Does the NSO Group’s Pegasus malware compromise chats and voice calls in Signal as well?

I am aware that the Pegasus malware is capable of extracting contact lists, ordinary text messages, switching on microphone / camera remotely etc. Is it also capable of extracting the contents of communications made via Signal? This is of particular importance for people who may be targeted by Pegasus, since Signal is becoming so widely used as a secure channel of communication…

My question is primarily concerned with Android users, but if iOS can also be covered that would be great.

I have a player that rolls TOO well. Is this a problem and how can I help it? [on hold]

I have been running a home D&D game for the past year now with the party consisting of 5 players; a monk, a paladin, a ranger, a wizard and a druid. The Ranger was the last person to join the game about 4 months ago, and while she has been a great player (picking up on the hints I drop towards plot, taking amazingly detailed notes, remembering to look for traps that the party never did pre – her joining, etc…), she rolls way too well on her dice.

For every 10 of her rolls, 1 is below a 16 on a D20. I know she isn’t cheating as at my table we always check each other’s dice, and I’ve had her roll with multiple sets to the same result. While having this kind of help definitely improves outcomes for the party, a few of them are feeling rather chagrined at always being overshadowed, as they all assume that whatever she rolls will be a success because it almost always is.

My group plays weekly for 4 hours/session. She has been with the group for approximately 5 months = 20 sessions = roughly 80 hours of game play where we have consistently had this. This wasn’t just “one good night” it’s been consistent. I have also heard from some other friends that she rolled the same consistently high rolls with other groups.

The real underlying problem here is that it affects the other players when they are constantly being outperformed at any task just because of dice rolls. It leaves them feeling bad about their own performance despite doing nothing wrong, and despite my reassuring them they are doing things right or well, I cant blame them for feeling bad.

I don’t think that the player should be punished for rolling too well and her character is overall balanced on paper, not would I do anything that doesn’t make sense in game world. Should I, as DM do anything about this, and if so, what suggestions do you have?

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Currently, This site earns from affiliate programs. I have never used any…

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Anthropometrics of digital design – well known examples or case studies?

An interesting area of study in human factor and ergonomic design is anthropometry, which looks at the size and proportion of the human body.

While this has a very specific application in a wide-range of areas in the design of physical objects, I haven’t come across much of this type of analysis when it comes to the design of physical objects with digital applications (e.g. smart phones) or the design of virtual objects or interactions (e.g. AR and voice control).

I am sure that many of the IoT devices being designed at the moment will follow some of the principles involved, but I am interested to know if there are case studies of the use of anthropometrics to create a better user experiences. Are there any well known examples that has been published?

A similar question with some results is the size of buttons on screens.

Retrieve data after formatting as well as change of format of the partation?

By mistake, I got my partition formatted. The partition’s file system format was changed from ext4 to NTFS.

I tried to retrieve the data using ‘testdisk’, it’s showing that the partition had been damaged.

Can’t open filesystem. Filesystem seems damaged.

Is there any way to retrieve the data?

Am I protecting myself well or can I still be traced back to?

I am practicing penetration testing as a newbie on a website (which allows this), and would like to know what traces I can leave that could be used to trace back to me.

My setup consist of: • My laptop which uses Ubuntu as a host OS. • Kali linux inside a virtual machine. ∆ This will be a temporary OS that I will delete after the attack. • An external wifi adapter with a spoofed MAC and IP address. ∆ I use an external USB wifi adapter so I am not using the network card built into my laptop which is tied to laptoo identity. ∆ I spoof the MAC address using Macchanger on both the internal and USB wifi cards so the real MAC address is not used. ∆ I spoof the IP address which i do by creating IP packets which have a modified source address in order to hide the identity. • Proton VPN. ∆ This is to not reveal my real location, since a spoofed IP and MAC address would not change your location but only the identity of the network card. • Connected to a public wifi with no account creation. ∆ In case of a trace back to my location even if a VPN is used, it would not be my home or some other identifiable location, but instead a network with a lot of other users. • I have no identifiable files on my real OS in case the trace broke through the VM.

I would like to know how I could still be identified as a person even though I use all of the above protections, and how the trace could break through the VM?