I keep getting this error please help me fix this “parse error on input ‘where'” Haskell

This is the error i get :

error: parse error on input ‘where’ | 7 | where firstFew = take ((length a) div 2) a | ^^^^^

mergeSort :: (Ord a) => [a] -> [a]

mergeSort [] = []

mergeSort [a] = [a]

mergeSort a =· enter code heremerge (mergeSort firstFew) (mergeSort lastFew) enter code here where firstFew = take ((length a) div 2) a enter code here lastFew = drop ((length a) div 2) a enter code here— Expects a and b to already be sorted

merge :: (Ord a) => [a] -> [a] -> [a]

merge a [] = a

merge [] b = b

merge (a:as) (b:bs)

enter code here | a < b = a:(merge as (b:bs))

enter code here | otherwise = b:(merge (a:as) bs)

Where/ How find bloggers with actual blog page (not Instagram) to review my products?

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Concurrent update queries locking rows when `where` clause doesn’t match

My application sends messages to Slack. On very rare occasions we may need to retract the message going out. These retractions are handled by queueing a job for each messageId that has been created thus far.

I noticed during our last retraction about a week ago that we saw about 2k:

try restarting transaction (SQL: update `message` set `deleted_at` = 2018-12-04 04:47:44 where (`slack_channel_id` = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and message_id = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx))"

It seems like the queue jobs (which are absolutely happening concurrently) are stepping on each other’s toes. My expectation is that this query would only put a lock on the individual row it needs (we have a compound unique index on slack_server_id, slack_channel_id and message_id), but it seems like more than one job is locking this record.

Why are these concurrent update queries locking rows that don’t match the where clause?