How can I recover a missing body part without using wish?

I recently had my nose bitten off by a berserker and smell is surprisingly hard to live without.

I have had some past trouble with wishes (from a ring of three wishes) so I’m reluctant to make another wish. Also I don’t think this is worth wasting my last wish over anyway. My DM is evil so I’ll probably end up with a Mephit’s nose or something if I wish for it back.

Can anyone tell me another way of regaining body parts?

Is delaying the effect of a Wish spell considered a ”greater effect”?

Let’s say I cast Wish to duplicate the effect of revivify and I want it to take effect when I was supposed to act as if I haven’t died (initiative order).

In the spell description:

A wish can produce any one of the following effects.

(… )

Duplicate any other spell of 5th level or lower even if it’s of a prohibited school.


You may try to use a wish to produce greater effects than these,but doing so is dangerous. (The wish may pervert your intent into a literal but undesirable fulfillment or only a partial fulfillment.)

Can I delay when the spell effect is activated, is that allowed (by RAW)? or Would that fall in the ”greater effects category”?