How well do multi objective optimization algorithms such NSGAii scale when there are many objectives (for example 10 or more)?

What I’m trying to figure out is what happens when using a multi objective optimization algorithm such as NSGA-ii and instead of trying to find the usual 2/3 objectives, I use 10 or many more objectives?

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How to set correctly a big title which works on desktop and mobile as well?

I’m working on webpage main title. I want to set a 100% height background image and a big title on the front of it. This is how I did:

In the CSS file:

body, html {   height: 100%; }  .bg {   background-image: url("../img/image.JPG");   height: 100%;    background-position: center;   background-repeat: no-repeat;   background-size: cover;     }  .bigtitle {      /**    padding-left:15%;***/          padding-top: 20%;      color: white;      font-family: 'Trocchi', serif;      font-size: 1500%;      font-weight: normal;      margin: 0;      /*line-height: 1.0em;*/ } 

In HTML file:

<div class="bg">     <center><h1 class="bigtitle">My title</h1></center> </div> 

This is good on the desktop but completely fail on mobile or small screen size. How can do to work on mobile and on desktop as well?

Which programming paradigm mixes well with reactive in java? [on hold]

So I have the feeling that one can forget object oriented programming when reactive streams are in use, due to the lack of the async-await syntax (because with the call chaining, the state has to be explicitly passed between blocking and non blocking substeps), nonetheless I also think that dataflow programming alone is not an appropriate basis for abstraction in most applications. E.g. I believe that complex business logic that is not sequential requires different concepts.

Please disprove me if I’m wrong about oop (with an example) or direct me to what is commonly used in parallel with reactive streams. (I guess it’s FP.)