Should I mention previous visa withdrawals in UK visa application?

I had applied for UK Tier 2 visa and realised one of the documents I had submitted was incorrect along with multiple other errors. So I withdrew my application so that it won’t get rejected.

I am planning to apply again with correct documents and details this time around. Should I mention in the second application that I had previously withdrawn an application?

fabricate all reasons for not paying for member withdrawals / ignores membership rights

I played on the website since 2015 with the username Wellyan999, About two months ago on 31st July i played Casino Hold’em in Galaxy Suite platform with my withdrawal ID number 6381317, i won around $ 13.888 USD and i made a withdrawal on 1st August 2018 at 3:40am as much as 190 million in Indonesia currency. they pending my withdrawal after that deactivated my account, They said that there is a problem occured so The Galaxy Suite deactivated my account for checking. A week pass they still didn’t transfer my withdrawal money yet they told me that to this problem Galaxy Suite is running away from responsibility and they refuse to pay me..I don’t know their whereabout. On August 8 they contact me and without my consent they made a decision that was only agreed by their parties that they were ready for the compensation with $ 2,000 from my total withdrawal of $ 13,888, I was forced to accept that decision B’coz they threatened me to accept it, otherwise they did not want to discuss the matter anymore. before they only paid me back $ 2.000 for my total withdrawal $ 13.888 without a joint decision with me this is not fair enough and I just wanted to be fair, my request only wanted them to pay another $ 2.000 in total payment of $ 4.000 from my total withdrawals of $ 13.888 and i’ll let the matter rest, and they keep refused. I am not saying anything that I have no proof. CS on that website are Jessy, Fani Cleo, Erika, and Mr. Abeng that they claim he is the branch manager of PokerBola. This is his contact number +85569325957 & +601127132443.enter image description hereenter image description hereenter image description here

Using ‘Whois’ I found that the website is hosted by GoDaddy. Is there a way to reactivated my account or with your help they will refund all my withdrawal, i’m willing to give you 30% from my winning if this issue is solved.