Instances of these sorts of weight control plans are the emergency

Leptitox Instances of these sorts of weight control plans are the emergency clinic diet (initially proposed to cause individuals to shed a couple of pounds rapidly before an activity), the cabbage soup diet, the juice diet and furthermore the Sonja Bakker diet is viewed as an accident diet What are the outcomes of an accident diet? On the off chance that you pursue an accident diet, you will lose a great deal of weight for the time being, however there is a decent shot that you won’t get enough supplements.

Keto Fit Pro Weight loss

Keto Fit Pro: – Basically, this product is an opportunity to synthetically made supplements in step with the producer. This natural formula is supposed to provide the consumer with a strain and side effect unfastened weight loss enjoys. The employer promoting this product has launched isn’t always too old in fact this precise product is the primary ever product launched with the aid of the business enterprise. despite the fact that the employer hasn’t provided any reputable region for the product’s headquarters however we do realize that it is a united state primarily based product. Now coming toward the product itself it is absolutely sold on-line and you probably won’t locate it in a bodily save both. In fact, the best way to buy this supplement is through the authentic internet site of the supplement which makes the product a bit one of a kind.

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Algorithm to find a simple path with maximum weight less than a constant in DAG

Given a weighted directed acyclic graph $ G=(V,E,W)$ , where the weights are non-negative and are on the vertices. I am searching for a simple path of maximum total weight, but this total weight should not exceed a given constant $ K$ .

Perhaps my question is elementary but I cannot find any solution. Indeed, it is well known that finding a simple path with maximum weight in $ G$ is polynomial, but by adding the fact that this total weight should not exceed a given constant $ K$ , will the problem remain polynomial? because we need to keep at each node the set of path lengths that can be reached by the next vertices.

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Algorithms of placing N weighted balls into M uniform bins while striving for balanced weight?

Suppose there’re $ N$ weighted balls and $ M$ equal weight bins, it’s guaranteed at least one placement exists that all the balls can be placed into bins.

What’s the right algorithm to achieve a well-balanced placement where each bin has almost equal weights of balls?

I know if the bins are of different weights, the problem is NP-hard; Not sure a simplified question can be solved in linear time.

I’d appreciate any references where I could find some papers discussing the complexity and solutions related. Thank you!