How to make a guest feel comfortable and welcome in a session?

I am currently DMing for a group of 5 players. A friend of some of the players is very interested in learning about the game.

I have decided to let her play an NPC in one of the upcoming sessions, to gain more insight into this game.

This NPC is already fleshed out and will be an integral part of the story, when she shows up. Therefore I am not able to completely adapt this NPC to the guests wishes.

I have so far tried to describe as much as possible of the NPC, it’s place in the world, family, motivation etc. to the guest. Also some key behaviours, that are relevant to the gameplay. I.e. how she needs to react, what she needs to tell the PCs when asked for it.

Nevertheless, our guest is still rather nervous about the upcoming session. As we probably all were in our first sessions. I am trying to encourage and support her as much as possible, and I am sure she will do fine.

Nevertheless, I am still wondering if there are specific things I could do to help her in this role and to make her experience great?

I know this situation is very similar to having a new player join a group. And I have read many discussions/answers regarding this situation. But this situation is slightly different since she was not able to choose her own character, but has to act out my pre-written NPC. She will be more limited, than if she could just do her own character.

What’s the best position for a small Welcome popup in a website?

I have a website that is fairly complex for new users. We’re adding an overlay with help, which will be triggered by a small popup appearing somewhere in the page. This popup will just have two controls: Open Walkthrough, and Close.

I’m familiar wiht chat bubbles normally appearing in the bottom right corner.

Is there a similarly recommended position for a notification asking the user if they want to see the walkthough / need help?

SharePoint Welcome Page Calendar

I have a SharePoint welcome page that leads to new modern team sub sites, kind like a hub or holder for the sub-sites. The welcome page is on an older version it looks like. The heads of the department want the welcome page to display a calendar of the upcoming reoccurring trainings in a calendar view. The problem is the calendar app i have create is compressed and doesn’t show details like this: enter image description here

This is useless. I have tried adding in script editors to fix the row height none of that is working. I have edited the web part and fixed the height but the actual calendar portion does not increase in size. Is there a ways i can make this stupid calendar show relevant details instead of useless blue lines?

My edit page look like this if that helps:

enter image description here

trying to install ubuntu on windows with usb, welcome page don”t show

i try to download Ubuntu with a usb stick. i did all the things required and now was trying to boot, hoping to have the option to choose to start with Ubuntu and not windows but that never happen. instead windows start as regular. its windows 10 and Ubuntu 18.04 what could be the problem? thank you

SharePoint 2013 (Welcome Page) Search People missing from Page Layout

I want to create a Employee Directory then i followed some link to do it.

I am trying to add the (Welcome Page) Search People from Page layout but i can’t find it.

All required features were already activated but i still can’t find it. I am using SharePoint 2013.

Hope Someone could help me. Thanks in advance

Disable the ubuntu 18.04 welcome screen

I know this has been asked elsewhere here and posted the below on that thread but it was deleted for not being an answer to that question.

So here is a functionally identical question to the one that already exists on this forum, but none of those answers work and I can’t comment there so I’ll start a redundant thread. Makes total sense.

Here’s the actual question. How do I disable the Gnome welcome screen on first login in a way that works, not any of the ways outlined elsewhere on this forum?

I’m building Ubuntu Server 18.04.3LTS and then adding the ubuntu-desktop package (these builds are for developers who want a workstation version of our server build).

Need to skip the welcome stuff for the GUI, we use LDAP authentication so no local accounts need to be set up.

I’ve tried all three things mentioned at Disable the new ubuntu 18.04 welcome screen

  • remove the gnome-initial-setup package

  • add the “InitialSetupEnable=false” line to /etc/gdm3/custom.conf

  • comment the Exec line in /etc/xdg/autostart/gnome-initial-setup-first-login.desktop

In all of these cases, the machine reboots to a black screen. The OS is running (I can SSH in) and gnome appears to be running if I run ps aux | grep -i gnome but the console is black and ctrl-alt-f1 (or f2, etc) doesn’t switch me to a new console.

If I undo my changes and reboot I go back to the welcome screen.

Any guidance?

I have done some noodling: With the GUI up (Welcome enabled), I can log in via SSH as a regular account with X11 forwarding on the remote machine and run /usr/lib/gnome-initial-setup/gnome-initial-setup –existing-user. Then I can go to the console (at the welcome screen), hit ctrl-alt-f2 and log in as my regular account, and THEN enter startx and I get a desktop.

So I know gnome is installed and works?

BTW, this is also a gnome issue in CentOS but I’m only finding the same (unhelpful) answers there.

What I need is an unattended way to skip all of this and get a new machine that’s waiting for LDAP users to log in.

Ideas welcome. New to blogging.

So! I've unexpectedly found the nitch that I am genuinely passionate about after nearly four months of reading blogs, taking classes and gathering all of the blogging ins and outs that I can find. Now here's the problem. What I'm writing about it a bit of a touchy subject but something that needs to be brought to attention. Bikers, truck drivers, Roadworkers, and more that need people to take a new outlook on who they are, what they do, and the kinds of things they deal with every day….

Ideas welcome. New to blogging.