Store passwords local with plain text access on WinPE

I have an application that needs to store Network Credentials for a Network Drive/Share on the disk. The user shouldn’t need to enter the password every time. The OS is WinPE, so he cannot map the drive once and it will stay there.


  • I need the password in plain text, to map the drive.
  • The program should work without an additional password that the user has to enter.


  • Hash + Salt is not reversible, so I cannot get the password in plain text.
  • An encrypted password is not safe, because the program has to store the key. If someone looks inside the code he will get the key and decrypt the password.
  • I cannot use the “Protect Data” interface of windows, because I use WinPE. Protect Data Documentation

The program is written in C#. Maybe someone has a good idea about my problem. Thanks!

WinPE PXE boot fails

I am trying to PXE boot Windows. I have a Samba share setup, ISO mounted, looks good on the server side.

The default menu entry is as follows:

LABEL Windows Server 2012 MENU LABEL Windows Server 2012 KERNEL /memdisk INITRD /windows/winpe.iso APPEND iso raw 


I built a WindowsPE image with DISM, base PE files + Dell drivers. I created both a USB drive output and an ISO output. The USB drive I made boots fine. The ISO gives me the following output and then boots the local hard drive.

I have previously successfully executed a WinPE image, but that image didn’t have the drivers I needed. Thus, I think my default is ok. This ISO is about 333 MB, whereas the original was about 1/3rd of that.

But when I attempt to boot my new WinPE ISO, I get the following messages:

PXE Boot Screenshot

And then it boots to local drive, not the desired ISO.