MacBook Pro 8,2 (Early 2011, 15” Unibody 2.3 GHz i7) – OS crashes randomly, after log in screen goes all white

I have a Macbook Pro, randomly started running into issues when logging in after start up. Occasionally will get the desktop to load but shortly thereafter the OS crashes leading to a screen with multiple colored lines which sometimes resolve after varying amounts of time. Following the crash and after re-boot/log-in the screen will go to all white.

After many of these crash sequences I booted into Recovery Mode and did a complete wipe of the harddrive with a fresh install of macOS (Sierra). I created a new user profile and logged in. All seemed well with normal use but after about 15 minutes of function as usual it went back to the same crashing sequence and white screen after log in.

Suspecting a hardware problem, I ran AHT (apple hardware test) and cycled 4 times with the Extended Testing which read “No trouble found.” for each cycle. Subsequent to this and suspecting a hard drive issues that is simply not being picked up by the AHT I booted again into Recovery mode to try running first aid on my hard drive and noticed that it is registering and being completely used with no free space (after a complete wipe and reinstall of macOS…it should be essentially empty).

I figure the complete wipe and re-install of mac OS would have solved any software related trouble that could be leading to this issue. That being said, I’m leaning toward one of three potential hardware issues being the source of my woes: hard drive, logic board or RAM. Right now the hard drive is my top suspicion but the clean cycles of AHT is confusing me.

Any ideas on where I can go from here to try and narrow down the source of the problem before I go trying to get any of the hardware replaced?

Why do I get a 110: Connection timed out error, white serving a flask app through nginx and uwsgi?

I am trying to serve a flask application using nginx and uwsgi, through an ubuntu docker container, while the host is also an ubuntu 18.04 OS.

This is the conf file for the nginx server, for which I have created a symbolic link in /etc/nginx/sites-enabled:

server {     listen 1611;     real_ip_header X-Forwarded-For;     set_real_ip_from;     server_name localhost;      location / {         include uwsgi_params;         uwsgi_pass unix:/var/www/html/step_service/socket.sock;         uwsgi_modifier1 30;         } } 

The `uwsgi.ini’ file is as follows:

[uwsgi] base=/var/www/html/step_service app=app module=%(app) callable = app  home=%(base)/venv pythonpath=%(base) socket=%(base)/socket.sock chmod-socket=777  master=true processes=5 threads=5 die-on-term=true autostart=true autorestart=true harakiri=30 logto=/var/www/html/step_service/log/%n.log 

The logs of uwsgi seem to indicate success:

 * Serving Flask app "app" (lazy loading)  * Environment: production    WARNING: Do not use the development server in a production environment.    Use a production WSGI server instead.  * Debug mode: off  * Running on (Press CTRL+C to quit) 

The logs of nginx server (in particular error.log) is:

2019/04/18 16:23:30 [error] 6729#6729: *1 upstream timed out (110: Connection timed out) while reading response header from upstream, client:, server: localhost, request: "GET /rec/1/1 HTTP/1.1 ", upstream: "uwsgi://unix:/var/www/html/step_service/socket.sock", host: "" 

Any ideas would be more than welcome!

Black screen with white cursor when trying to boot from Windows partition

I’ve been trying to install Windows 10 on my MacBook Pro (Late 2011) for a while now; digging on the internet, i ran with this tutorial on how to install Windows without a USB stick: No bootable device USB 2.0 MacBook Pro mid 2014

It Is a pretty well written tutorial, i tried to comment on the answer to ask my question but since i’m new here, i can’t do it.

After the step 8, when it’s time to reboot the computer and enter the Windows partition to install it, as soon as I hit Enter, a black screen with a white cursor on the top left corner appears and doesn’t go away. I had some trouble with the previous steps and I was able to solve them, but this one I can’t.

I really hope you can help me. Thank you!

Number of different necklaces with 2 black and 6 white beads

This is not a home work question, I’m preparing for an entrance test. The number of different necklaces you can form with 2 black and 6 white beads is? My approach: We can place the white beads in the necklace in 1 way because they all are white. Then the black bead can again be placed anywhere in 1 way, once a black bead is placed it now acts like a reference, and I can place last black bead either to next of first black, or with a gap of 1,2,3 white beads, giving me 4 combinations as, wbbwwwww, wbwbwwww, wbwwbwww, wbwwwbww.

Is there any other better approach for this? I tried to follow this way, How many different necklaces can be formed with $ 6$ white and $ 5$ red beads? but I am getting fractional values, 7! /(6! *2! *2) why is it happening this way? Cant we use this formula logic in all cases?

[ Politics ] Open Question : Is Candace Owens a black white supremacist?

Its one thing to be out-spoken, brash, educated, and a freethinker. Its another to turn your back on your own people. Not only turn your back but support those who oppress your own people who are less fortunate than you. dear Republicans, you dont gain support from black folk, by promoting an Uncle Tom. You need to find a leader in the black community who speaks to the people in their language and can make them see your truth. Thats what the Dems do and how we got Obama. You dont need someone who says what you say…but just has a different skin tone than you. Its still the same crap you spew, that doesnt resonnate with black folk.

Ubuntu Bionic 18.04 flashing white line at top of onitor

This problem is visible with a window whose edge is dark and is placed at the top of the monitor.

The problem only appears on my external DisplayPort monitor. It doesn’t appear on the laptop’s own display or an HDMI display.

The DisplayPort monitor runs at 2560×1440 resolution and the HDMI and laptop display run at 1920×1080.

How to find the estimator of a signal with additive white noise

We have to derivate the MAP estimation of a signal $ x(m)$ observed in AWGN $ n(m)$ , resulting $ y(m) = x(m) + n(m)$ , supposing no zero mean in any process. I have done this:

To find the MAP estimator, we have to find $ x$ that verifies: $ argmax[p(y/x)p(x)]$ or similary: $ argmax[\log(p(y/x)) + \log(p(x))]$


$ $ p(x) = \frac{1}{\sqrt{2\pi \sigma_x^2}} e^{-\dfrac{(x-\mu_x)^2}{2\sigma_x^2}}$ $

$ $ p(y/x) = \frac{1}{\sqrt{2\pi (\sigma_x^2 + \sigma_n^2)}} e^{-\dfrac{(y-\mu_x – \mu_n)^2}{2(\sigma_x^2 + \sigma_n^2)}}$ $

Thus, taking into account that $ y = x+n$ :

$ $ \dfrac{\partial log(p(y/x)p(x))}{\partial x} = 0 \rightarrow \dfrac{x-\mu_x}{\sigma_x^2} = – \dfrac{y-\mu_y-\mu_n}{\sigma_x^2 + \sigma_n^2} $ $

And finally

$ $ x = \dfrac{\sigma_x^2}{\sigma_x^2 + \sigma_n^2}(\mu_n – y) + \mu_x \dfrac{2\sigma_x^2 + \sigma_n^2}{\sigma_x^2 + \sigma_n^2}$ $

However, the solution should be:

$ $ x = \dfrac{\sigma_x^2}{\sigma_x^2 + \sigma_n^2}(y-\mu_n) + \dfrac{\sigma_n^2}{\sigma_x^2 + \sigma_n^2} \mu_x$ $

And I don’t even know if the probability density functions of the beginning are correct, they sounded to me. For that, I’d like if you could explain me how to derivate mainly $ p(y/x)$ .

I hope someone can help me. Thank you for your responses.

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