours some weeks, I basically lose my incentive/enthusiasm for doing the work.

Basically worse case scenario I turn into an “oncall consultant” getting nickle and dim work every once an a while. Not something I’m looking forward to. Basically my idea was to incorporate a 2 hour minimum per week. So if they didn’t provide me with at least 2 hours per week I would bill them a minimum charge to “keep me on contract” so to speak. So if the provided me with no hours, I will bill 2 hours that week, if they provided me with 1 hour of work I would bill 2 hours for that week, if they provided me with 3 hours I would bill 3 hours for that week.

Anything less than 2 hours per week and I think I’d rather just not extend the contract. My question is, how exactly do I word this into the contract? Since I’m changing the terms midway into already starting work with them.

I can’t exactly call it my “price to keep me on contract” clause. Or the “on call minimum fee”. I want to call it something like a minimum retainer hours, but that doesn’t seem correct either since there not really paying me a retainer they’re just paying me the hours I work.

Any help would be appreciated or examples people have used in their contracts to incorporate a minimum hour threshold. Or is a minium hour requirement something that is typically just not incorporated into development type work. I would have to imagine someone who is contracting full time would have to have some type of minimum hours per week to have a stable full-time income for example.

Date picker showing by week, is showing the month necessary?

I am trying to design a date picker for booking an appointment, and I think that, the most natural way of choosing a date is not by a calendar (showing full month) but by showing by week. Currently my design looks like this:

enter image description here

Which shows, weeks starting by monday to sunday, and a bar on top that says either this week, next week, past week, two weeks away from today, …

Problem is, should the user know the month he is in or is knowing the week enough? I understand that if the user is trying to book an appointment next week or the other, showing the month won’t be necessary, but what if he is trying to book an appointment eight weeks from today?

I thought of adding the month/months to the ‘week’ bar, like the picture below shows, or of giving the option of showing a calendar, but I think none of this would be the most intuitive user experience design. What should I do?

enter image description here


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