Is Signal still more secure when compared to WhatsApp and Telegram?

I have recently been reading several articles about Signal and (suposedly) how secure it is next to other well-known apps like WhatsApp and Telegram, both of which are claimed to be less private due to both using external servers. I saw here that Signal apparently uses the same protocols as WhatsApp, which does not fill me with confidence due to it’s use in WhatsApp, and only blurs the picture more for me.

Is Signal still more secure compared to WhatsApp?

EDIT: It has been highlighted to me that there is a very similar question about WhatsApp and Signal from 2016, but it has not been updated since 2016, So unless the information in that answer is still accurate (which I’m not sure is the case) I’m going to keep my question open.

What’s the scam? Unknown users joining and leaving WhatsApp groups

I’m on a few WhatsApp groups that have signup links. Lately (last few months) I’ve noticed some very odd activity on a few of these groups: every few days I notice a number (often from a country with a poor reputation for scamming) joining, and then leaving the group, like this:

enter image description here

And I’m wondering, what is the scam being cooked up here? Have they got some kind of brute force bot that signs up for whatever WhatsApp groups it can find? And then does…what? Scrolls through the group member list and harvests their phone numbers? To do…exactly what with them? Send SMS spam, telling people they’ve won the $ 16.4m Bill Gates Philanthropic Award For Owning a Phone?

If that’s the extent of the threat, then I can live with it. But is there anything else these bots could be doing that is more sinister?

Can someone hack my phone by sending me a file (e.g. PDF) via Whatsapp?

My work requires (and depends on) Whatsapp for daily sharing of files with many people (PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Images, Web links…), and I was wondering if it is possible that someone can hack our phones by sending us malware via Whatsapp.

For example, let’s say they send me a virus that pretends to be a legitimate PDF. Is it okay to “just install it” on Whatsapp? What happens if I installed it but never opened it? Can that affect my phone or I have to open/view it?

This is extremely important to me and my team, and I will share your answers with them because we seriously need more awareness on this. Thanks!

What was the security flaw in WhatsApp that NSO exploited?

Vulnerabilities like BroadAnywhere and StageFright were identified and fixed a few years back, and any self-respecting company would have taken note of that and examined their software for similar bugs. So I’m not very convinced that WhatsApp’s so-called zero day exploit was something unknown to the company.

What was the security flaw? Was it similar to StageFright, where an underflow/overflow allowed malware to be injected? Could it have been an intentional backdoor introduced by the parent company to read messages (like how they stored passwords in plaintext), and NSO (or any random hacker) got wind of it?

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Agregar botones de whatsapp en android

quisiera agregar botones similares a estos dentro de mi app, actualmente tengo un boton que realiza esta opcion.

    public void whatsapp(String phone){         Uri uri = Uri.parse("" + phone);        Intent intent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW, uri);        context.startActivity(intent);      } 

Pero necesito agregar estos tipos de botones.

Captura de la app “truecaller”

Estos botones quiero agregar a mi app, Imagen de la app Truecaller