Calculate Ideal Body Weight for women and men with cool images

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This website will help your visitors calculate their BMI (Body Mass Index)

Why this niche is important?
Weight has been one of the things most people have become focused on in later years
The body mass index or BMI as it’s usually shortened is a simple method, devised in order to determine, based on the height and current weight of a person whether or not they need to start working on losing weight fast….

Calculate Ideal Body Weight for women and men with cool images

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Women Pro Health Magazine: Beauty, Weight Loss, Skin Care, Hair, News & more | Women Pro Health

Why are you selling this site?
No time to upload it.

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facebook, twitter, googleplus, pinterest.

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an hour a week

What challenges are there with running this site?
google ranking and writing new content.

Women who are nauseous at the start of pregnancy produce more hormones

Leptitox Women who are nauseous at the start of pregnancy produce more hormones, which makes the pregnancy more likely to succeed. Women who are nauseous drink less coffee. Also, upon further investigation, no connection was found between the caffeine intake and the baby’s head circumference. Although there is no clear scientific evidence about the possible harmful effects of coffee, it is nevertheless recommended not to drink too many caffeinated beverages during pregnancy.

[ Psychology ] Open Question : I’m aroused by watching videos, images, reading and writing about unconscious women, having seizures or other medical problems. Is it wrong?

I’m a woman, I’m 20 and I’m bisexual. Ever since I was around 12, I’ve been aroused by videos of women being knocked unconcious, CPR, seizures and other medical issues. I’ve even started writing about celebrities that I have crushes on going through these problems. Recently, when I read about actress Emilia Clarke having an aneurysm, I wrote about my favorite actress, Gal Gadot having an aneurysm in the middle of a premiere. I also go on deviant art and search for images of unconscious and passed out women. I don’t ever want to hurt anyone or do anything without their consent, I just enjoy this on videos and literature. Is this weird?

[ Politics ] Open Question : Meghan Markle has said she will not meet Donald Trump on his State Visit to UK.Should US & UK women applaud this?Should we men, also applaud?

It is a risky thing to do – she’s a new entry to the Royal family, but sets herself on a collision course that could affect the future UK’s Royal family relationship with the USA.