After an 87 day stay in the USA, can I return for a long weekend? (ESTA)

I’ve searched through existing questions, but none seem to mention my specific situation, so I wanted to see if anybody has some experience with the following situation on an ESTA visa.

From March 2nd to May 28th (87 days) this year, I was visiting and staying with family in Charlotte, NC.

I’m hoping to visit Philadelphia around the 4th July for 4-5 days, but wanted to know if anybody could shed some light on whether or not this could pose any issues with US immigration, having only been in the UK for 37 days before returning to the USA?

For additional context, I live and work permanently in the UK. I’m struggling to find any solid information on the time frame which would be deemed acceptable, so would massively appreciate any input.

Regular weekend away breaks in Europe for non-British Spouse (UK Resident) of a British National

I am a British National and my wife is Indian and UK Resident. We holiday in europe a lot (always together) and apply for Schengen Visa for her every time we plan a holiday – but this process is time-consuming and we have to book flights, hotel, etc, well in-advance.

We went to a VFS Global office recently, for a visa for our italian adventure and the chap there advised that there is a process whereby I can apply once and every time my wife travels with me, she won’t need to apply for a schengen visa for that visit (as long as we are travelling together).

Does anyone know of this or a slightly easier long-term visa, etc, whereby me and my wife can go on last-minute weekend breaks together to europe hassle-free? Much appreciated.

What function formula should I use to calculate my salary so that I don’t have to differentiate between Friday and weekend manually?:

enter image description here

These are the formulae I am currently using where I have to manually sort out if its friday or weekend by using conditional formatting to bring attention to the minority that needs a different formula. I have tried using “COUNTIFS” & “IF” but am unable to use it correctly.

No. of hrs worked = Time Out – Time in – 2hrs of break

Formula used; [=Text(C2-B2-TIME(2,0,0),”h:mm”)]

Formula used to change no. of hrs worked to an integer where 30 minutes = 0.5 ; [=INT(C2-B2-TIME(2,0,0))*24+HOUR(C2-B2-TIME(2,0,0))+ROUND(MINUTE(C2-B2-TIME(2,0,0))/60,2)]

From Monday to Thursday;

Before 6pm, the column F will be the no. of hrs * $ 10. Formula used; [=(INT(E2-(C2-TIME(18,0,0)))*24+HOUR(E2-(C2-TIME(18,0,0)))+ROUND(MINUTE(E2-(C2-TIME(18,0,0)))/60,2))*10].

After 6pm, the column G will be the no. of hrs till time out *$ 11. Formula used; [=(INT(C2-TIME(18,0,0))*24+HOUR(C2-TIME(18,0,0))+ROUND(MINUTE(C2-TIME(18,0,0))/60,2))*11].

On Friday;

Before 6pm, the column F will be the no. of hrs * $ 10. Formula used; [=(INT(E4-(C4-TIME(18,0,0)))*24+HOUR(E4-(C4-TIME(18,0,0)))+ROUND(MINUTE(E4-(C4-TIME(18,0,0)))/60,2))*10].

After 6pm the column H will be the no. of hrs till time out *$ 12. Formula used; [=(INT(C4-TIME(18,0,0))*24+HOUR(C4-TIME(18,0,0))+ROUND(MINUTE(C4-TIME(18,0,0))/60,2))*12].


No. of hrs * $ 12. a [=D5*12].

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Here’s the offers:

** 4GB RAM plan includes Free Windows Server 2012 OS if desired. **


  • 1536MB RAM
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  • KVM/SolusVM
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  • Linux OS
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  • 4096MB RAM
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Los Angeles, California – ColoCrossing Datacenter:
Test IPv4:
Test file:

KVM Nodes:
– 2x Intel Xeon E5-2660v2 CPU
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– LSI Hardware RAID-10
– 1Gbps Uplink

Please let us know if you have any questions/comments and enjoy!

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UK Visit Visa Type C – I want to visit Paris over the weekend – What document are Required for Schengen

I am a Pakistani Resident and have a valid UK visit visa on my passport and will be coming to the UK in FEB or March depending on the conference dates. There is a conference on Thursday and I can spend my Weekend in Paris and can come to Pakistan from Paris.

I have already travelled to UK Once, but that passport got lost, so I have a new passport with a fresh UK standard visitor visa. What documents will be required to get the visa, I will be staying in Paris of 2 days only not more than that and I will not be visiting other EU countries.

Any past experience traveller who faced such a scenario?


Can I set a Gmail “out of office” reply for certain hours of the day as well as over the weekend?

I want to set up an auto response in gmail giving instructions on the next steps of how to reach someone after hours. Mainly from 7pm est to 8:00 am est Monday – Thursday I would like anyone emailing to get an autoresponse with instructions, Friday 5pm est through Monday 8:00 am est I’d like a different auto response. This is for a general information inbox but it’s used as the first point on contact. However, it’s not monitored during the times I’d like the auto response to go out. I know I can do this manually but I was wondering if it can be automated. I read through a few similar scenarios and could not figure out a way to do this. I wasn’t sure if someone has developed a plugin that could do this or another way to accomplish the same outcome. Any help would be appreciated!