How long does damage resistance granted by Wish last?

One of the possible effects you can create with the 9th level spell Wish states:

You grant up to ten creatures that you can see resistance to a damage type you choose.

And that’s it. No length of time is defined, and the Duration of the spell itself is Instantaneous. Thus, my question is this: Does this mean that:

  • The duration of the effect is Permanent, and thus lasts until dispelled?
  • The effect is Instant and effects a permanent change in the targets?
  • It’s an error, and the description was supposed to list a Duration (say, 8 hours)?

My best guess is that it’s the latter; the effect is probably supposed to be temporary but the bug slipped past QC.

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Spell save DC on a wish spell cast from a magic item

So I got a luck blade from my DM and I am trying to cast dominate person on someone at 8th level. What would the saving throw be for the person it is being cast on. Wish says that any spell at 8th level or lower can be immediately cast and doesn’t state it has to be at its lowest casting form. Would you do the dc 18 of a scroll or is it 10+spell level+ min ability score. This is all in 5th edition and I can’t seem to find anything that deals with this sort of scenario. The dm has allowed it be at 8th level since it a wish spell.

Does the damage from the drawback of wish prevent the casting of the triggering spell if the damage kills the caster?

Wish […] After enduring that stress, each time you cast a spell until you finish a long rest, you take 1d10 necrotic damage per level of that spell.

If this damage kills you, will the spell that caused the necrotic damage still happen or are you reduced to 0 HP before the spell effect occurs, thereby stopping it?

Should I use assumed value when using the spell Wish to produce a house or similar object?

So I was looking into the spell wish, and according to its description, it has the ability to produce an object up to 25,000gp of value. I was wondering if this could be used to produce a homestead, but there appears to be a debate on the cost of a house mainly due to its location. Should this be taken into consideration or just the raw material necessary to make the house and assume magic builds it?

Does casting Contingency via Wish remove the requirement to carry a statuette?

When used to cast another spell, Wish states:

You don’t need to meet any requirements in that spell, including costly Components.

(PHB 288)

Contingency states:

…contingency ends on you if its material component is ever not on your person.

(PHB 227)

Does this mean that, when cast via Wish, you are always considered to have the statuette on you?

Can you use a simulacrum to bypass the 33% chance of not being able to cast wish again?

Inspired by this question and this one, I want to know if you can cast Simulacrum and have that simulacrum cast Wish for you so that you yourself never have to take that 33% risk of not being able to cast it again. This question seems to support that a simulacrum is capable of casting Wish and it is a copy of the caster but at it a separate and distinct entity from the caster. So RAW can you use Simulacrum to get essentially infinite risk free wishes?

Can I use a Clone to surpass a Wish spell risk?

In DnD a Wish spell is extremely powerful, but it also has 33% risk to never cast it again if used to produce non-spell effect. This brings me to the question, if I unfortunately hit that 33% and can’t cast a Wish anymore, does this mean my body can’t cast it or my soul? In other words, what if I casted a Clone spell to make a clone of myself, then used Wish and got that 33% chance. If I then kill myself and my soul transfers to that clone, would I be able to cast Wish again, or would that stess transfer with my soul so Wish is from that moment I used it “prohibited” for me?

Can I return my ability to cast Wish by using Glyph of warding?

The description of wish in the Player’s Handbook says that if you use this spell to do anything besides produce any effect other than duplicating another spell,

There is a 33 percent chance that you are unable to cast wish ever again.

And so the description of glyph of warding says, that I can put into it any spell, even a 9th level slot.

What will happen, if a wizard creates a glyph of warding using 9th level spell slot, and that spell is going to be wish, with the words being: “I wish to get back my ability to cast Wish”?

Will this work as I think it should?