Igualar tamaño (width) en input y lista

Estoy intentando que un <input> y una lista tengan un mismo tamaño dentro de una página.

Para controlarlo, tengo ambos valores al 100%, pero al generar la lista de resultados, este es mas grande.

El <input> lo tengo dentro de un <div> por lo que cuando genero la lista, esta queda fuera y entiendo que por eso no me coge el tamaño correcto.

Estos son los valores que tengo en cada uno de los elementos:

.form-control {   width: 100%;  .dropdown-menu {   min-width: 100%; 

Hay forma de poder controlar los tamaños en este caso? Dejo subido el <input> para que se pueda ver el contenido CSS y una imagen con lo que sucede.

introducir la descripción de la imagen aquí


Poner width a ciertos inputs diferente habiendo una clase “input” general aplica para todos

Buen dia, tengo la siguiente clase que se aplica para todos los inputs del DOM

input {   background: #ffffff;   color: #000000;   padding-left:10px;   padding-top:5px;   padding-bottom:5px;   margin-left: 5px;   margin-top: 0px;   margin-bottom: 5px;   border-radius: 4px;   box-sizing: border-box;   transition: .5s ease;   border: 2px solid #000000;   width: 100%;   max-width: 500px;   box-sizing: border-box;   background: #ffffff;   color: #000000; } input:hover {   padding-left: 30px;   background: #ffffff;   -webkit-box-shadow: 0 2px 2px 0 rgba(90,90,90,0.2) inset;   box-shadow: 0 2px 2px 0 rgba(90,90,90,0.2) inset;   border-radius: 4px;   border: 2px solid black; } input:focus {   padding-left: 25px;   /*background: rgba(255,253,232,1);*/ } 

Quisiera ponerle a unos cuantos inputs un ancho de 50px ya que se digitará valores cortos en ellos, que queden como los de la clase solo que no sea tan ancho, intenté ponerle el atributo witdh=”50″ pensando que tendría preferencia pero no lo toma, es como si la clase mencionada tuviera mas prevalencia sobre ese atributo, es posible que a esos cuantos inputs, me tome todo lo de la clase pero con un width de 50px?

Web application Design – using full screen width

With today large screen resolution (1920 screen width rules now), I need to decide between using the full width of the screen (liquid) versus fixed with (padding with white margin over 1366px for example).

Our main a web applications has tables, lists, complex forms and is designed to be used mainly on organisation Desktops.

While using all screen width can be great in terms of complex layouts such as master-detail, many charts and tables, I am aware that elements that are in the far left/right corners can be ignored easily. I see that many web apps goes for the full screen width (slack, Asana, Jira, Salesforce). Any ideas, thoughts or references regards such decision?

Thanks, Iris–

PDF fixed vs automatic column width

I have a document (a report) with a table structure. It can be exported to PDF. I want to ask, what is better from the UX point of view?

a) Fixed column widths. Pros: all documents have the same visual structure. Cons: non-efficient usage of space, some cells become multi-line, longer PDF document

b) Adaptive column widths based on length of text in each column. Pros: each document separately looks better, more efficient usage of space. Cons: documents of the same type have different widths of columns. If I print PDFs with March and April reports to paper and put them side by side, their structure might be slightly different.


My checkout got a width of 1500%, how do UI library grid make sense here?

After upgrading to Magento 2.3.2 and using the latest Magento, the <div class=".opc_wrapper"> in our checkout got a width of 1500% making it ugly.

We are actually using https://github.com/SnowdogApps/magento2-theme-blank-sass as a theme, so the issue might come from there. Anyways, I digged that down and compared with the less theme and it boils down to this:

In checkout.less L134

.opc-wrapper {     &:extend(.abs-add-box-sizing-desktop-m all);     .lib-layout-column(2, 1, @checkout-wrapper__columns);     padding-right: @indent__l; } 

@checkout-wrapper__columns equals to 8 a bit earlier in the file

If I remove the .lib-layout-column, the width: 1500% is not set, so it is coming from there.

Going down the rabbit hole, after some strange looping construct in brings us finally to the [grids LESS file][3], which (in the SASS version) calculates a width of 1500%.

Sure this is not a core bug, because we use a custom theme.

But in order do debug the issue, I need to understand, what the core blank theme is trying to accomplish there.

My understanding of

.lib-layout-column(@_total-columns, @_order, @_width) { 

is, that I specific the width in number of columns?

So if I call that with total-columns = 2 order = 1 (what is that for?) and the width parameter of 8, it kind of makes sense that this becomes super wide.

And this is already in the core’s blank theme.

So what is going on there? How is lib-layout-column to be used?

Colocando width dinamico em um Container

Olá! Eu estou querendo usar esse controle para substituir as Dropdown, mas percebi que o comando width dele ‘não funciona’, talvez pelo contexto externo a ele, não entendi direito. Pois eu quero na verdade tornar dinamico com valor em double que já tenho preparado, mas mesmo colocando na valor fixo ali 200.0 não obecede:

inserir a descrição da imagem aqui

Código Flutter:

