WooCommerce Multi-Currency shortcode not working

I’ve installed and activated WooCommerce Multi-Currency plugin. I’m still on the free version but I with that I can add two currencies. This works fine if I try to add the widget to the footer or some other widget area. But I need to have this in the top bar and it seems OceanWP does not have a widget area for that.

So I tried to add it with the shortcode [woocommerce-currency-selector format="{{code}}: {{name}} ({{symbol}})"]. But the shortcode just shows up as text. I’ve tried adding it with echo do_shortcode as well but it still shows up as text.

What am I missing?

How to make a posts comparison page on non woocommerce website?

How to make a posts comparison page on non woocommerce website?


I have a blog of tractors specifications and prices. I want to make a page where user can select two or three models from drop-down list and click on comparison. Is there any way to comapre tables having specs and price?

Example page: http://www.tractordata.com/compare/

I want to make a similar page on my wordpress site.

Please help. Shall be very thankful to you.

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How to change this simple code so that it sends the email notification after payment in WooCommerce?

How to change this code so that it sends the email notification after successfully payment in WooCommerce?

add_action( 'woocommerce_applied_coupon', 'custom_email_on_applied_coupon', 10, 1 ); function custom_email_on_applied_coupon( $  coupon_code ){     if( $  coupon_code == 'mycoupon' ){          $  to = "john@gmail.com";         $  subject = "Coupon $  coupon_code has been applied";         $  content = "         The coupon code $  coupon_code has been applied by a customer         ";          wp_mail( $  to, $  subject, $  content );     } } 

woocommerce my-account custom payment method is empty

I developed custom woocommerce payment gateway plugin.

I’m having one issue in the http://website/my-account page.

The registered token payment methods is not listing the http://website/my-account/payment-methods page.

from the payment-methods.php i can see that in the code payment-methods are listed based on

wc_get_account_payment_methods_columns()  function. 

However when i tried to echo the array, i dont see the payment-method value listed it in…even the actual size is one.

Im trying to look for more documentation, however i haven’t found the solution yet.

Is it something that i need to explicitly trigger when adding new payment-method / checkout using new payment method?


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How to get the list of WooCommerce product image of a certain category from database?

I am trying to display WC product images (thumbnails) or just get the url to that image from database. But I can’t seem to find the column where the url are stored with the following. One thing I want my query to have is ability to select images of a certain category. I know _wp_attached_file is the meta key and through its associated post ID I can grab the image path but not sure how to write it.

select * from wp_posts where post_type = "product" 

All helps appreciated