Tell iOS *which* WiFI BSSID to join when there are multiple

Imagine you’re at a hotel with a poorly-designed wireless network, but you happen to have a network analyzer with you. You discover that they have tons of access points with the same name, but far-and-away the strongest ones are:

  • Channel 1 @ -60 dBm

  • Channel 6 @ -65 dBm

  • Channel 1 @ -65 dBm

Obviously, the best one to connect to is the Channel 6 one…

But a naive algorithm is likely to pick Channel 1.

How do I convince iOS to connect to the Channel 6 one and not the Channel 1 one?

¿Should I develop on Django? ¿Which host?

I’m on my first job now as a web developer(it’s a really good oportunitty to get a nice job and stop been poor) , but I have some huge questions. Short and faster, I’m going to rebuild the entire site of a laboratory, in the begining it’s going to be just a blog site, with nice designe, carrousel of pics, and pretty much that. But in the future, probably a few months from now, they going to want a login for employees and an online store of their products. In the Last time, I work a lot with Django and I love it, but are a lot of thing that I have to learn.

So, should I at the begining start to develop on Django, or it would be better that I develop on HTML5 without a framework, and in the future that project implement on Django? In the case that I develop at the begining on Django wich host would be better and easy to use? (I try pythonanywhere and it’s really nice)

**in the begining I don’t going to have the requeriments or the model of the data base, that they going to want in the future **take in count that the laboratory it’s really serious, and have it own domain .com, so I need a good host, faster and with the opción to use my own domain. Paying obviusly

**the pic its from a final project of my carrer that I develop just my self