Twitter: Why does it not show to whom the tweet was directed to in my profile?

I don't use Twitter much; so I am still figuring out things, as I go along.

I went into my profile, but nowhere do I see on whose page I had tweeted.

All I see is my name and my handle all the way down. For eg:

Bahala Tharle
Nov 29

Bahala Tharle
Nov 29

and so on all the way down (please see attached). Can someone please tell me what I am missing? I would like to see whom I directed the tweets to.


How are the skeletons in the Tresendar Manor created? And by whom?

I am returning to D&D after many years, and it looks like animate dead only works for 24 hours at a time, so who made the skeletal guards in the Manor, and how were they constructed? Glasstaff isn’t nearly high enough level/ doesn’t have the spells. The skeletons are not “free-roaming”, they are working for the Redbrands. Someone walk me through this, please.

Best practice for RabbitMQ with thousands of users whom require exclusive queues

I am new to RabbitMQ and I am considering using it for a situation where we have thousands of subscribed customers whom need to receive exclusive push notifications most of the times (as well as shared messages only sometimes). It means that (according to my knowledge so far) every single customer needs a single exclusive queue. But the problem is that every single queue means a single thread which is not reasonable and possible in my case to allocate enough hardware resources; Morover, I think it would be waste of resources, because number of messages each customer receives, would not exceed more that 10 messages per day (we currently use OneSignal, but for some reasons we have to switch to our broker).
I was looking for a suitable exchange type (something like headers exchange, but more flexible) that makes it possible to uni-cast a message to just a single member of a queue, so that I would need only one queue.
I need to know that:
1. Is it possible? If yes, how?
2. If no, what I am currently doing is the best practice?

In case of a grouped transaction, how to determine who sent what to whom?

Trying to understand how grouped transactions work, I came accross the following transaction on : tx

There are many senders, and even more receivers. For instance, the first sender on the picture could have sent 1 BTC to the first receiver, 10 to the fifth, and so on… How can I determine (if it is possible) what amount sender A sent to receiver B , instead having the balance for each participant ?

Denied boarding although I have proper visa and documentation. To whom should I make a complaint?

I was traveling from Germany to Ireland, with UK tourist visa. I am a Turkish citizen and I am allowed to do so. (Visa waiver programme)

I checked in to the flight, and made my boarding pass signed from Ryanair’s counter. Then during boarding, at the last check before we enter the plane, as the responsible officer was not aware of the waiver programme, she said I can’t enter to Ireland with UK visa and denied me from boarding.

She also refused to show her badge number, and she told me instead. (Possible gave me a fake badge number to get rid of me.)

As my papers are good to enter to Ireland, I had to bought another flight from another airline, and enter to Ireland without a problem the same day.

To make a complaint, I contacted with Airline first, and stated that the officer denied me from boarding. They replied “People at the last check are not our officers, you should make a complaint to the airport authorities.”

I find it hard to believe, because the airport won’t be fined for people traveled with wrong documents, airlines does. And Only ryanair hires this type of people who denies me from boarding without consulting anyone and hid her badge number like a child.

Do you have an information about who should I contact with? Or how can I sue them?

Edit: I contacted with Ryanair, they said “Those people are Airport’s staff you should make a complaint to there.” I am not buying it and I don’t want to lose time trying to figure out who is responsible, as it is limited.

Whom do I have to contact for a ticket refund in case of denied boarding (in the EU)?

I have bought tickets for a flight with Etihad Airways through Flighttix.

Due to the current unexpected political unrest in Pakistan, the airports over there have been closed and therefore I was denied boarding in Frankfurt. Obviously I now want a refund for my ticket.

I am however not sure, who to contact about this – Flighttix or Etihad? On the web, I found contradicting information. Etihad states on their website to contact the third party seller, but some websites suggest to always contact the airline rather than the ticket seller.

In either case, it is hard to get a correct address to send the refund request to, but I guess a mail is not sufficient, is it?

What do return 0,return 1 & return -1 mean and what they return to whom?

I have noticed that in main the function of c program return 0 , return 1 or return -1 is used. I searched for the same in internet and saw that return is equivalent to exit and 0 status means that the program succeeded. But my questions are — 1. How does it work?? 2. What 0,1,-1 stand for? 3. To whom these values are returned?