Ability to split word document(s) into based on section breaks or quickparts

I have a template word document that is filled up by users. This word document contains text and tables that I wish to extract to sharepoint.

Is it possible to extract just the table in it and compare this extracted table with another extracted table from a different file (Also using the same template but with different fields).

Just want to know the feasibility of this concept

How do I import the data from a word document into a share point wiki?

We are getting ready to move our wiki to SharePoint 2016. I have a lot of word documents that have the information in them that I need to move into a SharePoint wiki. A simple copy and paste will not work as some of the formatting does not transfer and all I get is the text. Below is a picture of what I am trying to move from Word to SharePoint wiki.

Any and all help would be appreciated.

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Edit distance between all word pairs in sub-quartic time

Let there be a dictionary of N words. We want to compute an N×N matrix of edit distances between all word pairs.

Since there are N² word pairs, and the pairwise edit distance has O(N²) time complexity, the upper bound on the time complexity for our problem is O(N⁴).

Is there an upper bound tighter than O(N⁴) on the time complexity for our problem?

Does the Pole of Angling’s command word require an action?

Many magic items require an action (or bonus action) to be properly activated (or deactivated).

But there is a common item, in Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, that doesn’t seem to require an action to (de)activate :

Pole of Angling

Wondrous item, common

While holding this 10-foot pole, you can speak a command word and transform it into a fishing pole with a hook, a line and a reel. Speaking the command word again changes the fishing pole back into a normal 10-foot pole.

Let’s say Bob has a Pole of Angling with the “BEE” command word. He holds it in his hand, and starts saying “BEE BEE BEE BEE BEE BEE BEE BEE BEE”. Will the Pole transform again and again and again in the span of a few seconds (a single “turn”) ? Or does the command word implicitly require an action ?

Inserting a standard text before a DOI (a string with specific characteristics) on Microsoft VBA for Word

I am trying to adapt an existing VBA code for Word (a macro) that creates proxied links for users who have access to library resources through academic institutional access. Essentially, I need to be able to insert a URL before a plain DOI. So I need to find a code that will turn, eg: 10.3389/fpsyg.2019.01393 into: OurStandardProxyUrl10.3389/fpsyg.2019.01393

I am totally new at coding vba so I have been combing through a few things. First, the identifying the DOI problem is treated well here: Finding a DOI in a document or page Which is in regex. No problem, I think I figured out how to make regex usable for Word macros here: https://analystcave.com/excel-regex-tutorial/ But I feel like the code I have written is not properly… activating regex? It’s showing up in red (as an error). Further, I don’t feel like the code is “calling” the DOI part ($ pattern) properly. Forgive my ignorance, I have only ever seen $ used in jquery, so I am not sure of its significance here or how to work with it!

Here is roughly what I have so far:

‘setting up regex recognition for DOI transformation – activating this automatically in the vba references Dim regex as Object Set regex = CreateObject(“VBScript.RegExp”) [from: https://analystcave.com/excel-regex-tutorial/]

$ pattern = ‘\b(10[.][0-9]{,}(?:[.][0-9]+)/(?:(?![“&\’])\S)+)\b’; // or $ pattern = ‘\b(10[.][0-9]{3,}(?:[.][0-9]+)/(?:(?![“&\’])[[:graph:]])+)\b’; [from: Finding a DOI in a document or page [maybe I need to declare this as a string or something?]

‘healio DOI Sub AddTextBeforeSelection() Selection.InsertBefore Text:=”OurStandardProxyUrl” End Sub

When I try to run the Macro this is all a part of, I get “can’t run in break mode”. When I just try to run AddTextBeforeSelection, I just get “OurStandardProxyUrl” wherever the cursor happened to be active on the page.

Many thanks in advance!!