Where’s the order item custom options labels in the REST API?

I’m trying to retrieve orders from the REST API in Magento Enterprise 2.3.1, and that’s easy enough with endpoints like /rest/default/V1/orders, but while I can see the values for custom options of the items in the order, I can’t see their labels. For example:

"product_option": {     "extension_attributes": {         "custom_options": [             {                 "option_id": "3730",                 "option_value": "Some text value."             },             {                 "option_id": "3731",                 "option_value": ""             }         ]     } } 

It’s great that I can see that for one of the custom options, the customer said “Some text value.”, but I’d really like to know what it was they were responding to. What I’d expect to see for each custom option is something like:

{     "option_id": "3728",     "option_label": "What's your favorite Star Trek ship?"     "option_value": "U.S.S. Excelsior" }  

So far, any time I can find a way to load an order via the REST API, it is returned this way, and I don’t see any other way to get the custom option label.

It’s hard to believe I’m the first person to come across this – am I just missing something obvious?

Where’s ATLAS installed on Ubuntu 18.04 Mate on ARM CPU?

I installed Atlas on Ubuntu 18.04 Mate using the command

sudo apt-get install libatlas-base-dev

I’m running this on an Odroid N2 (https://www.hardkernel.com/shop/odroid-n2-with-4gbyte-ram/), so it’s an ARM system.

While the command to install it works, I can’t find where it gets installed. I am trying to run GAMESS (https://www.msg.chem.iastate.edu/gamess/) and part of the configuration asks where I have installed ATLAS. In Ubuntu 16.04 Mate on an Odroid XU4, it was installed to /usr/lib/atlas-base, but I can’t find it there. Thanks in advance for any help.