Need like website builder


I want to start a wedding resource website like, i am planning to allow users to create own website in the subdomain. their website builder is same wix with some neat templates.

I could not find any open source wix clone, which allows me to run my own hosted version.

I want to host wix like scripts. I found, but, it does not have option to create multiple sub domains and domain parking option.

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Forgive my poor english if not 100% correct, since is not my 1st language
Long time ago in 2002, I started a sitebuilder service based on a flash website builder script that allowed users to create a free flash website under their own domain name or a subdoman under my brand
I still remember it when launched 14 years ago, it was my very…

BEWARE: Affiliate Program Scammed $ 30,000/year in Affiliate Comissions