Would this enchanted bow be considered well balanced? [closed]

The idea of this bow is to adapt the idea of karma into the attacks. It absorbs some of the “bad karma” dealt by an enemy and is able to turn it into minor good karma, or impactful force damage. The effects have been slightly based on the Rod of Absorption, Absorb Elements, the spell provided, bow stabilizers, and my knowledge on karma.

Bow of Karma (any bow, attunement)

This elegant elvish bow was made with wood that grew in a graveyard: yew and ash limbs that are connected to an aspen riser (handle) which houses up to 20 jade orbs the size of peas. With the extra 1lbs weight, one can truly feel the weight of one’s actions using this bow, and strength in the archer’s resolve.

When the wielder is attacked by magic not exerted by the environment, the bow absorbs half the damage and stores it as pure energy within the jade orbs, filling one orb per the attack’s level and attributing 1/2 orb to cantrips and breath weapons. For the absorption to occur, at least one orb must be left empty.

If the archer is attuned to the bow, they can see dots of light along the limbs whenever an orb is filled and can use the energy as spell slots on the following spells, as long as they are equal to the wielder’s own level.

Spare the dying: 1 spell slot

self: When the wielder’s HP reaches 0, the bow automatically casts Spare the Dying on them as long as they have the bow in hand.

ally: with a direct line of attack within the bow’s normal range (distance range with sharpshooter feat), the wielder can cast this spell on any creature as if touching them, by dry loosing their bow.

Conjure Barrage 3 spell slots

This attack deals a cone of force damage at the bow’s normal range (distance range with sharpshooter feat) by loosing a mundane arrow. The blows are forceful enough to the creatures within the area of effect must succeed a DC17 saving throw or be stunned until their next turn.

Conjure Volley 5 spell slots

By shooting one mundane arrow in the air and picking an area of attack, a volley of force arrows descends with enough impact that the terrain becomes difficult to navigate. Each creature within the area of effect must make a DC 17 saving throw or be stunned until their next turn. If they are stunned, they become unconscious for the next 3 turns.

Additionally, this bow’s extra weight acts like a stabilizer, granting the archer +2 proficiency in attack rolls.

I was also thinking that casting Spare the Dying on an undead creature would break it free from their summoner’s control (if summoned through magic) and give them the option to either rest or seek revenge, but I think this would be an unsourced stretch.

All in all, I would like to know if this bow seems well balanced, if there are concepts I am missing in balancing a magical item, and if there are some concepts that would work better for such a bow.

Does using Wish to cast a 7th level spell use a 7th level spell slot as well as the 9th level one for Wish?

The PHB says the basic use of the Wish spell is to duplicate the effect of any other spell of 8th level or lower without having to meet any requirements of costly components.

Does that mean as a wizard if you wanted to cast (for example) Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Mansion that as well as using a 9th level spell slot to cast Wish, would you also have to use a 7th level spell slot since Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Mansion is a 7th level spell?

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How well will the max transformation rounds in Keepassx deter an attacker for the next twenty years?

Keepassx lets you decide how many transformations rounds need to be run in order to unlock your Keepass database. In my version of Keepassx (2.0.3) the max value seems to be 999,999,999. With that setting it takes my laptop about 22 seconds to unlock the database. I imagine that a beefy workstation would take less time than that. With that in mind, how well can this setting deter someone else from accessing your database, assuming that they managed to get access to it? Let’s just say an individual (not an organization) with a computer made to do this kind of work. How much work can you assume that they will have to do per try with the kind of computation power that they will have access to in twenty years?

How well can a Changeling copy voices?

A Changeling’s shapechanger feature allows them to change their voice as an action. But unlike Kenku, the actor feat, and Rogue(Assassin)’s impostor feature, “mimicry” isn’t mentioned.

Are Changelings able to innately mimic voices or is some check required when trying to imitate a voice/vocal mannerisms?

If no check is required, what is the upper limit? Could they transform into a Kenku and use their actions to replicate that race’s mimicry of any sound (e.g changing one’s voice to sound like an animal).

Using Catapult spell with alchemist fire bottle can you deliver both 3d8 bludgeoning damage as well as the alchemical fire damage?

Using Catapult spell with alchemist fire bottle can you deliver both 3d8 bludgeoning damage as well as the alchemical fire damage?

Likewise can you use the full extent of the Catapult spell and say throw a bag of 5 alchemist fire weighing 5 pounds (the spells minimum limit) deal the 3d8 bludgeoning damage and 5d4 fire damage and would the the same 5d4 fire happen again the next round?

Does the NSO Group’s Pegasus malware compromise chats and voice calls in Signal as well?

I am aware that the Pegasus malware is capable of extracting contact lists, ordinary text messages, switching on microphone / camera remotely etc. Is it also capable of extracting the contents of communications made via Signal? This is of particular importance for people who may be targeted by Pegasus, since Signal is becoming so widely used as a secure channel of communication…

My question is primarily concerned with Android users, but if iOS can also be covered that would be great.