.widget CSS not working on my website

I am very new to website development. Currently, I’m having trouble making CSS changes to a certain class="widget". I want this CSS to work.

The CSS is on my main.css file:

.widget {   list-style-type:none;   padding:0;   margin:0; } 

This is part of my functions.php file:

// Load Stylesheets function load_css() {      wp_register_style('bootstrap', get_template_directory_uri() . '/css/bootstrap.min.css', array(), false, 'all');     wp_enqueue_style('bootstrap');      wp_register_style('main', get_template_directory_uri() . '/css/main.css', array(), false, 'all');     wp_enqueue_style('main');  } add_action('wp_enqueue_scripts','load_css');   // Load Javascript function load_js() {     wp_enqueue_script('jquery');     wp_register_script('bootstrap', get_template_directory_uri() . '/js/bootstrap.min.js', 'jquery', false, true);     wp_enqueue_script('bootstrap');  } add_action('wp_enqueue_scripts','load_js'); 

This is my page.php file:

<?php get_header();?>  <section class="page-wrap"> <div class="container">     <section class="row">     <div class="col-lg-3">             <?php if( is_active_sidebar('page-sidebar')):?>                 <?php dynamic_sidebar('page-sidebar');?>             <?php endif;?>     </div>      <div class="col-lg-9">         <h1><?php the_title();?></h1>         <?php if(has_post_thumbnail()):?>             <img src="<?php the_post_thumbnail_url('blog-large');?>" alt="<?php the_title();?>" class="img-fluid mb-3 img-thumbnail">          <?php endif;?>         <?php get_template_part('includes/section','content');?>     </div>     </section> </div> </section> 

I feel like I just missed something, but as I said, I’m very new to WP website development so I don’t know where to look. Any help is very much appreciated. Thank you!

display posts on elementor widget

I am trying to display posts in a Elementor widget.selection section of Post type seems on settings but there is no content or else command on page.What is my mistake?

use \Elementor\Controls_Manager;   //paste    /**  * Get All POst Types  * @return array  */     class Elementor_oEmbed_Widget extends \Elementor\Widget_Base {  //paste      public function eael_get_all_types_post()     {         $  posts = get_posts([             'post_type' => 'any',             'post_style' => 'all_types',             'post_status' => 'publish',             'posts_per_page' => '-1',         ]);          if (!empty($  posts)) {             return wp_list_pluck($  posts, 'post_title', 'ID');         }          return [];     }     $  this->add_control(     'post_type',     [         'label' => __('Source', 'plugin-name'),         'type' => Controls_Manager::SELECT,         'options' => get_post_types(['public' => true, 'show_in_nav_menus' => true], 'objects'),            // 'default' => key($  this->post_types),     ] );  $  this->add_control(     'posts_ids',     [         'label' => __('Search & Select', 'plugin-name'),         'type' => Controls_Manager::SELECT2,         //'options' => $  this->eael_get_all_types_post(),         'label_block' => true,         'multiple' => true,         'condition' => [             'post_type' => 'by_id',         ],     ] );    protected function __render_template($  args, $  settings)     {          $  settings = $  this->get_settings_for_display();          $  html = wp_oembed_get($  settings['url']);          echo '<div class="oembed-elementor-widget">';          echo ($  html) ? $  html : $  settings['url'];          echo '</div>';            //paste            $  query = new \WP_Query($  args);         if($  query->have_posts()) {             while ($  query->have_posts()) {                 $  query->the_post();                 get_the_author_meta("display_name");             }          }         else         {echo "<div style=background:red> lsdkjf </div>";} 

Adding Custom Post Type Content to Elementor Custom Widget

I created a new Elementor Widget using the documentation provided here:

Creating a New Widget

The widget works fine from the demo for static content. But what I’d like to do is load content from a custom post type, and I can’t find any documentation explaining how to do that. I have a product-menu CPT, and used ACF for the fields. How do I load product-menu, and then have that displayed on the page when I drag and drop the widget?

