Psychotic Villain vs will save witch hexes?

I have a major villain who used to be the strongest member of the party, but gained psychosis and is now under my control and gaining mass amounts of power to be used as a boss against the party soon.

I have a player playing a witch who mostly uses hexes that are listed as mind altering and attempts to cause permanent mental damage to most of the intelligent major bosses they have fought.

So my question is regarding whether the psychotic boss would take extra damage against these mind altering hexes, have resistance against them from already being in an altered state, or if the hexes should affect them as normal?

Does the Witch Bolt spell end when you take an action granted by the Haste spell?

I asked a similar question “How do the Haste spell and Turn Undead interact?” and, perhaps I’m wrong, but it seems that the answer there says that even haste’s action is limited by Turn Undead, that Turn Undead controls not just your action but also haste’s action.

I’m wondering then how this works with the witch bolt spell which states:

[…] The spell ends if you use your action to do anything else […]

Since Turn Undead has control over haste’s action, does witch bolt have control over it as well, meaning that witch bolt would end if you use haste’s action?

What happens if you miss with Witch Bolt?

If a Witch Bolt misses the attack, does it still get the concentration to allow the user to use their action next turn to retry the attack on the target if the target is still within range and has not hit the user?

We had an instance where the Warlock missed the initial attack roll and we need the ruling on if the Warlock would get another chance next turn to use the Witch Bolt without having to spend another spell slot or does it fizzle out and require another spell slot?

Can the witch hex “Gift of consumption” be combined with Fortitude(Harmless) spells?

For reference the hex’s descriptions

Gift of Consumption (Su): The witch curses a creature to share any effects that target her vitality. Whenever the witch is exposed to an effect that requires her to attempt a Fortitude save, as an immediate action she can curse a creature within 30 feet to share the effect. The hexed creature must also attempt a Fortitude save at the same DC as the witch’s, and on a failure it is subject to the same effects as the witch. Regardless of the outcome of the saving throw, the creature can’t be targeted by this hex again for 1 day. This hex does not function with effects that require additional types of saves, such as phantasmal killer.

Greater Gift of Consumption (Su) The witch can more effectively redirect effects to her proxy chosen by the gift of consumption hex. When the witch succeeds at her Fortitude save against an effect that she has redirected to a proxy, the hexed creature takes a –4 penalty on its Fortitude save against the redirected effect. If the witch ever fails a Fortitude save or intentionally exposes herself to an effect that requires a Fortitude save, such as by ingesting a poison, she can redirect that effect to affect only the hexed creature, though the hexed creature can still attempt a saving throw to resist the effects. Once she has redirected an effect to another creature in this way, that creature cannot be affected by the gift of consumption hex again for 24 hours. The witch must have the gift of consumption hex to select this hex.

Can the gift of consumption hex be combined with beneficial effects, such as spell “Delay Poison”, which has Fortitude (Harmless) in its save descriptor, and target an ally?

Does the situation change if the witch character has Greater Gift of Consumption?

Is there an opposite class for a Witch that is generally considered the good version? [on hold]

Is there a good class counterpart for a witch? Not a white witch but a completely different class that is generally considered the ‘light’ version (where the witch is the ‘dark’ version)

Additional Info:

The motivation for the question is I am trying to create a story for my own game, so I am not really playing any specific game. I need a class that I can consider as an opposite of the witch. I know this may vary from game to game; I wanted to know what class(es) has/have been considered by games as the good opposite of a witch, whatever those games maybe.

Witch is the best way to create a photo dataset? [en espera]

I am working in a startup and we need to create a dataset with multiple photos in order to train our neural networks. We would need to get photos from Amazon and similar websites.

Do you know any tool or any technique (even if is necesary programm some code) to automatizate this task?

We know about kaggle and similar repositories of data, those datasets are usefull but not enough.

Thank you for your help.

looking for the best way to build a kunoichi{female ninja} or kunoichi witch [on hold]

I am bipolar and I would love to play some pathifinder 2e… the thing is though because I am bipolar I am going to have to play every 5 months so I need to build a character that will be able to be the one thing. that is be an effective female ninja{a.k.a a kunoichi}.. I want while not having much experience or knowledge other than the stalking I’ve done for years. so since I know proficiency don’t would these classes fair together… 10 shadow monk/ 5 scout rogue/ 5 ranger{gloom stalker maybe} I ask because despite loving these games I have only played 6 times since the 90’s and only am going to get 2 shots a year due to my bipolar. so I am asking would these classes stack or work together as a kunoichi… in ether game.. I am just looking to make a character that is the most ninja like for maybe a couple of one shots that I will play in august fir my birthday.

bonus points if you can sneak some witch in there. p.s. I am hypo-manic now. so please remind me to slow down and focus on making myself understandable if necessary. I have the month of august to try till I’m to depressed to do this. so there is some time frame. that’s why I mentioned the mental illness.

I need a witch (or other) to summon/dominate/find Lightning birds at sea while hidden on a ship [on hold]

The PCs (3 at 3rd level) are on a disabled, abandoned pirate ship at sea in a storm. I want them to have hard encounters that become somewhat predictable and that they can put a stop to, so that they can concentrate on getting out of the situation. My idea is that there is a hidden pirate witch on board that can get a lightning bird to attack once a day, or something, but that she needs to burn incense as a consumable part of the spell. Players smell incense, Lightning bird attacks, players can find source of incense, kill witch.

The trouble is I can’t find a reasonable way to do that in 5e. Familiars can’t attack, dominate beasts requires being able to see it, and I don’t see a summon monster spell except from a demon or something.

The lightning bird (homebrew) says that are associated with being servants or familiars of witchs but that is no good if it can’t attack. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

What happens when a witch takes the Improved Familiar feat?

The Improved Familiar feat was designed before the Witch existed, and mainly for Wizard. I have a Witch that has more than 10 lvl1 spells and more than 3 spells of lvl 2 and 3, and I’m wondering if the Improved Familiar feat is really a good idea at this point.

My question about this revolves around the fact that a witch’s familiar is the one that knows the witch’s spells, and not the witch herself. I already know that, as for the wizard, taking this feat means you don’t have to pay the ritual money to change familiars, but nowhere have I found anything clear and definite about the spells.

Does the new familiar know all of the spells of the basic one? Do you consider it to be a normal replacement familiar (2 spells of each lvl)? Something in between?