White Screen of Death

I have been trying to resurrect my wordpress site after a plugin upgrade went bad. I do not know which plugin caused the issue.

Things I have tried.

  • Renaming plugins and themes folders
  • define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true); and define(‘WP_DEBUG_LOG’, true); These do not seem to produce any output or logs on the filesystem
  • Removing all references to CACHE in wp-config
  • define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘1024M’);
  • in /etc/php/7.2/fpm/pool.d/www.conf (php_admin_value[memory_limit] = 128M)

I am still getting a white screen with nothing in the page source. Also my mysql, nginx and php logs do not show any errors.

Any help so very much appreciated!

CLRS 22.3-1, How Come Solutions Online State There Can’t Be Edges From WHITE to GRAY nodes “at any point… during search”?

The exercise (from the book Introduction To Algorithms) states

Make a 3-by-3 chart with row and column labels WHITE, GRAY,and BLACK. In each cell (i, j) indicate whether, at any point during a depth-first search of a di- rected graph, there can be an edge from a vertex of color i to a vertex of color j . For each possible edge, indicate what edge types it can be. Make a second such chart for depth-first search of an undirected graph.

The colors WHITE, GRAY, BLACK correspond to Undiscovered, discovered but not finished, and finished. The following solution is what multiple sites & universities have posted(such as: walkccc, Rutgers University):

 |       | WHITE         | GRAY                | BLACK                | |-------|---------------|---------------------|----------------------| | WHITE | All kinds     | Cross, Back         | Cross                | | GRAY  | Tree, Forward | Tree, Forward, Back | Tree, Forward, Cross | | BLACK | -             | Back                | All kinds            | 

I will draw a minimal counter example as it helps understand my conflict:


  • Start at node 0: 0 is GRAY
  • At this point, 3 is still white and has an edge to 0
  • Resume and keep going, eventually the edge from 3 to 0 will be discovered as a tree edge

This contradicts the solutions saying you can only have Cross/Back edges going form WHITE->GRAY. This example can be easily modified to contradict many of the elements in the table. I think the solutions are doing one of the following:

  • Assuming that the graph is a tree and that we start at its root. (Wrong as DFS doesn’t need a tree graph and any node can be started from).
  • More likely (Just thought of this), interpreting the question of "can there be an edge" as "can there be an edge that we have discovered". In which case, the solutions work, as although the edge from 3->0 was a WHITE->GRAY edge at one point, we hadn’t discovered it yet.

How to remove extra white space above text

Hello I am trying to get this text "*SCRC Reading Room is closed for the Fall 2020 Semester" closer to "Bird Library: View Service desk hours" How would I do that given this code.

 <h3 class="hours-h3">Bird Library</h3> <script src="//api3.libcal.com/js/hours_grid.js?002"></script> <div id="s-lc-whw1503"></div> <script> $  (function(){ var week1503 = new $  .LibCalWeeklyGrid( $  ("#s-lc-whw1503"), { iid: 3186, lid: 1503,  weeks: 8 }); }); </script> *SCRC Reading Room is closed for the Fall...
Code (markup):

How to remove extra white space above text

How do you deal with transparent fonts that you want to be white?

I’m a bit of a total amateur, but I thought I would learn how to make a simple game during quarantine.

However, I stumbled into a problem with fonts. I’m thinking about using the free font "Pixelmania" to show a score at the top of the screen. But the font is transparent! How do I make the inner part of the font white? Do I have to manually edit the font file myself? Or is there an easier way?

enter image description here

Choose $n$ out of $2n-1$ boxes containing at least half of all white balls and half of all black balls

We are given $ 2n – 1$ boxes with black and white balls. In the $ i$ -th, box there are $ w_i$ white and $ b_i$ black balls. It is required to choose $ n$ boxes so that, the sum of the white balls is at least $ W/2$ , and the sum of black balls is at least $ B/2$ . Solve for $ O(n\log{n})$ .

What I am currently thinking is this:

Generate some hashtable to be able to track the boxes that we chose.
Sort the boxes by the quantity of the white (in increasing order) balls and chose the last $ n$ balls every time keeping them in our hashtable.
Sort by the quantity of the black balls and do the same. Check every time to see if we already chose the box or not. Here comes the problem: Suppose we didn’t. Then we can face a situation where we already have $ n$ boxes that have in total at least $ W/2$ white balls but at the same time, they have in total less than $ B/2$ black balls. How can we overcome this problem?

We can’t just switch the chosen boxes that have the least number of white balls with the one that have the maximum available number of black balls since the box with white balls can contain significant amount of black balls on its own.

Do “editions” of White Wolf products correspond?

White Wolf has published a variety of product lines. Each product line has multiple editions. Do the editions of various games line up intuitively?

For example, I have a smattering of books from both Werewolf: The Apocalypse and Wraith: The Oblivion. Both games have a first edition, second edition, and 20th anniversary edition (Werewolf additionally has a Revised edition that does not seem to correspond to anything in Wraith).

In other games with which I’m familiar the editions would line up nicely. For example, in Dungeons and Dragons there are Ravenloft books for 2nd edition D&D and 5th edition D&D. There are also Planescape books for 2nd edition. The Planescape 2e and Ravonloft 2e books are in some sense “related” because they refer to the same rule set.

Is this true for White Wolf products? I’m confused because the periods in which they are published don’t overlap. Werewolf 1e was published between 1992 – 1993, while Wraith 1e was published in 1994 – 1995. Second edition Werewolf started in 1994, but second edition Wraith started in 1996.

Are there White Powers in Ravenloft, or was that our DM’s invention?

Soo many, many years ago when the 3rd Edition was the latest edition in the game, we had a big Campaign in the Ravenloft in 2nd (cause old school guys) that we played for almost 4-5 years.

During our time in the Mist, we found out a LOT of the Ravenloft Lore. This was mainly because our DM was a huge fan of the Ravenloft setting, and had every novel and every other official source: Invidia to Pharazia to the small islands in the west part of the plane. But one thing came to me; looking back at the memory lane it is still not clear to me if it was from official source or if it was from the DM’s mind.

In our latest adventures we learn that the Dark Powers are not the only Powers there: that there is, in a smaller number, something called the White Powers (or something synonymous with good). Has anyone ever read in a Ravenloft novel something like that?

Is the existence of the White Powers canon, or it an invention of our DM?