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Windows/Linux keyboard layout & symbols on mac

I’ve been a linux user most of my life and a windows user in my early days.

I’ve memorized the Azerty and Qwerty keyboard layouts because of my 6 years lived in the US, but the mac keyboard is beyond compromising for.

I now have to code on a mac at my job and it’s going to make me loose my wil to live.

CMD+Shift+4 for a screenshot

Shift+Alt+8 for { are you f*!p kidding me???

Like, getting used to replacing Ctrl with CMD is easy enough muscle memory to change

but the rest seems put there specifically to cause developpers psychological harm.

Why is the numpad period a comma????? French AZERTY on linux & windows has a PERIOD on the numpad.

numpads are amazing for devs, just your handy symbol paradize bundle all gathered neat and closely : / * - + . and return all in one. Why attack that?

There has to be a way to choose any keyboard layout on Mac.

but I haven’t found anything in the options or googling.

Android 3.4 Windows/Linux crash while trying to layout GUI design of activity with ConstraintLayout [on hold]

In my Android project I am trying to design a GUI of Activity: Studio If I try to enter margins for a custom View inside ConstraintLayout, as seen from screenshot above, I get following exception: Exception This error/exception pops up in both Windows and Linux versions. Does someone knows some kind of workaround?

How to make Mojave keyboard shortcuts behave like Windows/Linux

I’m not interested in mapping the windows keyboard keys to mac shortcuts, that doesn’t help, I just started in a new position and unfortunately I have to use a Mac, I don’t have the mental capacity to work with 3 different OSs ,I work with Windows & Linux at home, but MacOS has a completely different keyboard layout and shortcuts.

I’ve heard all about how it’s easier to get things done with macOS compared to windows/linux, but if I have to try multiple combinations to achieve something simple (like copy+paste, alt+tab, home/end) every time I switch to a different OS I don’t see that as productive as just takes twice as long to get things done.

So my questions is simple; is it possible to make macOS work with a windows keyboard and have all the same windows shortcuts work?

Sell VPS/RDP windows/linux 2 core 4gb ram 80 gb SSD Monthly for $8

Hello my friend , im riza , i sell RDP/VPS with Linux/WIndows OS, surely before you order , please read carefully my descripton and the rules, okay lets gooo ===================================================== specs : access : full administrator Processor : 2 Core Type : Virtual Memory Ram : 4 Gb SSD : 80 Gb link speed : up to 1 GBps Bandwith : up to 4 tb Duration : 1 month , 2 month , need more ? pm for price ===================================================== Os : Linux ubuntu i will install the VNC server , WIndows 10, 2012, and 2016 ===================================================== Datacenter : New York, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Singapore, London, Frankfurt, Toronto, Banglore ===================================================== what i got : ☑ credential admin for login (IP,User,Pass) surely FULL ACCESS ☑ private google suite email and have access to my member area ☑ full guarantee if you not break the rules ===================================================== FAQ ===================================================== What Allowed activity : ☑ download and upload activity ☑ Bots Besides bot traffic, hitleap is still allowed ☑ scraping bot ☑ open blocked site in your country ☑ and many more as long as not blackhat, hacking and many more what prohibited activity : ☒ Dont do blackhat activity ☒ bot trafic, jigling and many more ☒ mining and other things that make cpu overload ☒ enconde video , if you want PM me for reservation dedicated server Rules and guarantee ■ i will guarantee you full as you subscribe my service , and as long as you not breaking my rules ■ please backup your data routine , because im not accept yet service backup your data shiping all my server made by order , if any people buy , i will send , i will install configuration and i will send to you any question ? please PM me

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