Does having natural weapons prevent a wild-shaped monk from using Martial Arts?

The monk’s Martial Arts feature’s benefits all require a monk to be “unarmed or only wielding monk weapons”. Even if you’re a Way of the Kensei monk, that only lets you add a couple of new simple or martial weapons to your monk weapon list.

The druid’s Wild Shape forms all come wielding natural weapon attacks. Natural attacks are not unarmed attacks, nor are they monk weapons, nor are they simple or martial weapons that can possibly be chosen by a kensei.

Therefore, a beast is never “unarmed”, and thus can never use a druid/monk’s martial arts benefits even if it wanted to choose to use unarmed strikes instead of its natural attacks.

Is this accurate? Or, can a beast choose not to “wield” it’s teeth and claws?

This blanket prohibition on Martial Arts when one has natural weapons seems overly-restrictive; it would mean, for example, that a Minotaur can never be a monk, since they are “never unarmed.”

I am explicitly not answering the (already answered and very obvious) question of whether animals can make unarmed attacks. I am asking whether they can ever choose not to “wield” their own natural weapons, so as to be able to use martial arts in the first place.

Can a druid Wild-Shaped into a raven speak using the Mimicry trait?

The description of the druid’s Wild Shape feature says, in part (PHB, p. 67):

You can’t cast spells, and your ability to speak or take any action that requires hands is limited to the capabilities of your beast form.

And the Mimicry trait of a raven says:

The raven can mimic simple sounds it has heard, such as a person whispering, a baby crying, or an animal chittering. A creature that hears the sounds can tell they are imitations with a successful DC 10 Wisdom (Insight) check.

As a druid PC, I’ve heard all the simple sounds that make up a language that I can speak. So, by RAW, can I speak all the languages my character knows while wildshaped in raven form? After all, I do keep my character’s mental abilities when I am in Wild Shape; am I able to mimic sounds well enough to speak?

If so: As slowly or weird-sounding as it may be, would it be clear enough for other people to understand?

Being the best animal I can: How to successfully convince NPCs as a wild-shaped druid?

I’m a relatively new player with D&D 5th Ed. and chose to play a druid. I’m still learning quite a bit about how the game mechanics and spells work. In one encounter so far, where I was wild-shaped into a goat (as bait to lure an enemy out (I’m a team player, what can I say?)) I was asked to roll a charisma check to determine if I was convincing.

Charisma is my lowest stat, favoring wisdom, intellect and dexterity to bolster nature, survival, animal, and archery related skills. I would expect that to be a convincing animal, one’s knowledge of how those animals behave, rather than charisma, is more important.

I read through the post "How easy is it to make the distinction between a druid in beast form and a normal animal?" and it seems that charisma is typically used for deception, bluffing, and acting. I think Aviose put it well in their answer, that the check depends on the type of animal and type of deception.

While I understand it is ultimately up to my DM, is there any "official" guidance on passing scrutiny when Wild Shaped?

Context clarification:

Our party was tasked with dispatching some unknown attacker that had been killing farmers’ livestock. Maybe wolves but possibly something more sinister. We surveyed the area and decided a farm animal that appeared to be lost and alone might have the best chance of drawing out the target. We positioned party members in various hidden locations in brush and trees while our putting-on-a-brave-front-but-actually-pretty-scared "goat" wandered out into the fields like a lost child.

The DM wanted charisma checks to determine whether this goat was convincing to the unknown nemesis or if it would suspect something strange. The first attempt failed (which became a point of humor), but a later attempt worked, and we managed to eradicate a few skellies.

What racial features can a Kalashtar use while wildshaped?

As the title states, I want to know which racial features, if any, of the kalashtar are usable in wildshaped form.

The traits are named as follows: Dual Mind, Mental Discipline, Mind Link, Severed from Dreams

Both of these questions are related:
How do I determine if a Racial Trait applies to Wildshape?
Does a wildshaped druid retain his/her racial resistances?

This was a question I thought of when looking at this question, as a way of communicating to the Bestial Spirit: Is it possible to combine Summon Beastial Spirit spell and Wildshape to travel by air?

What would the attack modifier be for an unarmed strike while wildshaped?

I know from a well voted for answer in Is a Wild Shape attack considered an unarmed strike? that it is possible for a druid to make an unarmed strike while wildshaped, just instead of the beast’s normal damage you would deal 1+STR (or otherwise for a monk or druid with Tavern Brawler), but what would the attack modifier be? A character is proficient in their unarmed strikes, so would they use proficiency bonus + strength modifier? Or would it just be straight strength modifier because they have no proficiency bonus, as their game statistics were replaced by the beast’s?

Can a Multiclass Druid/Bard use Bardic inspiration while wild-shaped?

I’m playing a multiclass 6th level Bard/2nd level Druid and I was wondering if I could still use Bardic inspiration/cutting words while using my wild shape.

I looked at the rules, but technically you can because all you have to do to use these features is music. So, I can’t see how being a beast would prevent me from just making music by taping paws on an object/ground or by using the animal’s cry. Am I wrong?

When a wildshaped Druid is affected by a Ghost’s Horrifying Visage, which form ages?

So this came up in yesterday’s game; the Druid, while Wildshaped into a dinosaur, rolled a 1 on his save against a Ghost’s Horrifying Visage and then aged 20 years.

There was some confusion about whether this effect should go to the Wildshape, the druid himself, or both. We eventually settled on aging the dinosaur so far that it died of old age and that seemed fair enough, but I’d like to know how to handle this next time.

It seems like “age” is a statistic of the animal and it might not carry over if it’s modified, but I’m not sure.

When a wildshaped Druid is affected by a Ghost, does it age the druid’s true form, his Wild Shape form, or both?

If a wildshaped druid somehow got Undead Fortitude, would this prevent them from reverting?

I believe this is completely outside the realms of RAW as I don’t know of any way for a PC to gain Undead Fortitude beside homebrew,

Undead Fortitude reads:

If damage reduces the creature to 0 hit points, it must make a Constitution saving throw with a DC of 5 + the damage taken, unless the damage is radiant or from a critical hit. On a success, the creature drops to 1 hit point instead.

and Wild Shape reads

You automatically revert if you fall unconscious, drop to 0 hit points, or die.

So with these two wordings, if you drop to 0 hit points while wildshaped, and since you retain any features from your race, while wildshaped, does that mean that Undead Fortitude could prevent a wildshaped druid from turning back into its non-beast form?

Dnd – Concentration check as wildshaped druid woth feats

I’m building a level 5 moon druid and took the variant human race. So I decided to take 2 feats, being war caster and resilient (CON). My goal here is to cast concentration spells and wildshape into a brown bear to tank for my party. Now bear with me (pun intended), if I get hit as a bear, do I make a constitution check with the bear stats or my druid stats (he currently as 16 con, thus I have a saving throw of +6) ?

Also, do my feats apply to my wildshape (being advantage in con saving throws for concentration and proficiency in con throws and +1 to my con ability) ?

Example, the brown bear has +6 constituon saving throw, thus with my feats, I have advantage and +9 for the constitution check due to my proficiency bonus or do he keeps +6 and no advantage ?