Calculate price and display on woocommerce product single page under price (simple price, variable price)

I am planing to show a new price on my woo-commerce product page for all products. This is the installment price per month. I need to show this below the normal price (variable price and simple price) something like this.

0% interest installments starting from Rs.3,093

where Rs.3,093 is the new price.

this is the calculation i tried on W3 schools, and i got the calculation correct.

whereas 60000 is the price of the product multiplied by this number 5.15464 divided by 100

answer is 3,093 (answer should be rounded off to the nearest integer)

I need a custom function for this where i can add to my functions.php

<script>var x = myFunction(60000, 5.15464, 100); function myFunction(a, b, c) { return Math.round (a * b / c);}</script> 

Cómo obtengo las estrellitas de woocommerce en un loop personalizado

Este es el código básico, funciona muy bién, solo me falta mostrar las estrellitas de la puntuación del producto. He agotado recursos, Cualquier idea sería de gran ayuda. Muchas Gracias

     <?php              global $  wpdb;              $  loop = new WP_Query($  args);                  if ($  loop ->have_posts()) :                             while ($  loop ->  have_posts()) :$  loop -> the_post();                          global $  product; ?>                             <a class="imagen">                                 <?php the_post_thumbnail('full'); ?>                              </a>                  //AQUÍ QUIERO MOSTRAR LA PÚNTUACIÓN                             <a class="puntuacion">ESTRELLITAS</a>                              <a class="nombre">                                              <?php echo $  product->get_name(); ?>                                                          </a>                             <p class="precio">                                 <?php echo $  product->get_price_html();  ?>                             </p>                     <?php endwhile;                  endif;          ?> 

Woocommerce products with shared attributes and prices

I have a Woocommerce store with a large group of similar variable products that share the same attributes (size, material, etc.) and prices. I would like to find a method to update the former properties of the products in the group as efficiently as possible, so that changes would be applied to all the products in the group. In other words, I would like to link these products and their properties together in some way, so that so I could easily make bulk changes (e.g. change the prices) to them when necessary. Is there a way to accomplish this?

add_filter to specific WooCommerce Category

I ‘m trying to show stock availibility for a WooCommerce category ‘workshops’ in this case. The code here works, but works on everything in the store. How can I apply this to just the ‘workshops’ category?

<?php add_filter( 'woocommerce_get_availability', 'wcs_custom_get_availability', 1, 2); function wcs_custom_get_availability( $  availability, $  _product ) {    global $  product;      // Change In Stock Text     if ( $  _product->is_in_stock() ) {         $  availability['availability'] = __('Available!', 'woocommerce');     }      // Change in Stock Text to only 1 or 2 left     if ( $  _product->is_in_stock() && $  product->get_stock_quantity() <= 4 ) {         $  availability['availability'] = sprintf( __('Only %s left!', 'woocommerce'), $  product->get_stock_quantity());     }      // Change Out of Stock Text     if ( ! $  _product->is_in_stock() ) {         $  availability['availability'] = __('Sorry, we sold out!', 'woocommerce');     }      return $  availability; } 

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Update Woocommerce order status using order ids

I am making a custom plugin for my client, I am not pro in it, the idea is to provide a user with an option to enter order ids and change their order status

i have a little bit idea on how to change order ids in php code. See below

$ order = new WC_Order($ order_id); $ order->update_status(‘pending’);

but I am confused how can I provide my client with an option of enter orders ids and change the order statuses