            SizedBox(               height: 34.0,               child: GridView(                 padding: EdgeInsets.symmetric(vertical: 4.0),                 scrollDirection: Axis.horizontal,                 gridDelegate: SliverGridDelegateWithFixedCrossAxisCount(                     crossAxisCount: 1,                     mainAxisSpacing: 8.0,                     childAspectRatio: 0.5),                 children: todostimes.times.map((s) {                   return GestureDetector(                       onTap: () {                         setState(() {                           _timeSelecionado = s;                         });                       },                       child: Align(                         alignment: Alignment.topCenter,                         child: Container(                           decoration: BoxDecoration(                               borderRadius: BorderRadius.all(Radius.circular(5.0)),                               border: Border.all(                                   color: s == _timeSelecionado                                       ? Colors.deepPurple                                       : Colors.grey[400],                                   width: 2.0)                           ),                           width: 200.0, //valor fixo                           //convertDouble(s['TimeNome'].toString()) ,                           padding: EdgeInsets.all(2.0),                           child: Text(s['TimeNome'],                               style: new TextStyle(                                 fontSize: 15.0,                               )                           ),                         ),                       ));                 }).toList(), 


Sorry to disturb you, but have no other choice. Google gives nothing about that problem. Searching for 2 days, and trying to fix my on my own… but NO LUCK, and even not competent enough.

After update of Lubuntu 18.04 my Transmission (Torrent transmission-gtk.desktop) BEGIN TO BEHAVE LIKE A VIRUS. First disappeared all downloads… but downloading at max. of almost 2 MB/s… AND Suddenly the window width become enormous VERY LONG, all close, max… and so on buttons pushed far away on the right. After pulling several times i saw all the buttons there. So I said, let’s reboot like in win, it might help.

It didn’t… so searching here and there… nothing… trying to fix it on my own… and nothing again. PURGE, INSTALL, REINSTALL, UNINSTALL… EVEN FROM THE SW (org.gnome.Software.desktop) NOTHING HELPED, THE SAME PROBLEM.

So I looked into: /home/USER/.config/transmission the settings.json file and AHHAAA…: “main-window-width”: 8002, i change that to (Transmission was not active) “main-window-width”: 800, and when i launch it again the transmission is the same and the file changed again to: “main-window-width”: 8002, Making it with gedit or visually… no difference… always the same result. What is correcting back all that?

my Desktop Monitor Resolution 1920×1080

I even deleted all the cache in: /home/USER/.cache

Where can you delete all local session on Lubuntu? All answers for KDE, but we have no such files as they say to delete to fix the problem.

And the other thing also the transmission now runs on 33KB after a reboot.

Hope I can get some hint, otherwise i drop the part. table and format everything again,… but this time I install the old 18.04 and disable the updates… ONLY PROBLEMS WITH UPDATES, from java, then the old 8.0 java programs don’t work anymore, and so forth.

Please don’t get angry on my frustration, but prefer to have a working, than a new kernels. I maybe downgrade even to 16.04, because of the PCManFM 1.2.5, is crashing at least 20, 30 times a day… and for me, it is still the best, and prefer to have old, but good,… instead of nautilus, or others. Or the others everything is so limited. Little control over features. HABIT IS A BAD BEAST.

One other thing. Why is ubuntu/lubuntu acting like Microsoft?!! All those 16.04 with old java ISO’s you can not find online to download anymore. All those 16.04 numbers are fake. If they update something they should putt 18.04.00012423 and so forth… and leave us to choose, if we wish to download older first NATIVE versions. Also all versions of lubuntu and even others disappeared under the version 14. Where can you find that now? Mozilla even WORSE. ALL THOSE OLD PLUGIN’s/ADDONS REMOVED. WHERE CAN YOU FIND THOSE NOW? I WILL NOT USE FireFox ABOVE 56!!! Because of plugins. There’s also opera, chromium and so forth. YOU CAN NOT FORCE THAT FASHISM WITH NEVER VERSION’s. YOU REMOVE AND DELETE ALL ADDONS, FINE WE WILL NOT UPGRADE. WILL CONTINUE TO DOWNGRADE, AND USE OTHER BROWSERS INSTEAD. STUPID MS POLITIC. MS LOST A LOT OF USERS BECAUSE OF THAT. NOW WITH NEW Open Source SW,… they will not bring us back. We will use those but on linux instead. 😉 Sorry. YOU LIMIT MY FREEDOM AND I GO NUTS.

I have a lot of older computers, and I like old stuff like win95, 3.11, doss 6.0 and so forth, even commodore 64, 128, amiga. 😉 Remember the cassettes. 😉 Best computer ever. Those were the days. Wish to return back. OPEN HACKING. 😉 Little or no secrets.

Please no hard feelings. Not my intention to offend. Linux can crash my PCManFM 666 times a day. WILL NOT RETURN TO MSWIN FOR SURE. Never saw a blue screen in linux, viruses and so forth. 😉

Thank you for your answers in advance. No hard feelings again. Warmest regards to you all.


Magento 2 – Full width for a section in product view page

I add a new block in Product View page:

<referenceContainer name="content">      <container name="containertwo" as="containertwo" label="ontainer"  htmlTag="container" htmlClass="my-container" after="-">         <block class="Magento\Cms\Block\Block" name="why-choose" after="-">             <arguments>                 <argument name="block_id" xsi:type="string">why-choose</argument>             </arguments>         </block>     </container> </referenceContainer> 

Is there any way to made this full width, I mean to be on the entire window not in the page-wrapper?

I try this is CSS but is not work:

.my-container {     width: 100%;      max-width: 100%;     display: -webkit-flex;     display: -ms-flexbox;     display: flex;     -webkit-flex-direction: column;     -ms-flex-direction: column;     flex-direction: column;     min-height: 100vh;     background: #666; } 

enter image description here