Is Google(Not just Google?) session hijacking possible within the browser?

The following Youtube video talks about Google session hijacking starting from Gmail.

I generally believe that hacking(in modern browsers, excluding short-term criticial bugs) is not possible to be initiated by the owner of a website, otherwise the web would be very dangerous.

There are 2 points in the video that I am skeptical about. Are the following possible(providing any important information)?

  1. Clicking a link in Gmail can lead to a Google session hijack.
  2. Downloading a file, may lead to it being executed in the background.

Rendering multiple Instagram feeds as one within SharePoint Online

Hoping some of my fellow SharePoint guru’s can point me in the right direction.

We have multiple Brands, each brand has their own Instagram account and posts their own content. We would like to render all of the Brands into one feed on our company intranet. Thus keeping our internal users up to date without having to navigate to each.

We currently have a solution that requires you to pick from a drop down and only renders one at a time.

Need to display:

  • Brand
  • Text of the post
  • Picture/image

Tiles not centered within web part in Sharepoint 2013

I am completely new to SharePoint and trying to design/create a page as requested by the company I work for. The issue I’m having is all the tiles I’ve created within a web part are aligned left. I did create a script editor and added a code that would automatically wrap the tiles so those scroll bars won’t appear; however the tiles are not lined up. Any way this can be achieved please? Thanks.enter image description here

LINQ to SharePoint 2016 : Value does not fall within the expected range

I have a Dev and a Production SharePoint 2016 environment. For CRUD with lists I am using LINQ to SharePoint (SPMetal) generated classes. I have a list where 27 columns are Person Type. In my dev(http://sp2016/) environment the list is in root/main site but in Prod it is in subsite (https://sp2016/leaveauto). In both environment I have increased the Resource throttling value from 8 to 50 for Lookup View field. From the list I am taking a Person’s Id value (column name: HOD) from a specific Person type column with below code

using (MyDataContext objDataContext = new MyDataContext(_webUrl))                     {                         try                         {                             int approverId = objDataContext.ApproverInfo.FirstOrDefault(x => (string.Compare(x.DeptID,deptId)==0) && (string.Compare(x.Location, location)==0)).HODId;                         }                         catch (Exception ex)                         {                             throw;                         }                     } 

here, HODId is LINQ to SharePoint generated column for HOD and deptId & location values I am passing with parameter.

In Dev environment it is working fine, but in Prod it is giving below error

{System.ArgumentException: Value does not fall within the expected range.    at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPFieldMap.GetColumnNumber(String strFieldName, Boolean bThrow)    at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPListItemCollection.GetColumnNumber(String groupName, Boolean bThrowException)    at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPListItem.GetValue(SPField fld, Int32 columnNumber, Boolean bRaw, Boolean bThrowException)    at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPListItem.get_Item(String fieldName)    at Microsoft.SharePoint.Linq.PropertyMap.GetSPFieldValue(PropertyMap pm, SPListItem item, JoinPath joinPath)    at Microsoft.SharePoint.Linq.SPItemMappingInfo.MaterializeEntity[TEntity](DataContext dc, SPDataList list, SPListItem item, SPItemMappingInfo itemMappingInfo, JoinPath joinPath)    at lambda_method(Closure , SPListItem )    at System.Linq.Enumerable.WhereSelectEnumerableIterator`2.MoveNext()    at System.Linq.Enumerable.FirstOrDefault[TSource](IEnumerable`1 source, Func`2 predicate)    at Microsoft.SharePoint.Linq.SPLinqProvider.Execute[T](Expression expression)    at ShopSignboard.lib.Utility.FindNonFinancialApprover(String approvalStatus, String deptId, String location)} 

How can I solve this problem?

Home brew and trying to work within the system

Now sadly my test data is limited and erring to the extremes, so i’m looking for a bit of opinion.

I’m looking to create some enemies with unique anti magic spells, specifically a third level spell that can exhaust between one 1st level spell, to four 4th level spell slots. So the question is pretty simple, is this spell too strong for it to be a 3rd level? At around what spell level would such an effect be “fair”?

Current versions of the creatures have them at DC 14-15, with about 60-70 health. They have no resistances or immunity. Party can generally kill 1 enemy a turn if they focus fire, 2-3 rounds if they split the damage between multiple targets.

I have a few other versions of this idea. Mostly trying to figure out if this works better as a spell, or an X/per day action.

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