From the example, the below functions I’m thinking are the ones for loading CPT content. Can someone give me a basic example of connecting CPT to the widget, then have that display on the page? I can figure out all options afterwards. Thanks!

protected function _register_controls() {     $  this->start_controls_section(         'section_content',         [             'label' => __('Content', 'vs-elementor-elements'),         ]     );      $  this->add_control(         'title',         [             'label' => __('Title', 'vs-elementor-elements'),             'type' => Controls_Manager::TEXT,             'default' => __('Title', 'vs-elementor-elements'),         ]     );      $  this->add_control(         'description',         [             'label' => __('Description', 'vs-elementor-elements'),             'type' => Controls_Manager::TEXTAREA,             'default' => __('Description', 'vs-elementor-elements'),         ]     );      $  this->add_control(         'content',         [             'label' => __('Content', 'vs-elementor-elements'),             'type' => Controls_Manager::WYSIWYG,             'default' => __('Content', 'vs-elementor-elements'),         ]     );       $  this->end_controls_section(); }  protected function render() {     $  settings = $  this->get_settings_for_display();      $  this->add_inline_editing_attributes('title', 'none');     $  this->add_inline_editing_attributes('description', 'basic');     $  this->add_inline_editing_attributes('content', 'advanced');     ?>     <h2 <?php echo $  this->get_render_attribute_string('title'); ?>><?php echo $  settings['title']; ?></h2>      <div <?php echo $  this->get_render_attribute_string('description'); ?>><?php echo $  settings['description']; ?></div>      <div <?php echo $  this->get_render_attribute_string('content'); ?>><?php echo $  settings['content']; ?></div>     <?php }  protected function _content_template() {     ?>     <#     view.addInlineEditingAttributes('title', 'none');     view.addInlineEditingAttributes('description', 'basic');     view.addInlineEditingAttributes('content', 'advanced');     #>     <h2 {{{ view.getRenderAttributeString('title') }}}>{{{ settings.title }}}</h2>      <div {{{ view.getRenderAttributeString('description') }}}>{{{ settings.description }}}</div>      <div {{{ view.getRenderAttributeString('content') }}}>{{{ settings.content }}}</div>     <?php } 

What is the name of the widget that is used for showing tutorials about a frontend app

There are some sites I’ve been on where, the first time you visit it, it will show you a little tutorial.

The tutorial will have big round animations that encircle a button and say something like “Click this button to add an item to your shopping cart!” and then you click Next and another button is highlighted, etc.

Is there an official name for this widget, or behaviour? I remember seeing a widget framework like “material-ui” contain aa widget like this but I don’t remember…

widget personalizado wordpress

Tengo un widget personalizado en wordpress (como si fuera un plugin) en el que ya partía de un código de un compañero y después de ir cambiando partes y adaptándolo (algo que he hecho otras veces sin problema) cuando pongo el widget en cualquiera de las áreas (barra lateral o pie) desaparece del listado de widgets que se pueden usar. Vamos, que sólo se lo puedo poner en un área. Evidentemente no puedo ponerme en contacto con esta persona. Por si puede ser por algo así o de alguna pista, este código es muy antiguo y he cambiado algunas funciones que ya estaban obsoletas.

¿Alguna idea de por qué sucede esto?

How to hide a widget from the main shop page

I want to hide an attribute widget from the main shop page. For example an atteribute widget such as colour doesnt need to be in the main shop page. It only needs to be there when a category is chosen in which there are colour variations. I want to hide the ‘type’ widget from the main shop page at simplicy.com.bd. How do i go about doing it?

Como puedo mandar llamar un widget en el Tab BAR con FLUTTER?

En los ejemplos que vienen en todas las paginas podemos hacer tab con iconos pero en el ejemplo manda llamar una imagen mi pregunta es como puedo darle click al icono del tab bar y que me mande llamar un widget o archivo .dart

ya que en el ejemplo solo viene para mandar llamar icons!!!!!