Experimental design, ” how chatbots can impact on a user’s experience”, is better to use Within subjects or between subjects?

I have to do an experimental design “about how chatbots can impact on a user’s experience when using public transport websites to book journeys”. I am not really sure what type of experimental design to choose, would go for Within subjects or between subjects ?



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UX Benchmarking: How much detail should be collected from a user within an enterprise product?

There’s a lot of value collecting benchmark data about a user’s experience over time. The problem that we are running into is how much information should we ask from our user to help us make informed decisions from data collected. We work on an enterprise product with many different personas, within many different areas of the product so I am stuck with how much data beyond our handful of KPIs should we ask our users for when the “Are you interested in providing feedback?” survey modal shows up for the multiple different user types that use the many different areas in the system. Is it valuable to get a system wide benchmark without capturing the area that the user is most frequently in or using given that we will still collect benchmark data at a more granular level within each feature of the product?

The concern is what do we do with the data collected if it is from a user we dont know much about – the user could use multiple areas of the system and we can pull some analytics but there would be a lot of assumptions put in place. Has anyone out there that works on and enterprise product collected benchmark data that could share some insight?

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Using CopyTo() and MoveTo() to copy or move files within the same site collection

I have a Sharepoint deployment with the following hierarchy :

http://myserver.com:23456/ – SiteCollection as well as root site. http://myserver.com:23456/Archive – An archive site within the site collection.

Within the second archive site I have the following hierarchy within a document library DocLib : Folder1/Folder2/

I want to copy a SPFile instance from a document library within http://myserver.com:23456/ to the Folder2 within the archive site using the SPFile.CopyTo() command. This appears to be feasible based on the answer provided at this SO discussion.

If I attempt the copy operation using the following code snippet, I get an SPException that Folder2 cannot be found.

SPFile fileObj; SPFolder destFolder;  //points to myserver.com:23456/Archive/DocLib/Folder1/Folder2 fileObj.CopyTo(destFolder.ServerRelativeUrl + "/" +  fileObj.Name); 

I have verified that Folder2 exists. I am curious to know if I am doing the right thing here.

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