WooCommerce plugin to make bought products lists [closed]

I need plugin (free or commercial) which let customer make featured lists and add ordered products to that lists. For example customer might create lists like "Trousers" "Shoes" "Tshirts" then when he will buy a new product (Shoes for example) in our store he might select list "Shoes" at checkout. In MyAccount section it would be nice that customers could check what he already bought separated per created categories.


How do I add woocommerce hook based on product categories?

I’m adding an image to the woocommerce_product_thumbnails hook. What I want is that the image I added appears in the products that have the product categories I selected, how can I do this?

The hook I use

add_action( 'woocommerce_product_thumbnails' , 'wd_add_below_prod_gallery', 5 );  function wd_add_below_prod_gallery() {     echo '<div class="wd-add-image">';     echo '<img src="#" style="width:50%; margin: 0 auto;"></div>'; } 

Woocommerce if use a specific gateway, then set the value [closed]

I want to add a filter or an action for the plugin, the purpose is to set the value to "0" if the order used "myCRED" gateway.

I found those 2 related filters of the plugin,

uap_filter_referral_amount uap_public_filter_on_referral_insert_amount_value 

actually, I am not sure which one should I use, but I tried both of the 2 filters, when checkout it shows internal error, I think the code may have some error, any one can help?

Here is the code I have tried:

function exclude_mycred_gateway( $  order ){     $  payment_title = $  order->get_payment_method_title();     if ( $  payment_title ) {         $  payment_title == "myCRED";         return "0";     } }  add_filter( 'uap_filter_referral_amount', 'exclude_mycred_gateway'); 

How do you make a webhook to get elementor form entry data and use it to modify the dowload URL of a file in woocommerce?

I am a beginner so hopefully someone can help me. I want to edit the download URL of a product based on any specific field in the form entry of elementor pro.

I used the filter code below to set up the change in the URL, but I don’t know how to get any data that was filled in the form in the function ([ELEMENTOR FORM FIELD]).

function filter_function_name_3287( $  file_path, $  that, $  download_id ){     $  file_path = '/wp-content/uploads/elementor/pdf/' . '[ELEMENTOR FORM FIELD]' . '.pdf';     return $  file_path;     } 

If it’s not possible to link it to the form, could I use the current user ID or name? and how?