CS50 Speller – All words misspelled

I started on CS50’s Speller pset today, and the program is saying everything is spelled wrong.

I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction and/or give me some hints.

Hopefully the comments I added can walk you through my logic. Thanks in advance!

#include <ctype.h> #include <stdbool.h> #include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> #include <strings.h> #include <stdlib.h>  #include "dictionary.h"  // Represents number of buckets in a hash table #define N 26  // Represents a node in a hash table typedef struct node {     char word[LENGTH + 1];     struct node *next; } node;  // Represents a hash table node *hashtable[N];  //count words as I go int num_words = 0;  //help indicate loading bool loaded = false;  // Hashes word to a number between 0 and 25, inclusive, based on its first letter unsigned int hash(const char *word) {     return tolower(word[0]) - 'a'; }  // Loads dictionary into memory, returning true if successful else false bool load(const char *dictionary) {     // Initialize hash table     for (int i = 0; i < N; i++)     {         hashtable[i] = NULL;     }      // Open dictionary     FILE *file = fopen(dictionary, "r");     if (file == NULL)     {         unload();         return false;     }      // Buffer for a word     char word[LENGTH + 1];      // Insert words into hash table     while (fscanf(file, "%s", word) != EOF)     {         //count number of words         num_words++;          // make space for new node         node *new_node;         new_node = malloc(sizeof(node));          //ensure we have the memory         if (new_node == NULL)         {             unload();             return false;         }          //if we do, fill the node with the word         else         {             strcpy(new_node->word, word);             int bucket = hash(word);              if(hashtable[bucket] == NULL)             {                 hashtable[bucket] = new_node;             }             else             {                 new_node->next = hashtable[bucket];                 hashtable[bucket] = new_node;             }         }     }      // Close dictionary     fclose(file);      //final word count     printf("%d\n", num_words);      // Indicate success     loaded = true;     return true; }  // Returns number of words in dictionary if loaded else 0 if not yet loaded unsigned int size(void) {     if (loaded)     {         return num_words;     }     return 0; }  // Returns true if word is in dictionary else false bool check(const char *word) {     //make a pointer to traverse     node *ptr;      //get bucket that the word is in     int bucket = hash(word);      //point ptr to the first node in that bucket's linked list     ptr = hashtable[bucket];      //if the dictionary is loaded, begin traversing through linked list     if (loaded)     {         //loop until the end of linked list         while (!ptr->next)         {             //if the next node has the word, return true             if (strcasecmp(ptr->word, word) == 0)             {                 return true;              //if it doesn't, point to the next node             }             else             {                 ptr = ptr->next;             }         }         //if you get through while loop without finding word, return false         return false;     }     else     {         return 0;     } }  // Unloads dictionary from memory, returning true if successful else false bool unload(void) {     node *ptr, *temp;     for (int i = 0; i < N; i++)     {         ptr = hashtable[i];         while (!ptr->next)         {             temp = ptr;             free(temp);             ptr = ptr->next;         }     }     return true; } 

Add banned words list to the site

I want to add a banned words list to the site. and if a user used one of the banned word in node form (title and body), comment form (title and body), user username in the registration form, then the user should get an error message that you are using a banned word in your {field-name}.

And the form should not be submitted if the banned words are present.

How can I do this?

I have checked some modules like wordfilter but it does not provide the functionality for usernames and also it replaces the strings not giving the error message.

words dictionary out of a text file

I’m python newbie please tell me what the weak spots of this code are (specially in terms of efficiency) and how I can improve it:

def get_word_frequencies(filename):   handle = open(filename,'rU')   text = handle.read()   handle.close()   MUST_STRIP_PUNCTUATION = ['\n','&','-','"','\'',':',',','.','?','!'\     ,';',')','(','[',']','{','}','*','#','@','~','`','\','|','/','_'\     ,'+','=','<','>','1','2','3','4','5','6','7','8','9','0']   text = text.lower()   for char in MUST_STRIP_PUNCTUATION:     if char in text:       text = text.replace(char,' ')   words_list = text.split(' ')   words_dict = {}   for word in words_list:     words_dict[word] = 0   for word in words_list:     words_dict[word] += 1   del words_dict['']   return words_dict 

Some steps sound repetitive to me and it seems that I’m looping on the text many times but I think I’m obliged to take each of those steps separately(unless I’m wrong), for instance, replacing invalid characters should be on multiple separate iterations, or lower casing the whole text must be a separate step, and so on.

Also for creating the dictionary I’m suspicious a way better than words_dict[word] = 0 must exist? Thanks in advance.

Program to check if in line are doubled words

Like in title i made program with check if in text lines are doubled words And in the end shown number of lines without doubled words.

this is example text:

sayndz zfxlkl attjtww cti sokkmty brx fhh suelqbp xmuf znkhaes pggrlp zia znkhaes znkhaes nti rxr bogebb zdwrin sryookh unrudn zrkz jxhrdo zrkz bssqn wbmdc rigc zketu ketichh enkixg bmdwc stnsdf jnz mqovwg ixgken 

I already made program, and It looks that program works. But I’m aware that in programming if something work it doesn’t mean that program is made properly.

My code:

class SkyphrasesValidation(object):     def get_text_file(self):         file = open('C:/Users/PC/Documents/skychallenge_skyphrase_input.txt', 'r')         return file      def lines_list(self):         text = self.get_text_file()         line_list = text.readlines()         return [line.split() for line in line_list]      def phrases_validation(self):         validated_phrases = 0         for line in self.lines_list():             new_line = []             for word in line:                 exam = line.count(word)                 if exam > 1:                     new_line.append(0)                 else:                     new_line.append(1)             if 0 in new_line:                 validated_phrases += 0             else:                 validated_phrases += 1         return validated_phrases      def __str__(self):         return str(self.phrases_validation())  text = SkyphrasesValidation()  print(text) 

Is my logic is good and this program is well made or maybe it looks like poop and I could make this more cleary.

Would it be possible to dictate a bech32 address as a list of English words?

One of the reason for bech32 address is: “it’easier to dictate it over the phone”.

Is there an algorithm to convert a bech32 address into a list of English words that would make it even easier?

Something like BIP39 but inverted (address to words instead of words to seed).

The dictionary used in BIP39 would be enough? How many words would be necessary at best to express an address?

Probably it is better to dictate the address than 50 words but what about 25 or so?.

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Restore from 24 words seed

I have used bitcoinj for createting wallet. I made some changes and try to generate 24 words seed instead of 12 words seed.

When I try to restore from 24 words seed, at that time I am using 3 method as mentioned in bitcoinj documentation.

Fast catchup. Checkpointing. Bloom filtering.

According to documentation, by using these methods you can easily decrease restore time.

But it takes maximum 20 to 25 minutes to complete restore.

Please help me who knows this process.

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